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L’orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray

  • Do your sinuses turn summer from cheery to dreary?
  • Do your blocked sinuses put you in a painful daze?
  • Do you have recurring bouts of sinus infection and cold?
  • Have you run out of options to treat your sinus troubles?

If you even answered one of those questions with a “YES”, then this is just the information you need to kick those horrid episodes of sinus infection out of your body and your life.

Hello Everybody,

I am Olivia, and what you are about to read will make you rethink and completely change the way in which you deal with all types of infections of the upper respiratory tract and the sinuses – That’s everything from the pesky common cold to the dreaded sinus infections and even a sore throat.

  • Never again will you need antihistamines that leave you groggy.
  • Never again will you have to swallow pain pills, despite their serious side effects.
  • Never again will you need antibiotics to control sinus infections.
  • No more stuffy nose.
  • No more sinus headaches and facial pain.

This is the information that pharmaceutical companies want to hide from you at all costs. Why you wonder? Well, nearly 11% of all adults in the US suffer from sinusitis at least once a year. In its chronic form, this ailment can last for years and can lead to 8-10 bouts of sinusitis each year. So, there sure is a lot of money to be made from this market segment. In fact, let me put a figure on this for you.

Every year, pharma giants laugh all the way to the bank with a MASSIVE $20 billion made from all you folks who have nose, sinus and throat troubles. These companies make $14 billion from meds for allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, nearly $3 billion from OTC cough and cold meds and about $3 billion from antibiotics each year.

What if I tell you there is a simple and extremely effective way to deal with all forms of sinusitis and nasal congestion?

No pills, no shots, no surgeries! Just two sprays that can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Sounds like wishful thinking? Well, it isn’t

It’s Not Just Your Sinuses But Also Your Wallet That Is Taking A Hit Here!

On an average, a person suffering from chronic rhino sinusitis spends more than $5,000 per annum on medical treatment, including medication, doctor’s visits and tests, etc. Then, there is the additional loss of almost $10,000 that patients have to incur owing to loss of productivity. All in all, we are looking at a grand total of $15,000+ per annum.

Even if I were to assume that your sinuses act up no more than 3-4 times a year, and your overall sinus related expense stands at just one quarter of that figure, we are still talking about an average of $4,000 each year.

But it is possible to spend less than 5% of that amount and get lasting relief, without the side effects of OTC and prescription sinus meds! No magic, no miracle, just pure science and a lot of help from Mother Nature!

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

Pharma Companies Make A Killing Because Sinusitis Is A Truly Distressing Ailment!

As far as pure, unadulterated misery goes, few other non-serious health conditions can upstage sinusitis. Whether acute, subacute, recurrent or chronic, sinusitis, in all its forms, can unleash chaos and pain in your life. Those of you who have suffered from even a single bout of acute or sub-acute sinusitis know what I am talking about.

It feels like King Kong is pounding your brain and your skull to a pulp. The pressure buildup feels like a volcano spewing out hot lava into each one of your sinus cavities till they are about to burst from the inside. The pain radiates to every inch of the face. No organ is spared as the ears, palate, gums and even the eyes are subjected to ever increasing inflammation and outward force.

The pain, infection and inflammation are enough to bring on a fever and if all that is not enough, cough and sore throat often follow. Is it any wonder then that people who suffer from sinusitis even once will do anything to prevent a repeat?

Now, imagine the plight of those who suffer from chronic sinusitis. So, if your sinus troubles have sent you running to your GP or reaching for all the OTC painkillers, nasal sprays and cold meds that you can find, I feel ya! But here is the billion dollar question:

Do All Those Meds For Sinusitis Actually Help?

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

I am not about to give you a straight answer to this one. Instead, I am just going to offer a few eye opening facts and you can decide for yourself.

  1. For starters, did you know that antibiotics are absolutely useless when used to treat both acute and chronic sinusitis? In fact, their use in case of chronic rhino sinusitis can actually make things worse. Both these facts have been proven through clinical trials.
  1. The textbook approach for treating chronic sinusitis involves relieving patient discomfort by using intra nasal steroid sprays, analgesics and decongestants. But there is no clinical evidence whatsoever to support the effectiveness of any of these measures.
  1. Although antibiotics don’t work for acute and chronic sinusitis unless there is a bacterial infection involved, they are frequently prescribed, usually for 10 days when even 5 days of use yield the same marginal benefits as a 10 day course.
  1. First generation antihistamines like diphenhydramine, brompheniramine, chlorpheniramine are anticholinergic agents. Simply put, they not only cause drowsiness but also hurt your noggin in the long run. Second generation antihistamines like cetirizine don’t cause cognitive damage as long as you keep a check on the dosage, but they are bad for your ticker and even your kidneys. Unfortunately, antihistamines are widely abused to the point where these get consumed as often as peppermints.
  1. Painkillers only provide a few hours of reprieve from the discomfort and they may not be able to control the inflammation. But, there is always the risk of side effects like gastric ulcers and bleeding and liver and kidney damage with frequent use.
  1. Nasal steroid and decongestant sprays can only be used for a week. After that, you develop resistance to these meds and they do more harm than good.

