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The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils!

The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

The sense of smell is one of our most developed and direct sensory abilities. In fact, so strong is our ability to distinguish between various odors that the human nose can actually tell apart a massive 1 trillion scents. Compare this with your sense of taste, which can only differentiate between 4 primary tastes.

Moreover, our brains are hardwired to create associations between odors and events, people and places. Such is the power of scents on the memory center of our brain that they can transport you back in time. But, the aromas that make it to your olfactory bulb and from there to your noggin impact more than just memory recall.

Scents don’t just link your past to your present!

I suppose Marcel Proust described it the best when he said, “Perfume is that last and best reserve of the past, the one which when all out tears have run dry, can make us cry again!”

Your sense of smell is also linked to the part of your brain that governs your emotions and moods and even your reactions. So, aromas can make you laugh, cry, ease your anxiety, energize you and do so much more.

The science of aromatherapy centers on this very ability of essential oils. Given the complex nature and influence of scents, we are bound to wonder if there is such a thing as best smelling essential oils.

Undoubtedly, all scents impact us in one or the other way, but this does not mean they all appeal to us.

Will The Best Smelling Essential Oils Please Stand Up?The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits



The term “best smelling” is just as subjective as “best tasting”; it differs from person to person. In fact, even if we were to talk about a particular class of scents, such as floral, not all the fragrances in the category may sit well with you.

If you intend to blend essential oils, you need to know what appeals to your olfactory sense. Unfortunately, essential oils are expensive, so most of us have limited room for trial and error.

So, it helps to do your homework before making your purchase. And that is the thought that motivated me to write this article.

Today, we are going to a take a break from discussing ailments and talk exclusively about the aromas of essential oils. I am Olivia, your essential oil guide, and together we are heading to Mother Nature’s perfumery. Hop on the carriage folks because this will be the most fragrant ride of your life…


The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

Of all the scent classes, floral is possibly the most popular, expected and favored. Although these luscious aromas are generally considered to be feminine, they are often used in masculine perfumes as well.

In terms of options, there will certainly be no dearth when working with this aromatic class. The best part is that regardless of the flower you pick, your chosen floral aroma will bring out your sensuous side. So, let’s talk about what’s on the table:

1. Rose

Perhaps the most well-known of all floral aromas, this one also happens to be the most expensive. The fragrance of rose essential oil is strong, fresh, sensual and almost hypnotic just like that of freshly bloomed tea roses.

The alluring scent is known to ease anxiety, restore mental harmony and boost libido in both men and women. It also has an overall calming effect on negative emotions such as anger, fear, nervousness and sadness.

2. Lavender

A versatile and gentle oil, the aroma of the gorgeous purple flowers is calming and soothing. The herbaceous, floral scent has just a hint of spiciness, which makes it perfect for use as a top note that extends to the heart.

Lavender essential oil is prized for its ability to combat stress, tension, anxiety, negativity and insomnia. The scent instills a sense of safety, which helps immensely in dealing with panic attacks and social anxiety disorders.

3. Jasmine

The aroma is intense, a sensual floral combined with fruity undertones that gives it a heady almost narcotic quality. While rose is a distinctly feminine fragrance, jasmine cuts through the boundary of sexes, destroying negativity and emotional barriers on its way.

The uplifting scent that calms both the mind and the body is rightly called the perfume of love since it’s exceptionally effective against loss of libido, erectile issues and frigidity.

The beautiful and exotic aroma enhances self-esteem and confidence while fighting stress, depression and anxiety. Jasmine EO helps to tackle fatigue, stress, burnout, fear and anger. In fact, its calming effect is comparable to that of valium. Also, it’s one of the most potent scents to drive away pessimism.

4. Geranium

Like other floral oils, the sweet and fresh aroma of geranium is soothing and calming. It is an adrenal cortex stimulant that is widely regarded in traditional Chinese medicine as a Yin tonic. While floral scents tend to be heady and intense, geranium essential oil combines the sweetness of floral notes with the freshness of herbs and citrus.

The amalgamation of these notes creates a uniquely happy fragrance that is enticing but not over the top. Geranium EO is extremely effective against chronic stress and believe it or not, it has been proven to help with anxiety during labor.

