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Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin

You Asked For It…I Listened, And Now It’s Here!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil BenefitsOver the last few months, I received so many compliments of my first eBook The Miracle ‘All-In-One’ eBook To Reduce Wrinkles & Rejuvenate Skin Using Essential Oils! For Oily & Combination Skin!  and so many requests for advice about dry and sensitive skin that I thought it would be unfair to keep this information all to myself.

I have embarked on a special journey and worked tirelessly to write my much anticipated second eBook (90 pages long!) which will affect all of us who have dry/sensitive skin. That is how my second ebook:

“From Dry / Sensitive Skin To Flawless And Glowing Skin With Nature’s Very Own: Essential Oils For Dry & Sensitive Skin”

was born.

Some highlights of what my ebook contains are provided below, especially for readers who have not read my first ebook or don’t have time to read all the information in this article:

  • A listing of all the age-related issues faced by women with dry and sensitive skin.
  • In-depth explanation of how essential oils and carrier oils can be used for people with dry / sensitive skincare.
  • Extensive Recipes for cleansing, exfoliating, toning, anti-aging, moisturizing.
  • Easy to follow instructions and precise quantities of all ingredients are listed.
  • Emergency Treatments for dry skin.
  • Make your essential oils and carrier oils work harder for you.
  • And much more on skincare!

Yes, now everyone understands why the ebook is 90 pages!

Why Did I Write This Ebook?

Take a look at what some of my followers had to say:

Vanessa from Minneapolis (April 2016)**

Hi Olivia, my friend bought your eBook on essential oil recipes for oily and combination skin and I was wondering if you have any plans to write something similar but specifically for people with dry skin. To call my skin dry would be an understatement and to say that popular products have done nothing for me would be an even bigger understatement.

Many women I know have tried essential oils to treat various skin conditions, so I feel that these oils may also be able to help me. But, I don’t want to make any mistakes and end up in a situation that is worse than what I started with, so plz do consider writing a book especially for people like me. I know I will certainly be buying that book. Thanks

Myrna from Texas (May 2016) **

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday! That is my skin calling out to you in distress Olivia and I do hope you heed to the call. I have been an avid reader of your website and I know you have an eBook out for ladies with oily skin but why leave us girls with dry skin out when we have twice as many skin problems?

OK, so I don’t have pimples to deal with but I feel my dry skin, patchy complexion, itchy face, the occasional allergy flare-ups and wrinkles are worse than a few zits here and there. And, yes I do suffer from intermittent acne attacks, particularly when I try to pamper my skin with those infomercial products. I have read the reviews of your other eBook and can’t wait to get my hands on a guide that is written just for my type of skin. You owe it to all us dry skin gals out there who also happen to be your fans!

Susan C (June 2016)**

Olivia, Hello. I wanted to purchase your book, but I don’t know if it is what I need. I am 65 with dry, sensitive skin.  I still get acne if I use a lot of the commercial anti-ageing creams on the market. Sunscreen always breaks my skin out.  If I use Vitamin C serums or Retinol A prescription, my skin gets very irritated and dried out.  I really need some guidance.  I recently used a 20% Vitamin C serum and it is the 2nd week and my skin is so dried out. I put almond oil as well as jojoba oil on my face and still super dry.  Even though I did not put it under my eyes, it must have worked its way up to under my eyes.  My under eyes look really dry and wrinkled. Thank heaven for sun glasses. I really need your experienced knowledge to help my skin.

Jaeden (July 2016)**

Hi Olivia!!!

Your site is fantastic!!  I’m a new convert and dying to try some of your recipes. Have been using little more than honey face wash, oatmeal scrub, apple cider vinegar toner, and the occasional pumpkin/honey mask.  So excited to try more…especially on my eyes!

Can’t wait for the dry skin book to come out!!  Hugs, Jaeden

**Some words have been edited for correct spelling and grammar

And, those were just four of the several dozen similar messages that I received from my readers and subscribers. I always had oily skin and thought that the grass must be greener on the other side but those mails told a completely different story.

If you are baffled by the ineffectiveness of popular skin care products for dry skin, you are certainly not the only one!

My name is Olivia Spencer and what I am about to tell you will forever change the way in which you treat your skin dryness. In fact, once you read through this controversial presentation, I guarantee that you will never again buy an Over-The-Counter (OTC) moisturizer or anti-ageing preparation to treat your dermal concerns.

But first, let me warn you in advance about the false propaganda being fueled by multinational cosmetic and skin care product makers. These companies want to convince you that the only way to treat skin dryness is by using their cleansers and moisturizers.

The reality is this – Popular skin care products do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to control or cure skin dryness and sensitivity!

These product manufacturers deliberately shoot down all attempts to get the truth about the effectiveness of natural products out in the open. They spend millions upon millions to fund studies that praise the ingredients they use in their skin care products.