Still think you should run to your medicine cabinet at the first sign of a stuffy or runny nose and sinus infection? Fortunately, these meds are not your only option. The natural way is still the best way, which is why home treatments like steam inhalation and nasal irrigation offer some reprieve. But, if you are looking for a cure, you will need more than just saline water.

Nasal Irrigation And Steam Inhalation Do Help, But…

Don’t get me wrong here folks; if home treatments like steam inhalation and nasal irrigation were to have a cheerleading squad of their own, I sure would be on the team. Without a doubt, when you are dealing with a common cold or acute sinusitis, rinsing the snot out of the nostrils will certainly help.

BUT, these treatment modalities fall short when you are dealing with recurrent or chronic sinusitis.

The limited reach of steam inhalation: As far as steam inhalation goes, even if you add a blend of EOs to the water, the steam never really gets to the deeper structures of the nose, so you don’t get the expected results.

The limited effectiveness of nasal rinse: With nasal irrigation, there is always the risk of overdoing it. Naturopaths as well as practitioners of modern medicine are unified in their recommendation that irrigation should only be done twice a day at the most. This means that in between rinse sessions, the snot gets plenty of time to build up in the nostrils.

Now there is a silver lining to this cloud – the best part of using natural remedies is that you can couple them with other holistic treatment approaches and get better results. So, why rely just on steam inhalation and nasal irrigation when you can get more by combining these methods with a natural intranasal spray?

Some of you may counter that by saying that nasal irrigation is proven to be more effective than intranasal saline sprays. Well, this claim is a classic case of withholding information. Yes, there was a study which led to this conclusion, but it was conducted in 2007. According to more recent studies, there is no scientific basis for this assertion. But, that is not the crux of the problem here.

Nasal Irrigation Isn’t For Everybody!

  1. Rinsing out boogers is messy business: Nasal irrigation is certainly not as easy or as neat as a saline spray. In fact, it can get outright messy as you try to push the water up one nostril and get it to flow out of the other.
  1. That’s water up your nose: Even if the mess is not an issue, at first, the whole act of passing water through a pathway exclusively meant to handle air can be quite discomforting. You will have to hold your breath as you wash out the snot because you certainly don’t want the water to get into your lungs. But the sheer volume of the water used can make that hard. Plus, for a lot of people it understandably creates a “drowning-like” sensation.
  1. The water can trickle in places where it ought not to go: As you pass water through the nasal cavity, some of it will get into the Eustachian tube or the canal that connects the nose with the ears. This can lead to a feeling of ear fullness and cause ear pain, headache and temporarily impact hearing. The water can also find its way to the ocular structures and make your eyes sting.
  1. Salt and lesions don’t go well together: Because the nasal structures are bound to be inflamed, the saline solution does cause some amount of stinging. This, in turn, can lead to sneezing that can increase the irritation and the inflammation. If there are skin lesions inside the nostrils the stinging and burning can be intense.
  1. The most serious side effect is the risk of nosebleeds: Although rare, epistaxis or nosebleeds can occur if the tiny blood vessels that serve the nasal cavity and the sinuses are damaged due to saline nasal rinsing. Particularly at risk are individuals who suffer from recurrent nosebleeds and those who are on blood thinning medication.

Fortunately, the mess, the distressing feeling of asphyxiation, the stinging and even the risk of nose bleeds can all be eliminated while leveraging the benefits of the salt solution by using an intranasal saline spray. In fact, you can get more than just the cleansing benefits of salt if you opt for a product that also contains healing, antibacterial and soothing ingredients mixed with the saline solution.

From Netipot To Nasty Pot: A Matter Of Human Error!

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

If you have used a netipot before, I am sure you know that as you perfect your nose rinsing technique at least the first and the second issue disappear on their own. That said, for all the effectiveness of saline nasal irrigation, the human component in the equation can create an issue. For instance:

  • In 2011, two people died when they used well water along with salt for saline irrigation. The water was contaminated with brain eating bacteria that were transported right into the cavities in the skull through the nasal irrigation process.
  • A lot of people get too adventurous with the solution used for nasal irrigation, either adding too much salt or working with water that is too hot or too cold. Then, there are also those who think that simply crushing an antibiotic pill and mixing it with the saline solution will help. Unfortunately, such experiments often end badly.
  • There is no clear indication on the precise amount of salt that ought to be used for maximum effectiveness. Everything from a pinch to a teaspoon has been recommended. Even the scientific community is divided on the matter, prescribing a very broad range of 0.9 to 7%.
  • Too much salt can cause irritation and just increase the inflammation.
  • Finally, let us not forget that hygiene is of prime importance. So, even if everything else is done correctly, a dirty neti pot can send dangerous bacteria and fungus into your body.