It helps to calm the agitated and grief stricken mind and promotes emotional grounding and centering. While I personally prefer the sharp notes of geranium, if you want something softer, I’d ask you to go for rose geranium. You can read about geranium vs rose geranium here

5. Neroli

Of all the floral extracts, Neroli essential oil has the most distinctive fruity/citrus notes and why not, it is, after all, derived from orange blossoms. The scent is exotic and complex to the point of possessing a mysterious quality. The ethereal aroma is harmonizing in every sense as it strikes the perfect balance between yin n yang and floral n fruity.

So, it is no wonder that it has an overall balancing effect on the mind, body and emotions especially in postmenopausal women. The enthralling fragrance will help to rid you off irritation, anger and fear and it will fill your mind with a sense of positivity and hope. It’s calming and cleansing effects are particularly useful against depression, nervousness and panic attacks.

6. Ylang Ylang

Another exquisite floral, the aroma of ylang ylang oil is yet unforgettable. The distinct scent is often hailed as the ultimate “feel good” aroma that can be used to envelop the mind in a sense of optimism and positivity.

A whiff of this loud and colorful oil is enough to make you see all that is good in life and in the world around you. If you are grappling with lack of confidence, sadness, nervousness and depression, this unique scent will restore your belief in yourself and will bring out the assertiveness in you. 


The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

Of all the fragrance classes, this is the most diverse and versatile. Because these oils are extracted from blooming and low growing shrubs, the close aromatic association with the greens of the plant kingdom is inevitable.

But, these scents are quite complex, mixing fresh greens with earthy, minty and even fruity nuances. Among the most popular oils in this category are:

7. Rosemary

Since the herb is a kitchen staple in many homes, I am sure you already know about the refreshing and herbaceous aroma of this oil. However, when you open the bottle of rosemary essential oil, the camphoraceous note is the first to hit you.

In fact, it is the camphoraceous note of this spicy, herbaceous scent that lends it an intensely stimulating and invigorating property.

The sharp, green freshness of this aroma will jolt you into wakefulness and get your neurons working at top speed. The crisp and clean scent is known to enhance mental clarity, increase memory retention and improve focus.

8. Basil

Available in 3 versions, the generally appealing aroma of basil is attributed to the high content of linalool in the essential oil. The scent is sweet, fresh, and herbaceous. It has varying degrees of camphoraceous notes, depending on the chosen chemotype (sweet, holy, exotic). The clear and peppery notes of the aroma make it an energizing scent while the sweet and green nuances offer it the ability to lift up depression.

This is a fantastic essential oil for when you need to be alert and completely focused on the task at hand. It’s been called the scent that serves both the heart and the head and it does live up to this reputation. Basil quickly drives away fatigue, stress, headaches and nervousness and restores both calm and clarity.

9. Clary sage

The sweet, herbaceous scent of Clary sage has a distinct musky tone to it that sets it apart from other herbs. When you are dealing with a bad case of frazzled nerves, this fresh, earthy scent will put you back in control of your mind and emotions.

Clary sage essential oil has one of the highest concentrations of Linalyl Acetate,  which is a calming ester. So, the oil works exceptionally well against stress and anxiety.

In fact, so potent are its abilities to calm and soothe that it is highly recommended you do not use it in any way while or after consuming alcohol. The sedative properties of the scent also make it useful against insomnia and other sleep disorders.

10. Chamomile

The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

Yes, I know that this oil is derived from white daisy-like flowers and parts of the shrub that bear them. But, we are strictly talking about aromas here and not the raw material used in the extraction process.

So, in that sense, chamomile essential oil (Roman and German) is an herbaceous fragrance. Overall, the scent is fresh, green and sweet with a distinct fruity note to it. The aroma is often described as both heady and calming and yet one that possesses a tea leaf like invigorating quality.

Chamomile in all its variations is a potent stress and depression buster.  It is particularly beneficial when used against irritation, mood swings linked to PMS, loneliness, insomnia, anger and agitation.

