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L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream

Don’t Let Menstruation And Menopause Put A Pause On Your Life!

  • Nearly 80% women suffer from PMS – are you one of them?
  • Hot flashes is the most common symptom of menopause – are your hormones turning up the heat on you?
  • PMS can get severe with age – are your mood swings and cramps getting worse?
  • Osteoporosis, cardiac problems, menopause can cause them all – are you at risk?

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits

Hello Ladies,

I am Olivia and today, I am going to talk about a unique aspect of a woman’s life; one that is both a gift and a curse, and understandably, hated as much as it is loved. OK, I agree even after 30 years on it, there is absolutely nothing that I love about my periods.

But, I am grateful, honored, humbled and proud of the exceptional and unique ability that Mother Nature has given us gals – the power to create and nurture life within us.

That said, I hate what Aunt Flo does to me every month, and I know for a fact that I am not the only one in the “Period Hater’s Club”. It’s nicknamed the “Red Badge of Courage” for a good reason. It does take monumental courage and resilience to deal with everything that menstruation throws at you. Unfortunately, what comes after Aunt Flo departs, is often worse!

A lot of you must probably be thinking that I am just hashing out a story that has already been done to death. But, hear me out for a bit because what I am going to tell you today will forever change the way in which you deal with menstruation and menopause related pangs and pains.

  • No more OTC painkillers to get through your period!
  • No more blues that come with the bleeding!
  • No more tummy troubles when you are on the rag!
  • No more acne, insomnia and fatigue when dealing with your lady business or when you are done with it!  

Is It Even Possible To Achieve All Of This Without Gulping Down A Fistful Of Pills?

You bet it is! And all you need is a cream! Are you shocked already?

Let me explain. The problem with human menstruation is that even after giant strides made by modern medical science, this natural phenomenon remains poorly understood.

No, we all know how periods contribute to the act of reproduction but what we don’t understand is why human menstruation has to be so bloody and messy. I mean the loss of 30 to 90 ml of blood, month after month, is a lot and seems utterly wasteful.

But, experts still haven’t figured out why humans and only a handful of other mammals go through all that bleeding. No wonder they are still struggling to explain PMS. But, there is more. Science also doesn’t have a clue as to why we go through menopause. That should explain why they have a rough time explaining and predicting the horrendous side effects of menopause.

That said, one thing is clear – Two hormones are definitely a part the menstrual equation. From your monthly cycle to pregnancy and from perimenopause to menopause, estrogen and progesterone have an important role to play in them all. 

So Are Hormones The Real Culprits?

Yes and No! It’s true that the fluctuation and/or drop in the levels of these hormones are the indirect cause of both PMS and menopause symptoms. But, if that were entirely true, all of us gals would suffer from period problems.

Actually, it’s not so much the actual level of these hormones as the unique reaction of your body to a dearth or excess of these hormones that leads to PMS and Menopause symptoms. But nobody knows how to influence or control these unique reactions. So, they work with what they have – hormones. Hence, a pumping of artificial hormones into the body is often recommended.

  • For PMS, doctors will put you on the pill, whether you desire or need this form of hormonal contraception or not. But, oral contraceptives don’t work for everybody. Also, they are usually a mixture of artificial estrogen and progesterone and both of these can have side effects.
  • Because the symptoms of menopause can be more severe than those of PMS, you will be given a stronger cocktail of these hormones, artificially made again. In fact, the amount of lab-made estrogen used in HRT is known to have such dangerous side effects that it is only recommended when all else fails. 

They’ve Got The Estrogen-Progesterone Equation All Wrong!

Artificial estrogen, the kind that is used in Hormone Replacement Therapy, greatly increases your risk of cancer and heart problems. To neutralize some of its side effects, doctors add artificial progesterone to the dangerous cocktail. Progestin (artificial progesterone) has its own viscous mix of side effects.

But that is not the worst of it! Turns out you may not even need artificial estrogen to control PMS and Menopause symptoms. Yet, doctors are hell bent on working with artificial estrogen, despite research suggesting otherwise.

Why you wonder? Think about the billions of dollars that flow into the bank accounts of big pharmaceutical companies and you will understand their unending fascination with these dangerous substances.

Recent studies have revealed that it’s not so much estrogen but progesterone, which is the crux of the problem. Thus far, the common perception was that PMS and Menopause symptoms resulted from plunging estrogen levels.

It was also assumed that since progesterone and estrogen balance each other, less estrogen must mean too much progesterone in the body. In reality, it is progesterone deficiency or estrogen dominance that causes most of the trouble. 

Progesterone To Be Blamed For Perils Of Perimenopause And Post-Menopause!

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits

During perimenopause, estrogen plunges to 30-40% of its original level, but progesterone spirals right down to ground zero. So despite the decrease in estrogen, the fact that there is no progesterone to balance the effects of estrogen leads to a situation of estrogen dominance. This hormonal chaos delivers a double whammy to your body.

The available estrogen is sent to various parts of your body, but with just 40% to go around, those that need more, experience a paucity of the hormone, meaning you experience the ill effects of too little estrogen.

On the other hand, those functions that need less, get more than their fill. Normally, progesterone helps to keep things in check at such sites, but with it on leave, you also get to experience the ill effects of too much estrogen.

So all those symptoms of menopause like weight gain, irritability, hot flashes, water retention, fatigue, rapid skin ageing, dry eyes, migraines and the increased risk of cancer, stroke, etc. are attributed to estrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency. 

Progesterone To Be Blamed For PMS As Well!

