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Best Essential Oils and Recipes For Sleep Deprivation

Best Essential Oils and Recipes For Sleep Deprivation Essential Oil Benefits

While the anxieties of life can invade your ability to sleep well, or maybe you trade your sleep for more work, not getting adequate sleep or not sleeping well is not something you can ignore.

You might be surprised to learn that chronic sleep deprivation can, for any reason, substantially affect your health, efficiency and safety. It is also important to realize that sleep deprivation is often caused due to inappropriate sleep conditions that you might not even be aware of. The worst part is that many people remain undiagnosed for years while trying to figure out the reason they cannot sleep.

Essential oils have been used since ages for conditions like sleep apnea and insomnia for their calming and soothing properties. While being completely natural, they often work better than the traditional sleep aids that affect the body adversely.

AMOILS H-Insomnia is a natural and safe homeopathic essential oil formula which will help you relax, get your sleep back and make you feel refreshed.

Best Essential Oils and Recipes For Sleep Deprivation Essential Oil Benefits

Here are some other essential oils you can use to help yourself get much better sleep at night.

Top 8 Essential Oils For Better Sleep

1. Lavender

Lavender helps to stabilize the body and relieve headaches, anxiety, heart irregularities and nervous tension. It has a sweet and floral scent that puts you at ease and helps you relax. In order to use lavender to help you sleep, I recommend that you try the following techniques:

Hot bath

Add 10 drops of lavender to 1 cup of Epsom salt and let it dissolve. Thereafter, add this blend to your bath water. Soak yourself in this water for at least 20 minutes to allow your mind to relax.

Gentle massage

20 minutes prior to bedtime, apply 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to the spinal column, feet, wrist and back of the neck. You can also diffuse the essential oil of lavender into the air prior to bedtime.

2. Roman chamomile

Roman chamomile was used in the ancient times to train and relax the minds of the Roman soldiers before battles. This essential oil minimizes hormonal imbalances in the body, which makes it useful in dealing with sleep issues like insomnia. In addition, the sedative properties of roman chamomile helps you achieve a more relaxed sleep. You can combine 1-2 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil with 1 tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil and massage your back, legs, feet and arms. You can also diffuse the oil into the air prior to bedtime.

3. Vetiver

Vetiver can be used for several therapeutic purposes for its antioxidant and calming properties. It can also be used as base oil for many essential oils. If you are among those that are suffering from sleep deprivation due to muscle pain or hormonal imbalance, then vetiver is the essential oil of choice.

4. Sandalwood

Sandalwood has been known for its skin softening and mood rejuvenating properties. In addition, the fragrance of sandalwood promotes the release of melatonin (by stimulating the pineal gland), a powerful inducer of sleep.

5. Peppermint

You can spray peppermint oil in the air, which helps to promote good digestion of food and therefore prepare your body wind down for bedtime. However, do not use this oil if you are on homeopathic medications or have delicate skin.

6. Cedarwood

Cedarwood has been used since biblical times for its calming properties. Cedar has an earthy scent that promotes the overall sensation of wellness, thereby relaxing the body and the mind. Just like sandalwood, cedar stimulates the pineal gland to secrete melatonin, which helps you to obtain relief in issues like sleep deprivation.

7. Marjoram

Marjoram is certainly more than a culinary spice. The essential oil of marjoram can be used topically to soothe the worn out and stressed muscles and support a tired nervous system. Its sedative and anti-anxiety properties make it an excellent sleep aid.

8. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is in great demand for its elegant fragrance. In Indonesia and nearby regions, the bed of the newly wed couples is decorated with the flowers of Ylang Ylang. The essential oil of Ylang Ylang can both lift your mood and offer you great comfort.

5 Ways To Use Essential Oils For Best Possible Results In Sleep Deprivation:

Best Essential Oils and Recipes For Sleep Deprivation Essential Oil Benefits

Here is how to use essential oils to improve your quality of sleep:

1. Use in a diffuser

The best way to benefit from the effects of essential oils is using them in a diffuser. I have a small diffuser at home that I use to disperse essential oil particles in the air. The particles of essential oils are so tiny that they easily enter the olfactory nerves inside your nose and in the limbic system, which is the seat of emotions in the body. I generally diffuse lavender essential oil in my bedroom 30 minutes before bedtime.

2. Direct inhalation

If you do not have a diffuser, you can just put a drop or two of the essential oil of your choice on your palm, cup them around your nose and breathe in deeply. Do this for several minutes. I have found this to be a reliable way to use essential oils as a sleep aid.