With a nasal spray, it is possible to eliminate all of these dangerous lapses. In fact, with the right product that has been packaged as it should be, you can deliver the active ingredients in the right amount and at the right pressure to areas where they are needed the most.

Salt And Water Can Only Take You So Far!

Whether you are using a neti pot or any other contraption for saline irrigation, salt is the key ingredient because plain water simply exacerbates the issue. But, there is a limit to what you can accomplish with good ol’ NaCl. Plus, there is always the risk of overdoing a good thing.

Nasal irrigation is a quick fix not a complete cure. It works well when used for 3-5 days, even when you opt for more than 3 session per day. But, if used too frequently or over the long run, all that rinsing starts causing trouble.

According to a research conducted at Georgetown University, sustained nasal irrigation increases the risk of suffering from recurrent and acute sinusitis by more than 60%.

But then really, what were you expecting? Think about it this way – wash your hands or even your clothes too often and you end up damaging them. So, why would you believe that constant nasal irrigation would not do the same to the insides of your nose?

Undoubtedly, the salt solution does a good job of cleaning out the mucus but it targets the good stuff along with the bad stuff. Yes, there is such a thing as good mucus, which forms an immunological blanket that protects and soothes the structures of the nose. By washing away this protective layer, you essentially switch off your body’s preliminary defense mechanism. And that is what causes the increase in the number of episodes of sinusitis.

Also, let’s not forget that nasal lavage is simply another way to blow the snot out of your nose. So, it offers temporary reprieve from pain and congestion but the saline solution:

  • Does not control or eliminate the infection: Sure it can purge out the allergens but it’s only modestly effective against viral and bacterial infections.
  • Does not tone down the inflammation: Actually, the initial stinging sensation and the irritation caused by frequent rinsing can end up aggravating the inflammation.
  • Does not control the immune response: Even when the allergens are flushed out of the nasal cavity, the histamines will continue to make the mucus membrane work overtime and cause inflammation.

But, L’orpur Nasal and Sinus Spray deals with all of these problems in one fell swoop. Actually, this product can handle way more than that!

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

The L’orpur formula is gentle on the nasal structures and mucus lining, but tough on congestion and germs. It eliminates the infection, soothes the mucosal lining, removes thickened snot, regulates the body’s immune response and offers quick relief from pain. Wondering how one product can do all that?

A Product Is Only As Good As The Ingredients In It!

And boy, do we have a good mix of natural ingredients for you. For those of you who are loyal to their saline solution, yes, we do have non-iodized salt in the spray, but we also have a lot more. Let me tell you how these natural substances work together to heal you:

The three pronged healing mechanism of our proprietary blend of organic plant compounds: No, this isn’t the harsh stuff that dries out the mucus membranes. This propriety blend of 100% plant derived acidic and other compounds has been included to deal with a very specific and nasty problem that comes into the picture as a result of chronic and recurrent sinusitis.

  1. Infection-causing critters make a biofilm to protect themselves and neither salt nor steroids can cut through it. So, they continue to thrive despite treatment. The only way to take them out is to remove the biofilm and the blend of plant acids does exactly that, thus greatly lowering the rate of recurrent infections.
  1. Moreover, the acidic compounds are strong antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial agents. So, the proprietary blend first removes the biofilm and then kills the critters that cause trouble, giving your body the time and space it needs to heal itself.
  1. Finally, the plant compounds help to regulate the body’s immune response, without harming its natural ability to protect itself. So, these natural ingredients will not dry out your nose but they will regulate histamine and prostaglandin activity, which leads to the hyper secretion of mucus and the inflammation of the mucosal lining inside the nostrils and the sinuses. In other words, the blend helps to curb the swelling that causes the block.

Plant glycerin: After all that offensive action, your sinuses direly need some TLC and this comes courtesy of the plant glycerin in the formula. Plant glycerin not only soothes the mucus lining but also limits dehydration of the cells. Plus, it is the velvet glove for the iron fist of the hypertonic salt solution used in the formula. So, while the salt solution scrubs, the glycerin offers immediate soothing, which prevents irritation.

The saline solution base: Instead of an isotonic (low salt concentration) solution, we have used a hypertonic solution in this formula. Some may say that this could cause irritation but the glycerin takes care of that part while you get all the benefits.

  • The first is of course the ability of the high concentration saline solution to melt the mucus plug.
  • The hypertonic solution is also more effective at killing bacteria through a process called osmosis.
  • Finally, combined with the plant acidic compounds that act as a surfactant, the saline solution increases the ciliary beat frequency or the rate at which the tiny hair in the nostrils and sinuses clear the mucus.

So, What Benefits Can You Expect From L’orpur Sinus And Nasal Spray?