11. Eucalyptus

The sharp, pungent, fresh and woody scent of eucalyptus is easily recognized thanks to the intense camphoraceous note that lends it a medicinal vibe. Available in 3 variations, both E radiata and E. globulus have a sharp and crisp herbaceous aroma with distinct spicy and earthy notes. In contrast, lemon eucalyptus has a discernible lemony note that makes it smell more like citronella.

The intense aroma of eucalyptus oil has an almost immediate stimulating impact on the respiratory system and mind. The refreshing scent helps to increase focus, clears confusion and brain fog and lifts grogginess and lethargy. This is the oil to pick when sleep has eluded you the night before and you have a long, taxing day ahead.

12. Peppermint

The name says it all! Plus, most of us have enjoyed mint flavored candy or have used hygiene products that contain this oil, so I won’t bore you with the aromatic profile of the scent. What I will tell you though is that the pungent sharpness of this oil can do more than just freshen your breath. Want to use it for hair growth, it could be the ideal oil!

The spicy notes of the aroma get to work on the brain the minute the scent hits your olfactory bulb. The scent helps to improve focus, mental clarity and memory. If that’s not enough, this oil is also extremely effective when you are struggling with nausea and vomiting,  impatience, indecision and irritability. Simply put, peppermint pushes out negative emotions and opens up the doorway for motivation, concentration and productivity.


The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

The most well-known of all aroma classes, citrus scents have an unparalleled freshness that can instantly put a spring in your steps. Rich in monoterpenes, citrus oils are stimulants that work on your brain, your body and your moods.

The only problem with citrus essential oils is that despite the unique scent of each, people tend to assume they all smell alike. But once you train your schnozzle to pick out the exclusive aspects of each aroma, you will be able to use your chosen oil to the best of its ability. So, here is a look at the citrus offerings of the EO world.

13. Lemon

If you want a zesty and energetic scent, you can’t do better than lemon essential oil. The sprightly fragrance is fresh and cleansing. It brings the lightness and freshness of spring to your emotions and to your mind. When the chains of exhaustion, unresolved emotions and burnout are threatening to take you down, this citrus scent can set you free.

This is a flirty, playful aroma that stays for just as long as it takes to make you feel good about yourself but not for a second more. So, when blending scents, use this sour citrus as a top note to balance the effect of heady, heavy and overpowering floral oils at the heart. This unique citrus scent will lift up the blend and your mood.

14. Sweet orange

This is perhaps the most well-liked of all citrus scents and its popularity sure is well deserved. The aroma represents the satiation offered by a hearty breakfast and the joy and fun of summer and sunlight. This breezy and radiant scent wafts into your mental space with relative ease and pushes out seriousness, sadness and apprehensions. Studies have also proven that the orange scent can be useful during childbirth.

All that negativity is replaced by energy, happiness and confidence. When you are in dire need of a dose of joie de vivre, this is the refreshing scent to turn to. It will make you smile even when you don’t feel like it by infusing your senses with contentment and happiness.

15. Lime

Think of lime as a combination of the fruity sweetness of orange and the unique sourness of lemon. The most appealing quality of this scent is its noticeable simplicity that works for almost everybody.

It’s a fresh and invigorating aroma that blends well with the sweetness of floral oils, the fruitiness of citrus oils and the heat of spices. The yummy and uplifting aroma of lime essential oil can banish apathy and anxiety and energize both your mind and body.  

16. Mandarin

Like other citrus scents, this one too is fruity, sweet, cheery and fresh but it isn’t as sharp as them. Instead, it presents itself as a breezy and delicate aroma that is warm in an understated way. It is often used in perfumery and in food products.

In terms of emotional state, this scent brings a sense of tranquility to the equation without pushing down your energy levels. When you need to keep your cool and perform well at the same time, this is the oil to pick.

17. Grapefruit

This one has been called energy and sunshine in a bottle, and rightly so. The scent is refreshing, uplifting and simply delightful. It is a light top note aroma that has the perfect blend of tarty and sweet.

The sunny scent offers the feeling of spending some time outdoors in the brightness and beauty of summer. So, the effect is both relaxing and revitalizing. The balanced aroma is exceptionally effective against mental fatigue, headaches, emotional blocks and pessimism. Did you know that grapefruit EO can also reduce appetite and therefore help you with dieting.