The same imbalance between the levels of progesterone and estrogen is also responsible for PMS. Estrogen peaks at two points through the monthly cycle. It builds from day 1 of your periods, starting at a level of around 80 pg/ml, and peaks in the second week to almost 350 pg/ml. After a brief drop to approximately 270 pg/ml for 3 days, it peaks again in the second half of the third week and drops to its original level about 3-4 days before your period.

In contrast, progesterone peaks only once and that too just for 3-4 days. It starts building from 0.7 ng/ml in the third week and peaks to reach about 9 ng/ml. It stays at this level for about 4 days in the 3rd week and then plunges with estrogen a few days before your periods.

With only one build up and then a sharp crash in the levels of progesterone versus the two peaks of estrogen with only a minor drop in between, there is a greater likelihood of you ending up with less than the required amount of progesterone.

Your estrogen levels may be normal or even low, but if you don’t have enough progesterone to balance the effects of estrogen, you will experience severe PMS symptoms and possibly even PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder).

Breast tenderness, insomnia, headaches, sudden crying spells, depression, low energy, cyclical weight gain, bloating, abdominal cramps, and unexpected bouts of anger and rage, they all result from low progesterone levels. OK, so we have established that progesterone is the missing link! This brings us to the next question.

How do you get this progesterone in your body?

No, I am not going to ask you to add one more pill to your daily diet of supplements and meds. Because oral administration is not the best way to put progesterone in your system. What you need is a PMS/Menopause Relief Cream that contains natural progesterone.

Because the dermal pathway works the best when trying to supply this hormone into your body, a topical cream is the fastest and most effective way to balance estrogen and progesterone levels and harness the benefits of this hormone. I bet at this point you are asking: 

But, Why Not Progesterone Pills?

Natural progesterone is not your run of the mill pain killer, antibiotic or lab-made drug that works better when ingested.  Because this is a highly fat-soluble hormone, progesterone is best delivered in your system through the skin.

The only catch here is that the natural progesterone cream should be formulated to offer high transdermal absorption. But, I’ll come to that later. First, let me tell you why progesterone pills may not be the right choice for you.

1. You don’t get the promised dose: When you take a progesterone pill, nearly 80% of the active hormone finds its way into your liver. Here, it is broken down into metabolites, which don’t produce the same results as the hormone itself. Also, a lot of it is simply thrown out of the body. So, when you take 100 mg, you get around 20-30 mg of progesterone from it.

2. It’s hard on your liver: The more progesterone you swallow, the harder your liver works to break it down into metabolites. The process and its byproducts can overload the liver. Depending on just how healthy or unhealthy your liver is (cirrhosis, alcoholism), this may mean more health trouble.

3. The massive fluctuations in progesterone levels can increase your problems: Progesterone is also available in the form of sublingual troches. The mucous membrane rapidly absorbs the hormone. This creates a massive spike in the level of the hormone immediately after use but it also drops precipitously within a few hours, which can intensify the symptoms of PMS and menopause.

4. Pills can clash with other medication: The metabolites produced by the synthesis of progesterone in the liver can react adversely with other drugs and supplements.

5. Oral progesterone can knock you out: Progesterone pills, troches and sublingual drops work exceptionally well on seizures linked to the menstrual cycle. They are also effective against insomnia caused by PMS and menopause. In essence, oral progesterone acts as a very strong neuro-calming agent and sedative.

But, if insomnia is not a part of your PMS or menopause symptoms, it will leave you groggy. Plus, its sedative properties mean that you cannot use it during the day because it will compromise your mental alertness.

6. Hard to adjust the dosage: There is no set formula to predict just how much of the progesterone supplied in pill form will actually be made available for your body after it goes through the liver. It all depends on just how well or hard your liver is working at the time of consumption and of course your biochemistry. So, adjusting dosage can be downright tricky.

But, you don’t face any of these problem when you opt for a high quality natural progesterone cream, and that is what you are getting with L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream.

With this product, you get the right amount of progesterone in your body, and you get it when you need it the most.

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits

 L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits

The best part is that the preparation is formulated to use your body’s chemistry and physiology to get you more from the natural progesterone in the cream. Even a lit bit of this cream goes a long way because some of the progesterone is stored in the fatty tissue under the skin and gets released slowly.

So, you get a steady dose of the hormone instead of one large shot. Make no mistake, there is no wastage of the hormone. More than 90% of the progesterone in the cream gets delivered into your body over an 8 hour period, which is just the right dose.

Why Bother With Natural Progesterone When Artificial Progesterone Is Easily Available?

No, I am not just going to harp on about how natural is always better than artificial. Instead, I am going to tell you what synthetic progesterone (progestins) can and cannot do and how it impacts your body. But first, let me explain why you need this hormone.

Natural progesterone not only impacts your reproductive system but also plays innumerable other roles in the brain and the body in general. From influencing body temperature to calming emotions and from preventing water retention in the cells to protecting the brain and even impacting cholesterol levels, this hormone does all of this and more.

However, the operative part of that statement is the adjective “natural”, meaning the progesterone produced in the body. In essence, to get all those health benefits, you need a compound that is similar to the hormone that your body makes naturally.

Well, progestins are not the same as natural progesterone in any sense. They do balance some effects of estrogen and for that very reason, Provera (medroxyprogesterone acetate) a popular progestin pill is often prescribed. But there are 4 problems associated with the use of synthetic progesterone. It:

  1. Has serious side effects.
  2. Does not offer the anti-anxiety or cognitive benefits of the natural progesterone.
  3. Does not display the neuro-protective properties of natural progesterone.
  4. Negatively influences some of the beneficial effects of estrogen.