  • Prevents: If you frequently suffer from infection of the upper respiratory tract, be it a viral attack like the common cold or the flu or a bacterial infection as is the case with sinusitis, L’orpur Sinus and Nasal Spray will help to keep the germs away from your schnozz.
  • Treats: If you are already dealing with a bad case of sniffles; this spray will offer quick relief from the sinus congestion, soreness and all other symptoms.
  • Cures: With its unique blend of ingredients, L’orpur Nasal and Sinus spray can not only treat all symptoms of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, common cold and the flu but it can also cure the underlying condition.

What Makes L’orpur Nasal And Sinus Spray Different From The Other Products In The Market?

  1. Completely natural: This is a 100% natural product, free of parabens, preservatives, chemical colors and fragrances.
  1. No side effects: Because this is a completely natural product, you will never have side effects.
  1. Can be used long term: You will not develop resistance to this formulation, which is more than what can be said for both steroid and decongestant nasal sprays.
  1. Perfect packaging: The long nozzle on the spritzer cap transports the active ingredients deep into the nostrils.
  1. The right pressure: Because the solution gets squirted deep into the nostrils with just the right pressure, it not only coats the insides of the nose but also reaches the sinuses, without causing damage to the capillaries.
  1. Good for the environment: All the ingredients in this formulation are sourced from farmers and manufacturers, who use environment friendly growing, harvesting and manufacturing practices.
  1. Good for you: The blend of natural ingredients helps to enhance your body’s ability to defend and heal itself.
  1. Vegan: This is a 100% vegan product that has not been tested on animals.
  1. Use it on its own or with your regular meds: Since this is a natural formulation, you don’t have to worry about an adverse reaction when it’s coupled with other forms of treatment.
  1. Works after surgery too: The spray will be just as effective or even more so if you have had a sinus surgery to remove physical obstructions. In fact, the formulation will speed up the healing process.

If you want to do things the hard way, you can wake up each morning with a splitting headache, try to function through the day while you are in abject misery and agony and go to bed with a stuffed up schnozz every day for the next 10-15 days and hope that someday Lady Luck may get generous and end your suffering.

But until then, you will, in all likelihood, have to put up with these torturous episodes every other month. The good news is that there is an easy way out.  Simply use L’orpur Nasal And Sinus Spray and get your life on track within the next couple of hours, so what will it be?

Still not convinced? Let me give you a quick rundown of the symptoms that this spray can tackle in just 2 applications. You know you need the sinus spray if:

  • You frequently suffer from nasal congestion.
  • You have a bad headache to go with your cold.
  • Spring brings along the risk of allergic rhinitis.
  • Your sinuses fare badly in the cold season.
  • Your sinus infections are accompanied by facial pain.
  • You have itchiness in the nose and the eyes.
  • You have ear pain due to nasal or sinus congestion.
  • You have trouble breathing due to nasal congestion.
  • A respiratory infection has impacted your sense of smell.
  • You have redness and tenderness in the area surrounding the nose.
  • You have a fever along with nasal congestion.

All it’s going to take is one squirt in each nostril, twice a day to start running on the road to recovery! Now you have no reason to let those disease causing germs throw your life out of whack. Why live with pain when one swoosh to the right and another to the left can get rid of the lethargy, pain, fatigue and discomfort? Try out the L’orpur Nasal And Sinus Spray today! I know for a fact that it will work and here is how I know it. 

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits


History of L’orpur Nasal And Sinus Spray

He was going to lose his job because of his troubled sinuses!

“Today, I was passed over for a promotion, who knows tomorrow I may even lose my job” he said, sounding dejected and worried.

“Come on honey, you are really good at your work, how can they do something like that?” I asked incredulously, trying to wrap my head around a problem that had erupted out of nowhere.

I could hear the resignation in his voice when he said, “You know I have more missed days at work than anybody else and if I am not around as much as the others, of course, my performance and output are bound to suffer.”

Although begrudgingly, but I had to agree with what he was saying. In the last 3 months, my husband Alexander had called in sick more often than his coworkers. This, I was sure of because we were easily clocking in 2-3 days of missed work each month.

A Healthy Man Brought To His Knees By Sinus Problems, Is That Even Possible?

My husband loves his work, so it’s not like he wasn’t sincere about his job or performance. In fact, he is one of the most committed and hardworking individuals I have ever known. You know, the kind of guy who goes over and above his call of duty and always over-delivers as a matter of both habit and ethics.

Also, he is very health conscious. All the credit for the habit of healthy living and eating in the household, goes to him. He is not suffering from any serious health concerns and is generally in, what I would call, very good health.

I am sure by now you are wondering, if that is the case, what keeps him away from work? Well, for the last few months, all it has taken is a bad case of sniffles to get my hulk of a husband down. Yes, all 6 feet 5 inches of him would turn into a sniveling, tortured mess, all thanks to his sinus problem.

Common cold led to all that trouble!

But, it wasn’t always like this. It all started with an innocuous bout of cold. Since then, his sinuses had really started acting up on him, which was surprising because until then, he never really had a serious issues related to the sinuses or any other respiratory organ.