In contrast, they make sure that the few studies, which highlight the stunning results that you can achieve by using 100% natural, safe and organic ingredients, never see the light of the day. They also go out of their way to ensure that the results of such studies get buried under the lofty claims they make about the popular anti-ageing and moisturizing ingredients they use.

But, truth needs no explanation or defense!

If you have ever used a popular dry skin cleanser, serum or moisturizer, you probably know firsthand about the short life of the dismal results they offer. And, believe me when I say this – you are certainly not the only one who is disappointed by the results of these products.

All the above tales of the horrors of flaky, itchy and dry skin compelled me on to launch my very own investigation into popular products for dry skin.

Why Are Products Meant For Dry Skin So Utterly Useless?

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits


And, what I discovered shocked me and it will shock you too.

Regardless of the manufacturers, most skin care products in the market have a common set of ingredients and problems. The most startling fact is that the ingredients in these products are actually causing the very issues they claim to solve. You don’t have to take my word on this- take a look at what your favorite products contain and the issues that they do not address.

Use the wrong emollients

Petroleum jelly and mineral oil seem to be the absolute favorites because they happen to be incredibly cheap and on the surface they quickly offer a lot of oiliness and sheen, which creates the illusion of hydration. But, dig deeper and you will find that petroleum based emollients prevent your skin from breathing and flushing out toxins. They also clog pores, which encourages the growth of acne causing bacteria. Talk about adding to your skin troubles!

Indiscriminate use of humectants

Humectants like glycerin and even the famed hyaluronic acid are a part of every second anti-ageing and moisturizing product available today. When used with the right mix of ingredients for a short period, they can help a bit. However, continue applying these substances on your face day in and day out and your skin will lose whatever remaining moisture it has. Remember, these compounds are hydrophilic, which means that if they don’t absorb water from the environment, they will draw it out of the deeper dermal layers. Since dry skin cells have very little water to spare as it is, imagine what the indiscriminate and long term use of humectants can do to them.

No restoration of skin barrier

Despite a long list of ingredients, these products do not restore the moisture and lipid levels in the natural barrier of the skin. At best, they leave people with the tell-tale grease pan face.

Do not increase the output of natural skin oil and moisture

The sebaceous and sweat glands play a vital role in keeping the skin hydrated, moisturized and protected. As you may have guessed, if you have dry skin, these glands are not working as they should. But, don’t expect your moisturizer or skin serum to spur these glands into action. On the contrary, some of the ingredients actually block the pores and prevent the sebum (natural oil) and even sweat (natural moisture) from getting to the surface of the skin.

Use ingredients that dry the skin further

Pick up any anti-ageing product randomly and you will find a myriad of acidic ingredients in it. From retinol (retinoic acid) to the ever popular alpha and beta-hydroxy acids,which are all touted as skin saviors, have one thing in common- they are all acidic compounds.I agree that they do work on certain skin types when used in the right mix of ingredients and are known to slough off dead skin cells.

But when it comes to dry skin, they create more issues than they solve. For starters, all acidic compounds will cause increased dermal dryness. Plus, the exfoliating action of these substances can make the skin thinner and more susceptible to sensitivity. If that’s not enough, they simply add to dermal inflammation, which is one of the two primary causes of skin ageing.

Do not treat or slow down skin ageing

A close scrutiny of the advertisements of popular skin care formulations for dry skin reveals two things. The first is that they are exclusively aimed at creating an oily and slick surface. The makers of these products pay little attention to skin ageing and its overt signs. If that is not enough, they constantly harp about how exfoliating is the only key to a flawless glowing and age proof skin.

Although exfoliating is a crucial step in the skin care regime, it is far from being the only thing that you need to keep your skin healthy and young. What about age spots that are linked to sun damage and hormonal changes? What about fine lines and wrinkles that have more to do with a reduction in collagen and elastin levels than the dead skin cells on the surface? But, these issues are just swept under the carpet. The makers of these products are expecting you to simply buy into their marketing claims and not even notice the actual damage that is being heaped on your skin.

Rely on the use of one or two antioxidants

Although there are several powerful antioxidants in nature, there is no one substance that does it all. In fact, regardless of whether antioxidants are being used on the face or being taken internally, a mix of compounds will yield better results than just one or two popular substances.

However, using several antioxidants in one formulation will send the cost of production soaring and lower the profit margin. So, manufacturers will have you believe that just Vitamin C or algae extract or resveratrol alone is enough to keep oxidative damage away. But, this is a blatant lie! Unfortunately, you only discover the effects of this lie after using their product for several months

Use of chemical colors, preservatives and fragrances

Finally, the inclusion of chemical preservatives, colors and fragrances poses a bigger issue for people with dry skin than those with other skin types. Remember dry skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to allergic reactions.