In fact, progestin can cause cardiac irregularities, asthma, migraine headaches and partial loss of vision. It also increases the risk of strokes and breast cancer.

Bio identical or natural progesterone is not made from chemicals. It is synthesized from a special type of wild yam found in Mexico and less frequently from soy and fenugreek. The labor and time intensive process first yields a substance called diosgenin, a phytosteroid saponin, which is the precursor for many steroid hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisone.

It is this diosgenin that is used to make the natural progesterone in L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream. In fact, the natural progesterone included in the formulation is synthesized from the diosgenin extracted from wild yams and fenugreek, which is the best.

In terms of molecular similarity, bio-identical progesterone is as close as you can get to the hormone made in the body. So, it goes without saying that it’s accepted more readily and gets broken down into the same metabolites as the progesterone that comes from your ovaries. So, natural progesterone:

  • Protects and calms the brain.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Enhances the benefits of estrogen
  • Does not suppress HDL or good cholesterol
  • Improves cardiac health by keeping bad cholesterol in check
  • Has no negative impact on blood pressure or heart rate
  • Does not cause facial hair growth like synthetic progesterone.

But by far, the biggest benefit is that side effects are extremely rare with natural progesterone, particularly when it is used in the cream form and the cream is formulated as it should be.

Formulation Is Just As Important As The Quality Of The Natural Progesterone Itself!

Unfortunately, the formulation part is where the problems start, and that’s where the right manufacturing practices become a part of the equation. It is not just the quantity and the quality of the natural progesterone but also the way in which the hormone is blended that impacts the effectiveness of the cream.

Although the hormone is oil soluble, it has to be mixed with the optimal blend of emollients and in the right way to ensure that the active ingredient gets through the dermal layers and into the body. If the cream is grainy or if the emulsion is too watery, the progesterone in the formula will simply sit on the surface of your skin and you won’t get the expected results.

Now, without a doubt, natural progesterone is the gold standard when it comes to dealing with the symptoms of PMS and perimenopause. But, there are also other natural ingredients that can help. What if I tell you that you can:

Get The Combined Benefits Of Hormone Balancing Herbs, Essential Oils And Natural Progesterone In One Product!

Yes, you read that right! I am talking about a combination of everything in Mother Nature’s kitty that is meant to battle PMS and menopause woes. Herbal extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and of course natural progesterone; put together in an easy to use formulation; that is what I am talking about.

After spending hundreds of hours on research and consulting with leading naturopaths, we have put together a unique medley of ingredients that not only work synergistically but also add to the benefits of each other. So, the cumulative benefits far exceed those that you’d get from just one ingredient. And, that is what you can expect from L’orpur’s PMS & Menopause Relief Cream, because it contains:

Plant/organic sulfur: Don’t confuse organic sulfur with the chemical stuff that goes into the making of sulfuric acid. That substance is toxic. In contrast, organic or plant based sulfur is the mineral that helps to drive oxygen into your cells, detoxifies them and even increases their permeability. In fact, its ability to cleanse and prep up the skin cells is one of the reasons why it has been used in L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream.

Also known as Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), this mineral helps to drive the nutrients and the natural progesterone in the formula deeper into the dermal layers. Moreover, owing to its ability to detoxify the cells and the body in general, MSM helps to relieve the pain attributed to PMS and perimenopause. If that is not enough, natural sulfur plays a crucial role in the regeneration of connective tissue, read collagen here. So, it also helps to slow down skin aging attributed to menopause.

MSM reduces muscle spasms, which means that it is incredibly effective against the abdominal and lower back pain associated with heavy and irregular periods. Above all, the mineral acts as a natural inhibitor of cholinesterase, an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. This is a neurotransmitter crucial for the transmission of nerve impulses. It impacts both memory and cognitive functions. Now think about how much more you can get in terms of benefits when you couple natural progesterone with natural sulfur!

Trace minerals (plant): For a lot of women the loss of 30-90 ml blood during their periods leads to a mineral deficiency. Furthermore, as you get older and head towards menopause, your body’s natural ability to absorb these minerals diminishes as does its capacity to store them in the cells.

Now, let us not forget that your body is already dealing with a lot during perimenopause. So, mineral deficiencies can and will simply add to the trouble by exacerbating the imbalance, and as a result, the symptoms of menopause. This was the reason to include natural minerals sourced from plants into this the formula. While this cream doesn’t completely replenish your store of minerals, it will help to control the hormonal imbalance caused by mineral deficiencies.

Vitamins A, D, E: A lot of perimenopausal and even post-menopausal women are found to lack optimal levels of vitamin D and E. Even on its own, a deficiency of vitamin D can cause serious mental health issues. As far as vitamin E is concerned, at a cellular level it is the same as estrogen and can work as a natural replacement for the hormone.

So, both of these are vital for dealing with PMS and menopause symptoms. Add vitamin A to the mix, and you have a combination of nutrients that gets right through the upper dermal layers and into the body where it improves both physical and mental wellbeing.

Citrus medica limonum and Citrus aurantium dulcis extracts: There is something about the invigorating fragrance of essential oils and extracts derived from citrus fruits that quickly uplifts the mood and chases away the blues. In the PMS & Menopause Relief Cream from L’orpur, these active botanicals have been included for their ability to work on mental and physical fatigue, depression, irritation and anger. Plus, we have also put to use limonene’s (the active compound in citrus extracts) extraordinary abilities as an effective nutrient carrier.