18. Bergamot

One of the most sought-after citrus scents used in the fragrance industry, this cooling, refreshing and vibrant aroma is light with a soft fruity note. The scent finds appeal among men and women. The sweet fruity aroma of bergamot has a distinctive floral quality to it and just a hint of warm spiciness.

The combined effect makes it the perfect oil to turn to when you need an instant shot of energy and positivity.  Bergamot helps to usher in confidence and optimism. So, it offers fantastic results when used to deal with lack of confidence, fear, stress, shyness and Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD).

19. Lemongrass

Although extracted from grass, this sweet smelling essential oil is just as lemony as the bright fruit itself. In fact, it’s the perfect blending of sweet, tart and herbaceous that makes this scent stand out among the other oils in the citrus class.  The fresh and uplifting aroma is ideal for when you are mentally or physically exhausted or just feeling lethargic.

The invigorating scent will help you to focus and tap into your cognitive strengths by lifting up emotional and mental blockages and confusion. It can also be used to combat skin infections and inflammations, nervous disorders, jetlag, headaches and the general feeling of malaise, fatigue and stress that comes after or while battling a chronic illness.  


The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

No marks for guessing that these oils are extracted from, well, wood, although some are also derived from other botanical ingredients. The scents are warm, like the feel of sitting by a crackling fire in winter and refreshing like walking through the woods.

Typically, used as heart or base notes, these scents are perfect for those who love the great outdoors. Popular choices in this class include:

20. Sandalwood

One of the most expensive essential oils in the category and in general, the aroma of sandalwood has a distinctive warm, heady and sweet quality about it. A tenacious scent that lasts long, the warmth and heaviness of sandalwood make it well-suited for base notes. The earthy and balsamic tones are seductive and soothing all at once.

This oil will instantly connect you with yourself and your emotions, increasing both confidence and self-esteem. If you are feeling out of place or out of depth, this scent will help to restore balance and grounding. The soft lingering aroma has an incredible ability to calm and restore clarity. So, the oil works well against confusion, nervous tension, fear, irritability and anxiety.  Another great property of sandalwood essential oil is its ability to deal with skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

21. Cedarwood

The warm and slightly sweet aroma is bound to bring back memories of an old cedarwood chest. This soft and versatile woodsy will take you back to the carefree days of childhood with its hard to miss “pencil-like” aroma.  But for all its softness, this oil derived from tall, strong trees can help you to stand tall by connecting you with your inner strength and confidence.

The dry woodsy scent is perfect for those who have self-esteem issues and/or are going through a turbulent phase in their lives. The soothing and calming effect of this aroma helps to relieve nervousness and anxiety. It works exceptionally well when you cannot find the strength to face challenges and are in dire need of encouragement and positivity. Similar to sandalwood, you’ll find excellent properties in cedarwood EO for treating skin diseases.

22. Spruce

A clear, fresh and uplifting aroma that is generally used as a heart note, spruce has a soft, sweet and green aroma. The opening note is leafy green reminiscent of the verdant outdoors but as the scent matures, it reveals fruity heart notes and the underlying minty freshness.

The impact on the mind is a combined one that intertwines deep relaxation with systematic, but not intense, stimulation. The crisp scent is an ideal choice to summon your inner strength and to elevate the mind from the grasps of the mundane, which is why it is often used to support spiritual practices.

23. Cypress

The herbaceous notes of this woodsy scent are hard to miss. The aroma of the oil has an evergreen quality to it and an unmistakable freshness. Often used in masculine perfumes, cypress is just slightly woody with an underlying spicy note.

The energizing aroma effectively battles mental stalemates and encourages creativity and enhances memory retention. In fact, this is the oil to choose when you feel you just cannot go on anymore and desperately need both motivation and concentration. Cypress helps you to access your cognitive abilities by lifting the fog of negative emotions.


The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

As the name suggests, the aromas in this class have a grounding quality that links you to the stability of earth. The scents are tenacious and offer a sense of anchoring.