The cold lasted a few days longer than it generally does but the worst part is that it left quite a dent in its wake. Even after what seemed like a complete recovery, he would come back home every few days with a torturous sinus headache, stuffy nose, facial pain and all the works. In fact, this happened so often that he started over compensating with pills that were prescribed to tackle his tryst with cold.

I will confess here that even though I was and am a vehement supporter of the “no pills unless they are absolutely necessary” approach, my husband was a big fan of the quick fix offered by painkillers and antibiotics. Hence, he reached for pills, all too often, if I may add.

I was wrong and for the first time my natural remedies did not help!

The first 2 weeks when he came back home early, complaining of a stuffy nose and the other symptoms, I pinned it down on his low tolerance for discomfort. By the third week, I began to believe that his symptoms were more psychological than physical.

You know, sort of like panic attacks, which turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy. So, I reckoned that he feared the symptoms of the cold so much that the suffering began in his head long before it actually took hold in his body. And once the mind is compromised, the body is quick to follow, and that is what I felt was happening to him.

It wasn’t easy to get him to try out some of my natural remedies and I still believe that he caved in out of sheer exhaustion and suffering and not because he wanted to. After all, his grey matter had trickled down into his nose at that point, so possibly, he did not have the neurons needed for his repartees.

Humor aside, he did come around when he experienced a marginal improvement in his symptoms after several rounds of essential oil steam inhalation and nasal irrigation with saline water. But to my disappointment and utter surprise, for the first time, my natural remedies were not working as they should have.

In fact, I was pretty darn sure that in a few days, the combination of my EO blends and home treatments would bring his wayward sinuses to heel.  But, that is not the way things turned out! There was some improvement, however he was far from being cured.

The doctor said that neither nasal irrigation nor steam inhalation had worked. But why?

After about 2 months of this, it was my turn to give in and accept that we needed help from an expert. So, we went to our GP who said that the cold had caused significant inflammation of the mucosal lining of the sinuses and this was preventing drainage and causing pain and other symptoms.

After a few tests, the diagnosis was clear and unambiguous – Chronic sinusitis. We also had a confirmation that the problem was not attributed to nasal polyps, deviated septum or any other structural abnormality. So what the doctor was essentially saying was that his sinuses were inflamed for almost 10 weeks and there was no sign of improvement in the swelling, which is why he was suffering from recurring bouts of sinusitis.

I asked him why nasal irrigation, which is one of the few home treatments endorsed by the medical community, had failed to work. His answer was that irrigation only helps to clear the thick, accumulated snot in the nostrils. But, it does nothing to control the auto-immune response that leads to excess mucus secretion.

Also, he said that the saline solution does not reach all the sinus cavities, which means that even after thorough irrigation the choked up feeling can prevail. He added that salt water does not help to curb the inflammation and the swelling, so the nasal congestion continues unabated.

A surgery for a stuffy nose! Are you kidding me?

We were told that prescription antibiotics and painkillers along with antihistamines would be the first course of treatment. Considering both the frequency and the intensity of the symptoms and their impact on normal life, the doctor said that we should give the meds about 10 days and a maximum of one month thereafter to see if things improve.

If all does not go well in that period, then surgery would be one of the options to consider. Now, that sure did knock me for a loop. I mean, whoever gets a surgery done for s stuffy nose, no matter how non-invasive they claim it is. After all, they are going to put you under or at least have you on local anesthetics and they will insert all sort of medical instruments up your nose.

Perhaps, the good doctor is also a mind reader or possibly my incredulity was painted on my face; either way, he gauged that the whole idea of a surgery for a sinus problem was too much for me to swallow.

So to allay my concerns and apprehensions, he said that if a surgery is required, depending on the state of his sinuses at that point, we would have a choice between a regular or functional endoscopy (the inflamed tissue is cut out) and a balloon sinuplasty, (The passageway of the sinuses is stretched with an inflatable device).

The choice was between the devil and the deep blue sea!

It looked bad per say! First, we had to try out prescription strength drugs and wait and watch for a month. Although Alexander was only supposed to be on the meds for 10 days, there is really no minimum safety period when you are dealing with a concoction of antibiotics, antihistamines and painkillers. He could get through the course with no harm suffered or he could end up with side effects like:

  • Gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Severe stomach problems
  • Drowsiness
  • Rash and hives
  • Mood changes
  • Breathing problem and others

If that wasn’t bad enough, we would have to hope for the chemicals to work because if they wouldn’t then surgery would be our only option. Yes, I was told that both procedures were performed under local anesthesia. But, it was a still a surgical procedure that we were talking about, so there would always be the risk of bleeding and infection. In this case, there could also be other problems like:

  • Damage to the ocular structures, which could cause problems with his vision.
  • Damage to the nerves that serve the palate, upper jaw and face.
  • Damage to the septum, which can, in rare cases, lead to meningitis.
  • Impaired healing and prolonged pain.
  • Damage to the sense of smell and taste.
  • Temporary or permanent changes in the voice.