Lavender essential oil: Few things in nature have the ability to relax and soothe frayed nerves like lavender EO. In L’orpur’s PMS & Menopause Relief Cream, the oil helps to tone down mood swings and chases away insomnia.

Because the stress hormone cortisol depletes progesterone reserves and renders the hormone ineffective by hogging up its receptors, it is crucial to keep stress in check. This is where lavender EO proves to be a worthy addition to the formula. A mere whiff of this calming aroma is enough to rein in the levels of cortisol in the system.

The right blend of emollients and emulsifiers: At L’orpur, we never compromise on two things; the quality of the ingredients and our promise of exclusively working with 100% natural ingredients. So even the emollients used in the PMS & Menopause Relief Cream are natural and enhance the overall effect of the product.

How well a natural progesterone cream works also depends on the permeability of the skin. It is hard to push nutrients through dehydrated and malformed skin cells. Similarly, if the progesterone cream is too oily, the high viscosity will prevent it from seeping into the deeper dermal layers. To remedy these issues, we have used a blend of:

  • Sunflower oil, which is light yet offers superlative dermal penetration.
  • Caprylic/capric triglyceride, a skin loving specialty ester that has low viscosity but extraordinary skin nourishing properties and antioxidant benefits.
  • Glyceryl Stearate, which is a combination of stearic acid and glycerin that provides hydration as well as skin conditioning.
  • Xanthan gum, which is a natural emulsifier.


L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil BenefitsL'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits


The History Of L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream!

“I just cannot get myself to go on anymore, doesn’t matter how hard I try; it all seems pointless and useless. My whole life feels like endless darkness, a tunnel with no end.”

The words uttered amid sobs by a hoarse voice sent a shiver down my spine as I clutched desperately and subconsciously to my cell phone, as if that would help me to calm her down. She sounded so hopeless that I was scared she may do something stupid and terrible.

At that moment, all I needed was enough time to reach her and never in my 45 years have 20 minutes seemed as long as they did that afternoon.

Finally, I was there. I dashed through the door and found her hunched over the dinner table. I just ran up to the sobbing figure and hugged her tight, barely managing to control my own tears.

The sight of her, sobbing in resignation, shocked me to the very core. Here was a woman I looked up to all my life! A woman, who could very well be the role model for dozens of ladies like me and even those decades younger than me, for the sheer way in which she had managed her personal, professional and community life.

It was my older sister Sophia alright, the same face and the same body but not the same person because the Sophia I knew was a fighter not a quitter!

The oldest among 5 siblings, she was a master planner, incredibly hard working and quite a looker too. By the time she was 16, she knew exactly where she wanted to be in life and what she would do to get there. She followed through with steely perseverance despite a lot of hurdles, some of which would send most people scuttling for cover.

But Sophia was not the one to be deterred or kept down for too long. She got a college degree, a great job, a fantastic partner, and fortunately, her kids turned out great too. They did after all have an ‘over-achiever” mom to look up to. In a nutshell, she had everything that any normal person would want in life.

And till about a year ago, she had complete understanding of just how lucky she was. I mean everything was peachy! Imagine my shock, to see a woman who had her game together at 16, when we are all high on hormones, losing it and crashing at 50, when there was nothing to provoke the gloom and doom.

I knew there was some trouble brewing because for almost a year she was just not herself. She seemed increasingly irritable and would flip her lid at the slightest provocation, even at no provocation actually. She just seemed depressed and sad and that was not like her at all because she had always lived by the mantra – “No matter how hard or rough things are, don’t let them get you down; face them with a smile”.

I tried to talk to her about it but she would never be in the mood to discuss it, which again was quite strange because we have always been very close. Basically, everybody around her had noticed the change and her reluctance to talk about it.

The only reason nobody every pushed her to talk about it is because none of us wanted to antagonize her. I tried hard to understand the 180-degree transformation in her behavior. Because she would get upset at the mere mention of her mood swings and behavior change, I spoke to her kids and husband.

Yes, they too had noticed the change. Hubby and the 3 kids all said that her increasing irritability and anger was causing a lot of hurt and confusion. So, there were more skirmishes and misunderstandings in the household now than ever before.

I was still trying to understand what was going when I got that phone call from her. It’s not just the resigned tone of her voice and the sobs that scared me but also the fact that all this was happening when her husband was away on work and she was all alone at home.

I refused to let her be on her own and brought her back to my house. After talking for hours, she finally opened up and said that even she couldn’t understand what had caused this downward spiral.

I do and say things that hurt the people I love the most in the world, but right at that moment I cannot control myself”.

“And by the time I calm down the damage is already done.” she said woefully.

“Above all I feel so tired and out of control. And there is this nagging pain in my body, I don’t know if it is real or just all in my head.”

I told her that she was a sensible and intelligent woman, a wife, sister, mother and friend. If she felt this way, of course, it couldn’t possibly just be her mind playing tricks on her.

The next day I took her to a psychologist. Two sessions down the line we came back home with a prescription for sedatives and antidepressants. The shrink blamed it all on some sort of midlife crisis. She was utterly morose.

On my part, I wasn’t buying the BS…Surely, people don’t go from utterly happy to absolutely miserable for no apparent reason at all. Yes, depression does creep into the lives of millions each year. But, there is almost always some kind of trigger. In Sophia’s case, there was NO trigger!

I was positive that the shrink had jumped the gun too soon and that we were missing an important part of the puzzle here. After a few days spent reading up tons of information online, I finally had a lead:

Hormonal Fluctuation During Perimenopause!