3. Massage

You can rub 1-2 drops of essential oils on your shoulders, the soles of your feet, tummy or back of neck. I often use a little amount of carrier oil such as jojoba oil to help myself spread the oil properly.

4. Warm water bath

Mix 5 drops of essential oil with epsom salt and add this blend to warm water bath while filling the bathtub. Soak yourself in the tub for 20 minutes.

5. Warm compress

In order to sleep better, you can give your back a warm compress with 3-4 drops of the essential oil of your choice.

Few Important Essential Oil Recipes To Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Best Essential Oils and Recipes For Sleep Deprivation Essential Oil Benefits

  1. Mix 1-2 drops of Roman camomile oil with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Massage your legs, arms, back and feet with this mix. You can also diffuse a little of this blend in the air prior to going to sleep.
  2. Add 10 drops of lavender oil and 1 cup of Epsom salt in the warm bath water. Soak yourself in this water for 20 minutes to relax your mind.
  3. Apply 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to the back of the neck and the feet 20 minutes prior to going to bed.
  4. For a perfect pillow mist at night, add 4 drops of Petitgrain, 2 drops of chamomile, 8 drops of lavender to 60 ml of water and use the blend as a spray.

Few Precautions To Keep In Mind When Using These Essential Oils

  1. Some individuals are sensitive to the use of essential oils. For the same reason, it is important to find out the right essential oil that suits your body and temperament.
  2. The use of essential oils can in some cases aggravates allergies. In such cases, you will need to consult your physician.

The Bottom Line

As much as possible, avoid getting your oils from a food market. While such oils may have good aroma, they aren’t the quality you need for therapeutic purposes. Since every human body is different, the oil that does wonders for one individual might not work for the other. Therefore, the key to achieving the best possible relief is figuring out the oil that best suits your body. After a bit of trial and error, once you figure out that magic ingredient, your life will change forever.

Rating: 5

Julia Giles

Sunday 7th of May 2017

I have mentioned it before and I'll say it again, to relax your mind, there is nothing better than lavender. It works so well and with just a little bit in the bath, or even in the tub while showering, I can tell the different when I sleep.


Monday 8th of May 2017

Hi Julia,

Sure. Thanks for sharing your experience with lavender. When you have the chance, you can try my organic Bulgarian lavender essential oil.

Regards, Olivia

Randall Holmes

Tuesday 4th of April 2017

Would you please provide a source where one might buy a blend with all of the ingredients for sleep deprivation There are I believe eight oils recomended by multiple sources :Lavender,Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Sandalwood,Cedarwood and Marjoram I am confused why no one that I could find sells this blend already made up One reason people dont sleep is that they dont have time to take care of themselves with this sort of stuff. It seems the sellers of essential oils wnat you to make your own blend at $20- 30 a bottle Seen Sandalwood at $134 It becomes a time consuming expensive project - not that good sleep isnt worth it.


Thursday 6th of April 2017

Hi Randall,

It is best you go with H-Insomnia as I use it myself a few times a week and it works wonders.

Buying the essential oils separately and trying to make up your own blend will definitely be more costly. Pure sandalwood essential oil is perhaps one of the most expensive essential oils.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate.

Regards, Olivia


Monday 23rd of January 2017

I just subscribed to your Esstential Oil ebook Olivia. Your blog is truly amazing. btw Roman chamomile is one of the best oils/recipees for those people who have insomnia


Tuesday 24th of January 2017

Hi Brianna,

Great and thank you. Appreciate your input and sharing your experience about insomnia and Roman Chamomile.

Regards, Olivia


Wednesday 28th of December 2016

Just curious and in search of assistance. I love the amount of information, but was wondering what combination, if any, of oils would help with getting to sleep, staying asleep and not waking up 2-3 hours later with either a killer migraine or the inability to get back to sleep. I have a small (about 2mL) vial of evening primrose carrier oil with 2-3 drops of lavender to help, and sometimes it works well and also depends on how much I use. The best I've had so far was actually an accident where I dumped nearly 3/4 of the vial onto my leg (I had forgotten I had removed the dropper top) and then just rubbed it all over my legs, feet and hands/arms. Was the best sleep I've had in ages, but I cant see mixing up a vial and use it like that every time.


Thursday 29th of December 2016

Hi Dyna,

What happened to you seems a nice experience. You can refer to the various essential oil recipes in the article below.

If you don't want to make your own concoction, you could also go for H-Insomnia.

You could also try the L'orpur 5 Blends Essential Oils Kit for some me-time.

Regards, Olivia


Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Thank you good information


Tuesday 8th of March 2016

Hi Nydia,

You are most welcome.

Regards, Olivia