Typically used as base or heart notes, these oils embody the calmness and beauty of nature as is reflected by the sweet smell of moist soil and drenched moss. High in terpenes, essential oils with earthy scents have strong relaxing and sedating properties. The most popular choices in this class include:

24. Vetiver

Extracted from the roots of a grass that is used for soil anchoring, this woody, sweet and earthy scented oil is often used to create oriental notes in both masculine and feminine perfumes. In its native India, it’s regarded as the “oil of tranquility” and it sure has earned the moniker.

The musty aroma of this oil has an extraordinarily calming, soothing effect on the mind, while keeping you mentally alert.  Personally, I think of it as a balm for frayed nerves and weary souls because it works on all types of emotional distress. Whether you are anxious, scared, sad or stressed, this oil will give you the strength and the stability to deal with all of life’s adversities.

25. Patchouli

When it comes to this earthy aroma, there is simply no middle ground, you either love it or hate it. There was a time when the damp, earthy aroma was associated with hippies but today, the scent is often used in masculine and oriental fragrances, including L’orpur perfume oil.

The viscous and dark Patchouli oil has a warm, woody aroma with a hidden fruity note that only comes to light after most other notes dissipate. The sense of relaxation offered by this scent is so intense that it understandably leads to heightened self-awareness. The musky sweet and herbaceous fragrance is also a potent aphrodisiac.

26 & 27. Myrrh & Frankincense

They are not the same and they smell different too, but both these oils are derived from resins. Plus, when used together they complement each other is a wonderful way. Both the oils have woody, earthy and warm aromas and they’ve been used since time immemorial as incense and in perfume.

Frankincense has a spicy attitude and distinct fruity and sweet undertones. On the other hand, Myrrh has a discernible balsamic odor coupled with bitter overtones. So, you see how these two work well together?

That being said, both oils have the ability to relax and calm the mind. They mellow down the intensity of emotions and help you to gain a better and clearer perspective of your life and environment. The best part is that you get clarity and relaxation without the sedative properties of other earthy oils.

Another factor that sets these oils apart from others is their ability to boost creativity.  When you are battling emotional imbalance, loneliness, insecurity or a bad burnout, these oils can restore and reset your mind and body.


The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

This class is known for its invigorating and empowering aromas, which can do more than just liven up the room. The warmth and pungency of these scents are enough to get both your mind and body moving. Normally, used as a base note and in very small amounts, spice essential oils add depth and character to blends.

Because they have an “in your face” quality, it can be daunting to use these oils at first. But as long as you go slow on them, you can tap into their therapeutic benefits without allowing them to overpower the blend or give you a headache. Popular EOs in this class include:

28. Clove

Even if you haven’t used this analgesic oil against a toothache, you may still be well acquainted with its flavor and aroma thanks to its extensive use in oral hygiene products and as a spice.

The oil smells like the tiny dried buds, but the scent is richer and warmer with distinct bitter overtones. Like the others in this class, clove EO has an energizing aroma that heightens cognitive clarity and will get you thinking and acting on your feet.

29. Cinnamon

For me, this is the most festive and sweet smelling of all spice oils with multi-faceted properties including its ability to help people who neurological issues such as Parkinson and Alzheimer.  The woody, sweet, spicy and musky scent of this oil can immediately put you in a happy space. But, it has more to offer than just a festive vibe.

Cinnamon essential oil alleviates mental and emotional exhaustion and improves concentration. When your energy levels are plunging and drowsiness threatens to take over, a whiff of this oil will act like a bolt of energy.

30. Nutmeg

The oil smells much like the spice but it’s more aromatic and the scent is distinctly richer. The pungent notes are just as evident, but it’s the spicy-sweet facet that gets clearly accentuated. What I love about this oil is that it’s earthy and warm, but its spiciness is subtle. It is also an excellent oil if you want relief from chronic pain.

It does not hit you as hard as cinnamon/clove, which is why it frequently gets used as a heart note scent. In terms of therapeutic value, the distinctive aroma of nutmeg is just as revitalizing as the others in this class, as long as it’s used modestly.

Now, that you know about the different aroma classes and the options available in each, it is time to start mixing these fragrant extracts. There are two primary ways in which you can blend essential oils. 

Blending Essential Oils For Their Fragrance

The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

When blending for fragrance, the oils with the most staying power are typically used as the base while the volatile oils are reserved for the top notes.