Well, the piece seemed to fit in the jigsaw so I read more and was baffled by some of the facts about the symptoms of perimenopause and the risks associated with them. For instance, I had no idea that:

  • Women in the age group of 45 to 64 years have the highest rate of suicide (notice how the trouble starts around perimenopause).
  • Menopausal women are 4 times more likely to suffer from depression than women under the age of 45.
  • Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are the leading cause of suicide attempts and death resulting from it.
  • Nearly 80% of women suffer from some form of menopause related symptoms, while 25% have life altering and debilitating symptoms.

But how could this be? Our mom had no trouble with her menopause. Sophia had never had a problem with PMS. Her pregnancies were normal and she did not suffer from post-natal depression. So, why the trouble with menopause?

I read up some more and found that menopause can hit a woman hard even if she has never suffered from PMS. Also, any woman can experience severe perimenopause symptoms and there is no genetic link that gives you a heads up on just how intense the phase will be.

In other words, the ill effects of the hormonal chaos hits you out of nowhere. So, the very next day after my discovery, we headed to the gynecologist. It took him all of 10 minutes to figure out that we were definitely dealing with perimenopause horrors.

The doc said that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and antidepressants were the only hope. I could not help but think out loud, how this was any different from what the shrink had prescribed.

And the answer was that no amount of anti-depressants could, on their own, help to mitigate the impact of plunging hormone levels. The doctor even took the time out to explain that estrogen and progesterone are a lot more than just fertility hormones. They directly influence the levels and working of nearly all the important neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, GABA and even cortisol.

So, there is just one way to control the side effects of perimenopause – to replace the natural hormones with man-made alternatives. Now, I had already read up on this. Hence, my next question was:

But, What About The Side Effects Of HRT?

Now, this is where the good doctor got a bit evasive and dismissed just about all the notorious risks that I had read about. Here is how the conversation went; see if my understanding of what was being said is the same as yours.

Olivia-Doctor Interview

Me: But what about the side effects of HRT?

Doc:  Oh, they have been overstated. Yes, there are a few risks but we use these hormones in such small quantities that there isn’t a problem usually.

My understanding:  So, you can cross your fingers and hope to be among the lucky few who do not have to suffer the perils of HRT linked side effects. But, there is really no telling whether you will or not.

Me: Can the natural stuff help?

Doc: Not at all! The natural stuff is just not as strong or even as good enough as the artificial hormones used in HRT. HRT is a tried and tested form of treatment, which currently has no equivalent.

My understanding: There are several studies that point to the effectiveness of natural estrogen and progesterone but the doctor was unwilling to even consider this. Also, the fact that natural hormones work becomes evident when you consider the warning that most doctors issue pertaining to the use of soy products because of their estrogenic properties.

HRT is tried and tested of course. But, the same FDA that approved it also says that the therapy should only be chosen when nothing else works and should be administered only over a short period of time.

Me: But, what about the 2002 WHI study that revealed the devastating risks of HRT?

Doc: (A bit irritated now) Like I said, they overstated the risks. And we now know that using HRT between the ages of 50-60 years lowers these risks.

My understanding: Lowers the risk perhaps, but does not completely eliminate the risk. So, who is to say whether a particular patient will suffer from the side effects or not.

Me: What about the risk of breast cancer?

Doc:  A lot of things are potential risks for cancer. For instance, obesity also increases the risk of breast cancer.

My understanding: In effect what he was saying was play the game of Russian roulette today because you are after all going to die someday.

I could see that the doctor was losing patience with me, hence I reckoned that it would be best to stop subjecting him to my barrage of question. That is when Sophia, who had been surprisingly and uncharacteristically quiet until then, spoke up.

She said, all things considered, I want some time to think about this. There it was, the glimmer of confidence and calculated decision making, which were all hallmark Sophia. Perhaps, the fact that she knew what was happening had given her a modicum of hope.

The doctor sent us out with a half warning that in light of the symptoms, Sophia should go for HRT as early as possible.

On the way back, she said, “I want a second opinion on this”, and then she asked me what I felt about the whole HRT business and what were the side effects that I was talking about.

I told her about the Women’s Health Initiative Study, the results of which were released in 2002. According to it:

  1. There is a high risk of suffering from uterine/endometrial cancer after estrogen only replacement therapy.
  2. The conventional form involves the use of both estrogen and progesterone, both artificial, and this markedly increases the risk of breast cancer.
  3. Other studies found that HRT also leads to an increased risk of blood clotting, stroke, cardiac problems, and urinary issues.

Then, I laid it all bare. I said, “But, that is not even the last of it because HRT may not help you with your depression and other behavioral problems. In fact, these symptoms may actually get worse.”

I could see a frown forming on her face as she felt she was back to square one, but she asked, “So, what do you suggest we do?”

I said, “We are definitely seeking a second opinion but I also want us to talk to a few naturopaths I know.”

I explained to her that in the end the treatment will be of her choosing, but surely there is no harm in looking at an option that is safer than what modern medicine has to offer.

The next day, we saw another GP. I cannot say that the second doctor was willing to wholeheartedly embrace the natural way. But, at least she was not as dismissive. Also, she was certainly more honest about her outlook. The first thing she asked was just how bad were Sophia’s hot flashes?

And that is when it struck my sis that she had totally missed talking about the burning heat because she thought it was attributed to a form of vitamin B6 that she was taking, meaning the hot flashes were not the worst of her symptoms.