And even if we were to accept all these risks and go for the surgery, there was certainly no guarantee that it would resolve the problem and its symptoms. For instance, there is a possibility that the headaches and even the nasal blockage would persist after the surgery. Actually, a lot of authority websites state that in many cases, more aggressive surgical interventions are needed after the first sinus surgery.

It was all bad news and I needed to see a light at the end of the tunnel!

The first day on the meds gave us an idea of how things would be over the next week and a half. Alexander was drowsy, tired and just not himself. In his own words, he had the mother of all brain fogs and had sat through a very important meeting like a zombie just nodding his head and staring at the white board.

In light of everything that had happened and was happening, our collective anxiety levels had gone right through the roof. I am sure you will agree with me when I say this that losing a job is never easy and getting a new one can be hard, no matter what the state of the economy.

Plus, we all have bills to pay and without the paycheck, the situation can quickly spin out of control. I know it’s hard to believe that a stuffy nose can lead to so much chaos. But, you know how even the smallest of problems, when allowed to germinate, can lead to major trouble? That’s what had happened here.

Anyway, I was worried, but Alexander was beside himself. He had once again missed a target at work. So, he would have to work longer hours, something that he was finding very hard to do in his state. Plus, he felt that he was lagging behind in his personal life as well because he could not attend our daughter’s piano recital and could not coach our son’s tennis squad as he always did.

Now, had it been me in his place, I would not make much of it. But, he is a different. Consequently, we had the toxic combination of anxiety, stress, fatigue and guilt and that can make even the strongest person crumble.

We had hoped that 10 days on the meds would do the trick but we were back to square one once the meds were stopped. All the symptoms, the headache, nasal congestion and others came right back. Although we had a wait period of a month, I could see that Alexander was ready to concede defeat and go in for the surgery. The GP asked us to wait and watch for the next few weeks, which gave me some time to talk to a few naturopaths I knew.

Just salt and steam were not going to cut it this time!

They pretty much confirmed what the GP had said about limited effectiveness of steam inhalation and nasal irrigation. All 3 naturopaths had one thing to say that if you want lasting relief and even a complete cure, you have to add to the benefits of salt water.

Plus, you would need a better delivery system and one that could be used more frequently without the risk of irritating already inflamed sinuses. Four heads sure are better than one and we were willing to put our cumulative knowledge to work here. So first, we drew up a list of what we needed and this is what it looked like:

  • Melt the thick mucus plugs blocking the sinus passageways.
  • Deal with the primary and secondary infection that leads to chronic inflammation.
  • Tone down the body’s auto-immune response that causes the mucus membranes to work overtime.
  • Soothe the inflamed mucus lining of the sinuses.
  • Purge out allergens and germs before they cause trouble.
  • Deal with the microbial film that chronic infections cause.
  • Achieve all the above without altering the blanket of good mucus that protects the inner structures of the nostrils, the sinuses, the throat and even the ears.

After a lot of back and forth and several hours spent on analyzing the benefits of various natural ingredients, we finally had a mix that showed true potential. We whipped up our first batch that was no more than 2 small bottles of a nasal spray.

At that point, Alexander was so desperate for relief that he would have tried anything although he did say that he wasn’t expecting the spray to work. But what do you know, 2 times each day over a period of two days and there was already a distinct improvement. But, I wanted more; I was going for a cure.

So, our band of Mother Nature’s soldiers got back to the cooking table and we tweaked the recipe a bit. We knew which of the ingredients had offered the most profound results and we had a good idea of what had to be added to the recipe to turn it into a PTC master blend (Precaution – Treatment – Cure).

Alexander was not sure why I had bothered to tweak the ingredients, when the spray had yielded the most significant results among all forms of treatment he had tried. But, he did give our new recipe a shot and as expected, it worked even better than the first one.

We had two weeks to go on our wait period of 1 month and Alexander was already back to being his old self; no headaches, no stuffy nose and no facial pain. But, the sore throat did persist. This meant we had more work to do.

From The Nose To The Throat Via The Gums!

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

It was obvious that we had all bases inside the nose covered with our spray but the throat remained a hot bed of infections. As one of my naturopath friends explained. If the throat mucosa is infected, all it takes is a few rounds of exhalation through the nose for the germs to travel right back into the nasal cavity and from there into the sinuses.

After all, the critters do have a warm and welcoming environment inside the nasal cavity and the sinuses. So, it was obvious that in time, the throat pain would once again lead to a sinus infection and all the misery that the two bring along.

Why just a throat infection; even a gum infection can eventually travel up to the nose and the sinuses. It is, after all, one bony and fleshy mass – the head – that holds all of these organs and structures. So, how hard can it be for these germs to travel a few inches and create trouble in other areas?

But, we could not very well use our nasal spray for the throat and the mouth as well. A few brain storming sessions down the line, we decided that we also needed a throat/gum spray that would work as an adjunct to the nasal and sinus spray and eliminate the infection completely.