Generally, earthy and woody scents are used as base notes. For the top note, most prefer to go with light floral or citrus scents.

As far as middle notes are concerned, you can get as experimental as you like. In fact, just about every scent class finds use in this category. From herbs to flowers and from woods to spices, they can all contribute to the heart note.

As far as general blending rules go, this is how the classes are usually paired.

  • Floral scents tend to blend well with almost every fragrance class but they turn out exceptional when you have the tartness of citrus or the pungency of spices or the heaviness of woodsy scents to balance their intense sweetness and hypnotic appeal. Floral oils can also be paired with each other.
  • The depth and richness of woodsy scents allow them to work well with all scent classes. So, you can pair these oils with herbs, spices, citrus, floral and earthy aromas.
  • Herbaceous scents should be paired with other herbs, floral or woodsy aromas. These help them to retain their unique green and fresh attributes while balancing their lightness.
  • The hard-hitting nature of spicy scents and their warmth can be rounded and controlled by mixing them with floral, citrus and woodsy scents.
  • Earthy aromas are very grounding and calming, but they also tend to be heavy and lack freshness and personality. To counter their dullness, pair them with woodsy and herbaceous scents.

As far as notes go, this is how the scents are placed. I am going to warn you that this is by no means an exhaustive list. But, it should give you a gist of what would work in which category.

  • Top/head notes: Bergamot, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, peppermint, lemongrass, mandarin, basil.
  • Heart/middle notes: Chamomile, cinnamon, clove, cypress, clary sage, geranium, jasmine, neroli, nutmeg, rose, tea tree, rosemary, ylang ylang.
  • Base notes: Cedarwood, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver. 

Blending Is Both An Art And A Science!

The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

In terms of percentage, you can try the pyramid ratio which is 65% base, 20% heart and 15% top. When using this ratio, I would suggest that you go with a base oil that is generally pleasant smelling such as sandalwood or vetiver.

Needless to say, you can mix and match here. So, you could mix the musty vetiver with the dry cedarwood or the sweet sandalwood with patchouli.

Alternatively, you could go for the hour glass ratio, which is 40% base, 30% middle and 30% top.

Finally, you can always mix scents based on your preference. So, the one that you like the most, can have the maximum percentage (50%) and can serve as your heart note. Once you have picked this scent, simply balance the attributes of the aroma with a light top note (30%) and a heavy base note (20%).

Remember, that the top note is the one that will hit you first, so it has to be something you can live with. For instance, if you don’t savor the sourness of lemon, don’t choose it as your top note; instead, go with orange or grapefruit. Along the same lines, if you are not a big fan of the intense sweetness of orange but want its freshness, lime would suit you perfectly.

A simple/amateur blending technique that always works is to go with a tried and tested recipe. For example, you should be able to get the recipe of your favorite perfume online. It goes without saying that they won’t tell you about the exact quantity of the various scents used. So, simply start by using 1 drop of each oil and then increase the amount of the oils that you like the most.

You can read more about blending essential oils here. 

Blending the oils for their therapeutic benefits

Personally, I mix my oils to bring out the therapeutic value of each scent and to have them work on synergistic emotions. Only after I achieve this goal, do I bother to tweak them to smell good in the perfumery sense.

If you want more from your essential oils than just an enthralling fragrance, make them work on the emotions and reactions that are creating trouble for you. Let me give you an example here.

If I am making a blend for stress relief, I like to analyze the cause of my stress. If it is professional performance related anxiety, I like to mix my stress relief oils with aromatic extracts that get the wheels in my head spinning and give me mental clarity and focus.

Similarly, if I am mixing a blend for insomnia, I will combine a sedating oil with a deeply calming and soothing scent. Along the same lines, a blend intended to work as an aphrodisiac will include libido boosting oils plus those that increase self-awareness and confidence levels.

Do you see how this model works? The idea is to target the primary and the secondary emotions. Now, when it comes to emotions, I believe they are like your face. You know what’s there yet you need a mirror to spot the problems.