The doctor said that HRT is more appropriate for patients who suffer from severe hot flashes and muscle pain. She also confirmed that when it comes to behavioral problems, it’s more a hit or miss. That said, she spoke about 2 very important things, which were enough to convince both my sister and me that HRT may not be appropriate for her.

  • The first point she raised was that HRT is not a permanent solution. She said very clearly that the results, even if they are very positive, only last till you continue taking the hormones. She also said that this form of treatment is no longer called hormone replacement because nobody is trying to take your estrogen and progesterone levels to where they were in your youth.In other words, she clarified that the hormones are just administered to give your body some time to adjust to their plunging levels. This simply meant that once the treatment is stopped, you no longer get the health benefits of estrogen or progesterone.
  • The second point she brought up was that the perimenopause hell can continue for years even after your periods stop! But this is when HRT is not even an option anymore; not even for a brief period. She explained that once a woman crosses her 55th birthday, the risks of HRT far outweigh the benefits.

She finally said that, at that point, it would be best to go on antidepressants and possibly light sedatives along with some vitamin and mineral supplements. The doc added that if the symptoms worsen, HRT would be the only option, but till then, there was no harm in trying out alternative modalities.

The Naturopath Offered Us Some Hope!

Our next stop was the clinic of a naturopath who I had worked with and trusted. After discussing her symptoms, he said that we should get a few tests done just to get a positive confirmation of the diagnosis, but he was quite sure that we were dealing with estrogen dominance here.

He sent us home with a natural progesterone cream and a few additions to the list of nutritional supplements prescribed by the second doctor. Although Sophia was not expecting much from the cream and the pills, she was willing to give it a shot.

But then the unthinkable happened! It took all of 72 hours for Sophia to experience a profound difference. Yes, I am talking about 3 days flat and she went from “my world is dark, dank and hopeless” to “all’s well”. The U turn in her behavior came as a shock even to me.

In her own words, she felt like the storm clouds had finally cleared out. I can’t say that she was 100% back to being the old Sophia. But, it sure was a promising start. And that gave me the impetus to work towards creating a better and more effective product.

After all, at 45, I knew I wasn’t too far from being in her shoes. Since I had seen how all-encompassing the effects of hormonal imbalance could be, I only wanted to work with the most experienced naturopaths and aromatherapists.

All The Expertise That I Could Get!

It took me about a month to get the team together. But, it was worth the wait because that was a lot of cumulative knowledge and experience we had on the table. The general consensus was that we could definitely do better than just a natural progesterone cream.

The idea was not only to deal with the effects of estrogen dominance but also to tackle the factors that exacerbated the symptoms of PMS and Menopause. It was clear that we wanted to work with everything available in nature that was known to be effective against hormonal imbalance and its effects.

After a lot of brain storming and blending, we finally zeroed in on an optimal blend that combined essential oils, nutrients, herbal extracts and natural progesterone. After 3 months, we had the final product in our hands.

But, I wanted to be sure about its effectiveness and guess who my test subject was?

Yes, Sophia it was! I also got a couple of her friends to try out the cream. My gang of gals was beyond happy with the results. But I wanted to ensure that the cream offered long term benefits. So, the ladies used the cream for one year and could not stop raving about the results. That’s when I knew that the product is ready to be introduced on my site. 

But, There Are Scores Of Other Natural Progesterone Creams Out There, Then Why L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream?

Offers relief from stress: The cream not only restores estrogen-progesterone balance in the body but also regulates the release of the stress hormone, cortisol. Untamed stress deals a double blow to the body by aggravating the symptoms of both PMS and perimenopause and by generally throwing various physiological systems out of whack. With L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream, you get to combat stress with a three pronged approach that includes nutrients, natural progesterone and aromatherapy

A little goes a long way: All you need is 1/4th tsp once a day or 1/8th tsp twice a day. So, the 50 ml bottle will last you for well over 2 months.

Formulated by a team of naturopaths: The formula for the cream was put together by a team of experts that included naturopaths, aromatherapists and holistic healthcare practitioners. So, you can be sure that you are getting the most potent mix of natural ingredients.

Completely natural: Like all other L’orpur products, the PMS & Menopause Relief Cream is 100% natural and does not contain artificial colors, fragrances or preservatives.

Right packaging: The airless pump prevents the active ingredients from exposure to air and light. Plus, you get the exact quantity needed for each application, without any mess.

Right amount of progesterone: L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream is a 2% bio-identical progesterone formulation. This is the optimal hormone concentration according to Dr. John Lee, who discovered and was the first to use natural progesterone.

Non-greasy formula: Despite the perfect blending of lipids and natural progesterone, this a non-greasy cream that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

If you ask me, I’d say when dealing with problem created by Mother Nature, it is best to seek her help because she always knows best. And with L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream, you are getting 50 ml of pure natural goodness, made to perfection. 

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil BenefitsL'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits 

What To Expect Once You Start Using The L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream?

1. Your skin will look better: Natural progesterone not only balances estrogen but also frees up some of it from functions that don’t need as much of it. This makes more estrogen available for skin health. The result is tighter, thicker and more youthful skin.

2. You will have more energy: Although progesterone is the calming hormone in the estrogen-progesterone dyad, it has a direct impact on thyroid function, which in turn affects metabolism. Faster metabolism means optimal use of energy and no more fatigue.

3. You will lower your risk of suffering osteoporosis: Both estrogen and progesterone are important for the health of your bones. While estrogen prevents bone breakage, progesterone boosts the formation of new bones, thus enhancing the density and strength of the skeletal system.