After some more blending and cooking, we had our soothing throat and gum spray ready. Alexander was only too happy to try out this new spray as well and it worked just as expected. About a month down the line, his sinus troubles had finally walked out of his body and life. I know that made you smile; a happy ending as expected. I am such a sucker for them.

I believe, and I am sure you will agree with me on this, life isn’t one long fairy tale but a collection of many, many short stories, and you can never have too many happy endings. In fact, the more happy endings you have, the better! I am glad that this saga ended well for us.

However, once my troubles had been tackled, I thought why keep the happy ending just to myself? Why not share it with others? And it is this thought that led me to offer both the nasal spray and the soothing throat spray to my friends. The concoctions got used for everything from common cold to allergic rhinitis and from chronic sinusitis to smoking related ENT issues. The sprays came through each time and that is when I decided to offer them to my readers.

The Throat And Gum Spray That Worked Just As We Had Hoped!

When we started formulating the throat and gum spray, we were going for very specific effects and benefits. For instance, the blend would have to be:

  • Anti-microbial: This was the first goal; not only did we want the spray to deal the harmful germs that were already present in the mouth and the throat but we also wanted our ingredients to offer protection against incoming microorganisms.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Inflammation creeps in the moment your immune system detects an intruder. And, it’s this inflammation that causes the pain, swelling, redness, itching and hyper secretion of mucus in the throat (phlegm) and in the nose (snot). We wanted the throat spray to calm the immune response without hampering the body’s natural ability to deal with germs.
  • Analgesic: Whether it’s an allergy, an infection or a lesion, pain does become a part of equation at some point. Unfortunately, pain work at both the physical and mental level, greatly increasing stress and anxiety. So, of course we wanted the spray to be very effective against pain.
  • Tonic: We also wanted a blend that would tone the cells of the mucous lining in the mouth and the throat and keep them healthy.
  • Increase salivation: Finally, we were looking for a combination that would not negatively impact the secretion of saliva. If anything, we wanted a mix of ingredients that increases salivation because saliva is crucial for dental and oral health.

And along with all of that, my team and I wanted to create a product that would act in conjunction not only with L’orpur Nasal And Sinus Spray but with any other throat and dental health and hygiene product. Instead of going for a long list of ingredients, each of which would only offer modest benefits, we zeroed in on two plants that cover all the above and more.

The Ingredients Will Do The Talking Here!

These two fruits can be found in almost every kitchen; yes, I am talking about oranges and lemons. We grossly underestimate their therapeutic benefits. These fruits and their plants (leaves and flowers) offer so much more than just the tangy breakfast beverage that we all love. Let me tell you how organic compounds and natural bioactive complexes derived from Citrus Medica Limonum and Citrus Aurantium Dulcis give the L’orpur Throat And Gum Spray its extraordinary ability to heal.

  • All citrus fruits, and particularly lemon and sweet orange, are rich in phytochemicals that can fight off all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungus and viruses.
  • Extracts derived from these plants contain natural polysaccharide mucilage that is not only a potent antioxidant but also an effective soothing and healing agent.
  • Moreover, the bioactive compounds derived from oranges and lemons have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Unlike a lot of chemical substances, these phytocompounds help to maintain the pH of the mouth, which is integral for oral, dental, gum and throat health.
  • These bioactive complexes are potent analgesic agents that work against pain caused by inflammation as well as lesions.
  • These extracts work as natural surfactants and remove the hazardous biofilm generated by the bacteria living in the mouth and the throat, without altering the immune chemistry of the nose, throat or the mouth.

So, we mixed these bioactive ingredients with distilled water to give you a 100% natural product that soothes, protects and heals.

How Is The L’orpur Throat And Gum Spray Different From Regular Mouth Sprays?

The goodness of nature in every drop: For starters, this is natural product, so you don’t have to worry about putting artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and parabens into your body. More often than not, these chemicals neutralize the benefits that you stand to get from the other ingredients. But, everything in L’orpur’s Throat & Gum Spray comes from nature. So, you never have to worry about allergies, adverse reactions or harmful side effects.

No sugar: Unlike most other mouth and throat sprays, this product does not contain sugar or even sugar substitutes. Turns out, we humans are not the only species with a sweet tooth. Yes, the bacteria in your mouth love the white stuff too. So, by spraying a sugary syrup in your mouth, you will simply give them more energy to thrive and reproduce.

No alcohol: Because the formula does not contain alcohol, it does not sting like other oral hygiene and health products. Yet, you get all the antibacterial benefits of alcohol from the botanical compounds in the formulation.

No acids: In a bid to deal with infection-causing germs, manufacturers often add acidic ingredients to the mix. This acid harms your teeth and gums. In contrast, the L’orpur spray contains ingredients that create a more alkaline environment, which significantly improves the health of your gums and your teeth.

No staining ingredients: There is absolutely nothing in this formula that will dull the shine of your pearly whites.