Often you don’t know the core emotion that leads to the secondary emotions or you may only be aware of the superficial feelings but may not have a clue about what’s causing them. I recommend using the Plutchik’s emotional wheel to sort through this problem. It always helps me when I am not sure about what’s going on in my own head and heart.

And with that, you now know almost everything there is to mixing those beautiful oils. But, I am going to go a step ahead here and get you started with a few easy recipes.  Most of these are just 3-4 oil blends but go ahead and improvise to turn them into your signature scent or one that is just right for your personality.   

The Top 10 Most Popular Fragrant Essential Oils Blends Scent The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits



The scents start with the top note and end with the base note oils. I have already told you about the percentage of each note but to keep things simple, I am going to work with just 10 drops.

1. The combo blend

  • 3 drops Bergamot
  • 5 drops neroli
  • 2 drops ginger 

2. The floral fantasy blend

  • 3 drops geranium
  • 5 drops rose
  • 2 drops vetiver 

3. The minty freshness blend

  • 1 drop peppermint
  • 3 drops basil
  • 3 drops rosemary
  • 3 drops vetiver

4. The summer sweetness blend

  • 3 drops lemon
  • 2 drops ylang ylang
  • 3 drops lavender
  • 2 drops sandalwood

5. The festive fun blend

  • 3 drops sweet orange
  • 2 drops cinnamon
  • 3 drops cypress
  • 2 drops frankincense

6. The brain tonic blend

  • 2 drops rosemary
  • 2 drops basil
  • 4 drops neroli
  • 1 drop nutmeg
  • 1 drop ginger

7. The “fall in love again” blend

  • 2 drops grapefruit
  • 1 drop lemongrass
  • 5 drops rose/jasmine
  • 2 drops sandalwood

8. The peace and harmony blend

  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops ylang ylang
  • 3 drops chamomile
  • 2 drops sandalwood

9. The smell your way to sleep blend

  • 2 drops geranium
  • 3 drops jasmine
  • 2 drops clary sage
  • 3 drops vetiver

10. Confidence is mine blend

  • 4 drops mandarin
  • 1 drop eucalyptus
  • 2 drops ylang ylang
  • 2 drops myrrh
  • 1 drop frankincense 

And The Last Bit Of Advice On The Matter…

Well folks, if you are still here with me and have read through everything written above, it means you are a loyal and dedicated blender and it would be utterly tragic to keep you away from your blending table. So, I will keep this short.

Whether you are using a single scent/oil or a blend, if you intend to apply it on your skin, always dilute it with a carrier oil and never go above a 3% concentration (i.e. 3% essential oil total). This works out to about 18-20 drops total for 30 ml (1 ounce) of carrier oil.

If you intend to diffuse the scents, try them out first for about 5 -10 minutes with the windows open or air the room after diffusion for a few minutes and then enjoy the scents with the windows closed. Also, do not use a single blend or oil continuously for months on end.

The safest way is to give your senses and your body a break of about 7-10 days after every 3-4 weeks. Do not diffuse essential oils or blends around babies, pets and individuals who are acutely ill.  If you intend to use the blend on/around pregnant/breast feeding women, ascertain the safety of every oil used in the blend.

And with that, I am going to take my leave but not before I wish you all a life full of fragrances, healing, happiness and peace.

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  • They’re less overpowering…
  • They’re better for your well-being…
  • They have better scents…
  • They have much longer shelf life…
  • They can be applied on your pulse points and much more.

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The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

The Ultimate List of 30 Best Smelling Essential Oils! Essential Oil Benefits

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Friday 9th of November 2018

Thank you Olivia.....I read and re read your posts....they are accurate and informative..... Your posts are my morning news!.......

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Saturday 3rd of November 2018

Thank you for this great article. You have provided us with alot of useful information. Blending E.O.'s can be intimidating at first because there are so many different scents to choose from for either therapeutic uses or for mind pleasing scents. You have explained it in a way that is easy to comprehend for the beginner. You have also provided to us a great starting point by offering blending suggestions for each note. That is where most of my confusion lies because there are so many to choose from for each note. Now I can blend confidently, which to me, means less waste more creativity, less apprehension and more enjoyable recipes for friends, family and myself. Thank you again!


Saturday 3rd of November 2018

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