4. You will lower your risk of suffering from certain cancers: Natural progesterone lowers the risk of breast and uterine cancers. Thus far, it was believed that the lack of estrogen causes breast cancer. But, new research has shed light on the dominant role of progesterone deficiency in such cancers. Moreover, bio-identical progesterone prevents the unchecked growth of the endometrial lining by balancing the effects of estrogen on it.

5. You won’t experience PMS pains anymore: Progesterone is a natural calming and anti-inflammatory agent. It also has antispasmodic properties. So, using bio-identical progesterone helps to prevent abdominal cramps, lower back pain and muscle ache and fatigue.

6. You will have better cognitive functions: While progestins were found to negatively impact the cognitive benefits of estrogen, bio-identical progesterone works as a neurotrophic and neuroprotective agent. It improves both verbal and visual working memory as well as general cognition.

7. Your bedroom life will get better: Estrogen dominance and hypothyroidism can both negatively impact female libido. With natural progesterone, you can restore balance in your body and enhance your desire for love making.

8. You won’t suffer from cyclic/menstruation-linked headaches and migraines: Progesterone helps to keep the excitory nature of estrogen in control and calms the brain, thus offering relief from hormonal headaches and cyclical migraine.

9. You won’t suffer from water retention: Bio-identical progesterone is also a natural diuretic. So, if you experience water retention and bloating, this hormone will definitely help.

10. You will have regular menstrual cycles: Estrogen dominance can often cause excessive menstrual bleeding and irregular cycles. But, once you bring progesterone into the equation, these detrimental effects of estrogen are brought under control.

11. You won’t experience menstruation/menopause linked mood swings: Progesterone impacts serotonin levels in the body. This is the calming neurotransmitter that is responsible for feelings of happiness and peace. So, if estrogen dominance is the cause of your anxiety, panic attacks and depression, natural progesterone will turn things around.

12. You will sleep better: One of the metabolites of progesterone, allopregnanolone, is a natural anti-anxiety agent and a sedative. So, when using a natural progesterone cream, you can certainly expect better and more restful sleep.

13. You won’t have those dreaded hot flashes: Natural progesterone also offers significant benefits against night sweat and hot flashes because the hormone directly influences the center of the brain that controls body temperature.

In a nut shell, L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream, with its content of natural progesterone and potent botanicals, puts your life back on track and the control of your body and brain firmly back in your hands.

What Would Be The Point Of Getting In The Mood For Some Bedroom Action If Pleasure Turns Painful?

Yes, the L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream will help with all the ill effects of progesterone deficiency and estrogen dominance. But, the paucity of estrogen does bring along a few problems.

While supplying progesterone helps with many of the symptoms such as breast and skin sagging, you will need help with the impact that dipping estrogen levels have on the vaginal tissue and mucosa. The atrophy of the vaginal muscles causes the thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls.

This damages the vaginal mucosa and causes extreme vaginal dryness. Together, these can lead to painful intercourse and even rips and tears. Since the effects of HRT only last till you continue using the hormone, vaginal dryness can be considered a lifelong side effect.

Unfortunately, painful sex is just one of the problems caused by vaginal dryness. It also greatly increases the risk of urinary tract infections. Once the urinary tract gets compromised, the infection causing critters can travel up to the bladder and that is when things can spiral out of control.

Now, an easy and simple way to deal with all of these troubles is to keep the vaginal lining moisturized. And I reckoned that since we are out to battle all the issues caused by PMS and Menopause, this one needs to be sorted out as well. But simply blending oils together would only offer short term relief. As always, I wanted more and that is how the L’orpur Vaginal Moisturizer came to be.

A Cream That Works And Works For Long!

Another exclusive mix of ingredients that offers reprieve from inflammation, pain and dryness and keeps the vaginal cavity free of infections, this formulation can be used to prevent the discomfort and health issues caused by vaginal atrophy as well as to make play time pleasurable, as it should be.

All it takes is 2-3 applications per week to keep things looking up down under. It can be used over the long term as it is a 100% natural formulation. So, you don’t have to worry about side effects or developing resistance to the formula. In this case, you don’t have to try out the pudding for the proof because the ingredients list is where it all is.

L’orpur Vaginal Moisturizer Cream: More Than Just Emollients For The Vayjayjay!   

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits

The right mix of carrier oils: While aloe oil soothes the vaginal lining, the oils of sea buckthorn and rosehip condition the vaginal walls and carrot oil offers toning and healing. Plus, the blend of lipids provides superlative lubrication without being too oily.

Wild yam extract: This ingredient is the precursor for both progesterone and estrogen and when administered directly through the vaginal lining, it helps to slow down and even stop menopause linked vaginal atrophy.

Coconut extract: Another soothing ingredient, coconut extract helps to speed up the healing process of vaginal rips and tears caused by dryness and thinning. Plus, its antibacterial properties, keep infection causing germs away.

Chamomile extract: This soothing and calming ingredient offers almost immediate relief from inflammation and the burning pain and discomfort it causes. Moreover, its rejuvenating properties help to boost cellular regeneration of the muscle tissue and the mucosa of the vagina.

Hyaluronic acid: A natural humectant, hyaluronic acid works on the surface and at the cellular level to prevent dehydration and to improve the health of the mucosal lining of the vagina as well as the muscle layers underneath.

Plant glycerin: Another potent humectant, glycerin offers long lasting relief from vaginal dryness by preventing the loss of moisture from the cells.