An environment and animal friendly product: Like all our other products, the ingredients of the spray have been sourced from organic producers and manufacturers. Also, we are a cruelty free company, so neither this spray nor any of our other products have ever been tested on animals.

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil BenefitsL'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits 

What Can You Expect Once You Start Using L’orpur Soothing Throat & Gum Spray?

  • Relief from gum pain.
  • Help against bleeding gums.
  • Relief from throat itchiness.
  • Quick healing of mouth ulcers.
  • Speedy healing of sore throat.
  • Regulation of mucus secreted in the throat.
  • Reprieve from palate pain caused by sinusitis.

The Soothing Throat and Gum Spray not only helps to treat the symptoms of throat, nose, sinus and gum infections but also acts to prevent common viral ailments like the flu and the cold. The formulation lends support to your body’s natural defense mechanism, which can prove particularly useful for those with compromised immune systems.

Who Should Use L’orpur Throat & Gum Spray?

Higher eosinophilia count: If you often experience slight coughing with phlegm expulsion, you may have a higher than normal eosinophilia count. These cells are your body’s defenders but when your immune system goes into overdrive, an excess of these cells leads to inflammation and greater mucus secretion.

Sinusitis: A primary viral infection followed by a secondary bacterial infection can cause acute sinusitis. The fluid accumulation in the sinus cavities leads to pain in the gums and the palate. The infection may even travel down to the throat. The Soothing Throat and Gum Spray can help with all of these issues.

Allergic rhinitis: If you frequently suffer from dust and/or pollen allergies, which cause nasal congestion and other symptoms of chronic sinusitis, this spray will help to keep the inflammation of the respiratory tract in check.

Smokers: If you smoke and suffer from tobacco-use related throat inflammation and pain, this spray can help to ease the discomfort.

Mouth ulcers: The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the active ingredients in the spray can help with all types of mouth ulcers and lesions. The formulation prevents secondary infection and reduces healing time.

Bleeding gums: The botanicals in the spray improve gum and oral health, preventing bacteria from harming the gum tissue. Also, the citrus compounds provide an astringent effect that tightens the gums

Canker sores: These painful lesions can make it hard to talk, eat and swallow. But with the L’orpur’s Soothing Throat and Gum Spray, the pain ebbs away in just 2 -3 applications.

Bad breath: If halitosis is killing your social life, here is a simple way to kill it right back. You won’t get the minty fragrance or feel, but the citrus compounds smell fantastic and are even more effective at killing the critters that cause bad breath. Plus, the citrusy aroma will instantly lift your mood.

Cough and bronchitis: Chronic and acute bronchitis as well as regular cough cause a significant amount of tissue damage and inflammation in throat. This soothing spray will help to relieve the prickly pain and will enhance overall immunity.  

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

 L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

Sinusitis Relief And Super Savings! How Is That For A Deal?

Yes, for a limited period, you can save more than 10% on both these products. Normally, these sprays cost $24.95 each. So, you’d pay a combined price of $49.90.

But if you order right now, you can save more than 20% on your purchase. For the next few weeks, you can buy this combo pack for just $39.

No more pills with dangerous side effects, no more messy saline irrigation, all you need are these two travelled-sized spray bottles to push all types of nasal and sinus infections out of your life. The Nasal Spray and the Throat Spray are both 100% natural and environment friendly products that can be used by people of all ages.

Whether you are suffering from an ailment that stops you from using certain types of drugs or are currently using medication that easily reacts with other chemicals, you can still use these sprays safely.

Suffer no more but save more!

Because I am so sure that both these products will distinctly improve your quality of life, I really want you to experience the healing benefits of the Nasal and the Throat Sprays first hand. So, for the next few weeks, I am going to help you to save more.

If you are within the US, you get free shipping on this combo offer, which will save you another $6.

Do not miss out on this Super Saver offer. The discount and the free shipping put together, gives you savings of almost $17 on the original cost.

You pay 20% less but get 200% more benefits. No more living with pain; no more compromising on your personal and professional commitments, no more stuffy nose! I’d say that’s one helluva deal for the bargain price of $39.

That’s $39 that you pay to deal with all the symptoms of sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, common cold, flu and all types of infections of the upper respiratory tract. Now, is that a super value offer or what?

Above all, you will finally have a treatment system that has been tailored specifically to prevent, treat and cure sinusitis. One combo pack will easily last you for 2 months, which means you spend just $19.50 each month to keep your schnozz happy, healthy and breathing freely.

Go ahead and compare that with the $300 or more that you would pay for prescription drugs and sprays. And after all that, you end up with temporary relief and loads of side effects.

But these products, my friends, are natural. We have combined cutting edge research that pharmaceutical companies are yet to use with our in depth understanding of natural ingredients to bring you formulations that work well and work over the long term. So, spray the misery of sinusitis away from your life once in for all!

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

L'orpur Nasal & Sinus Spray and Soothing Throat & Gum Spray Essential Oil Benefits

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