Citrus extracts: Apart from their energizing aroma, the extracts of lemon and orange also bring anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to the mix. The acidic nature of these extracts helps to balance the pH level in the vaginal canal; this, in turn, keeps a check on the growth of microorganisms.

The optimal blend of vital nutrients: Vitamin E and D along with plant trace minerals like magnesium, zinc and organic sulfur help to improve the health of the individual cells of the mucosal lining and the muscle tissue. This has a positive impact on cellular regeneration and helps to maintain the thickness of the vaginal walls.

Who Should Use L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream?

Well, it may seem like the name says it all and that this product is only meant for those who suffer from PMS pains and menopause menace. In reality, this natural progesterone based cream can come to your rescue when dealing with a range of health and environmental factors that lead to hormonal imbalance. For instance, L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream can help:

  • If you suffer from estrogen dominance because of over exposure to environmental estrogenic factors or xenoestrogens. These can be found in plastic ware, cosmetics and fertilizers commonly used in vegetable and fruit farming.
  • If you are overweight or obese and this has caused estrogen dominance. Fat cells convert androgens into estrogen causing an imbalance of the hormone in the body.
  • If you are suffering from the side effects of birth control medication or the use of any other synthetic hormones.
  • If you are above 35 years of age and have already started experiencing the impacts of dipping progesterone levels. Yes, progesterone levels start taking a hit as early as the mid-thirties.
  • If you suffer from hypothyroidism, which can cause progesterone deficiency.
  • If you are menopausal or post-menopausal but are still suffering from the side effects of perimenopause.
  • If you are going through a stressful period in your life. Stress leads to the secretion of cortisol, which negatively impacts progesterone levels in the body.
  • If you suffer from any ailment that can be categorized as a progesterone resistance syndrome such as endometriosis or PCOS.
  • If you have excessive menstrual bleeding and pain or irregular periods.
  • If you have a history of fibrocystic breast disease and uterine fibroids.
  • If you have a history of multiple miscarriages.
  • If your fertility issues are attributed to progesterone deficiency or estrogen dominance.

Who Should Use L’orpur Vaginal Moisturizing Cream?

  • If intercourse is painful and uncomfortable.
  • If you experience genital burning and irritation after sex.
  • If vaginal dryness makes it hard to enjoy intercourse.
  • If you experience spotting or bleeding after penetrative sex.
  • If your smear test has become more uncomfortable.
  • If you frequently use vaginal douche.
  • If you tend to use perfumed soaps in the genital area.
  • If you experience burning discomfort when urinating after sex.
  • If there has been a change in the appearance of your vagina or labia.

One or more of these issues indicates that you definitely need to use L’orpur Vaginal Moisturizing Cream. 

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits


Want More? OK, I’ve Got More For You!

For a limited period only, I have a super saver combo offer for you. Normally, you’d pay:

$39 for the PMS-Menopause Cream + $29 for the Vaginal Moisturizing Cream

That’s $68 for both product! But not anymore. How would you like to save 20%? Yes, that is a saving of $13.

Only for the next few days, you get this exclusive combo for just $55.

So, get ready to rub your mental and physical problems away. Hurry, because this offer isn’t going to last for long.

Would You Say $55 Is An Appropriate Price For Your Quality Of Life?

Well, I’d say that is a priceless aspect. But in this case, you indeed are getting it for an extremely affordable price of just $55.

Folks, the best things in life may not be free, but with L’orpur, you can be sure that the best things are always affordable. So, now is the time to avail the super saver benefits and get more from your purchase.

No, I am not promising you a magical, hit-and-miss cure. Far from it, what I have for you today is science combined with the best of nature. This is the very essence of holistic and naturopathic knowledge that goes back several decades.

Together, the ingredients in this formulation will help your body to handle the hormonal imbalance that affects you month after month and the tsunami of menopause symptoms that can hit you as early as your forties.

So, why wait for the emotional and physical effects of hormonal fluctuations to dent your life? Take matters into your hands and get back in control with L’orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizer!

Order now and you save even more! I kid you not! You get shipping free within the US, on both products. And that gets you further savings of $7.

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits


L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits


Whether you are using the PMS & Menopause Relief Cream or the Vaginal Moisturizing Cream, application is easy and there are no side effects. Plus, because it is L’orpur, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality bio-identical progesterone, therapeutic grade essential oils, pure herbal extracts and plant based nutrients. Be it PMS, PMDD and perimenopause, these creams are effective against the mental and the physical side effects of them all.

Because the PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and the Vaginal Moisturizer Cream from L’orpur are both 100% natural formulations, they can be used from perimenopause to post menopause, even if it takes you ten years to get through the journey.

Plus, they can be combined with any other form of treatment or supplements that you are currently using. So unless you are a sucker for suffering and pain, I’d say, this is a deal you should not miss.

The core value of these products is that they help you to get your life back on track! And nothing that I can offer or say can beat that.

Don’t let age put the brakes on you and your life! The end of menstruation does not have to be the end of fun, the end of your professional life or the end of happiness. The fact is that when menopause is about to hit, most women are at the top of their game in their personal or professional lives. Unfortunately, that’s when those wayward hormones make it rain on your parade and everything that you have worked for comes tumbling down.

But, with the PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and the Vaginal Moisturizing Cream, I am giving you the chance to reclaim your life back. Say “No more” to PMS and Menopause mayhem!

L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits


L'orpur PMS & Menopause Relief Cream and Vaginal Moisturizing Cream Essential Oil Benefits

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