My Second Essential Oils Skincare Recipes eBook

Can This eBook Help You?

Before writing this eBook, I spent a lot of time studying the physiology of dermal dryness and the crux of all my learning was this – there is no such thing as “uniform dry skin”. This again is one of the reasons for the failure of most popular skin care products. They simply assume that skin dryness is the same every time and for everybody.

The truth is that dermal dryness not only varies from person to person but the extent of the condition also differs greatly based on climate, age and hormone levels. And this understanding formed the cornerstone of this guide and is the reason why this eBook will work for just about everybody.

Here Is How This eBook Will Help You?

You will learn about your skin: For starters, you will find out just how bad your dermal dryness is with simple tests that offer accurate results.

You will know how you are contributing to your skin dryness: The next step in the process is to understand how you inevitably end up causing and exacerbating your dermal dryness. Once you know where you are going wrong, it is easy to play it safe and keep your skin protected.

You will learn about using oils for skin care: Before you go to the part where you start making your own blends, you will learn about how to purchase store and use carrier and essential oils.

You will know about the healing effects of plant extracts and oils: The guide includes a list of essential and carrier oils with a concise explanation of their beneficial properties and how and why they should be used to fight skin dryness and skin ageing.

You will get easy recipes for skin care formulations: The recipes in this eBook are a simple mix of essential and base oils. It barely takes 10-15 minutes to whip up these formulations, but they are more effective than most OTC products.

You will be able to create a skin care regimen for your skin type: The guide offers a step by step explanation on how to care for your skin.

You will know how to deal with specific skin issues: You will also find recipes in the eBook that are meant to sort out specific skin issues like under eye dark circles, rash and dermatitis.

When you have tried all else, you can always count on Mother Nature to help you out with your skin concerns including dermal dryness. The inclusion of base oils such as those of wheat germ, rice bran, jojoba and evening primrose as well as popular essential oils like lavender and rose in commercial skin care formulas is a testament to the fact that these natural ingredients deliver stupendous skin care results.

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to reverse your dry / sensitive skin as well as start your journey to anti-ageing program right now and make your friends jealous! Special price of US$19 for the 90-page eBook! Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

Actually, Essentials Oils Are THE Solution To All Your Skin Problems!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

Why you ask? Apart from the fact that they are 100% natural, they also offer all around skin care benefits. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is no skin care issue that cannot be handled with the right mix of essential and carrier oils. Among the plethora of benefits that you can expect from these natural herbal extracts are:

Heal the skin: From moderately dry skin to a face that is ravaged by eczema and rosacea, essential oils can heal just about every skin ailment imaginable, including those that cause scars and oozing rash such as dermatitis and acne.

Anti-inflammatory: Chronic inflammation is a leading cause of skin ageing and essential oil blends are very effective in toning down inflammation and regulating the immune response of the body to allergens.

Restore the lipid barrier: Together base and essential oils restore the lipid barrier of the skin structurally and functionally. This means that your skin gets greater natural protection from the elements.

Stimulate the sebaceous glands: Unlike commercial products, essential oils can actually spur the sebum and sweat producing glands into action, thus increasing the hydration level of the dermal layers.

Increase blood circulation: The active compounds in essential oils draw a greater amount of blood to the surface of the skin. This means that the skin cells get more oxygen and nutrients.

Strengthen blood vessels: Essential oils are known to strengthen the blood vessels and prevent capillaries from hemorrhaging. Moreover, these herbal extracts also release clots in the arteries and veins

Tighten the skin: The combination of the right base and essential oils helps to plump up the skin cells; this in turn makes the skin visibly tighter.

Tone the dermal layers: The effect of essential oil blends goes well beyond the dermis as the base oils carry the phytocompounds from these plants extracts all the way into the dermis. So, these oils not only tone the uppermost layer of the skin but also strengthen the dermis, which lends support to the superficial skin layers.

Detoxify the skin: Essential oils draw out the toxins from the skin cells, which keeps them healthy and increases their lifespan. When the dermal cells are healthy, growth matter circulates freely in between the dermal layers, leading to faster cell regeneration.

Strengthen cellular walls: The phytochemicals in essential oils strengthen the walls of the skin cells, which prevents the loss of moisture from the cells and makes them resilient to environmental factors.

Prevent transepidermal moisture loss: Because base and essential oils make the skin’s lipid barrier stronger, they directly help to prevent the loss of moisture from the skin cells.

Increase the production of collagen and elastin: Some of the essential and carrier oils have the ability to impact the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis. These proteins support the upper layer of the skin and give your face a youthful appearance.

Erase hyperpigmentation: Without the use of harsh exfoliants and bleaching agents, essential oils can erase hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure as well as hormonal changes and acne.

Antiseptic and anti-microbial: Because the majority of essential oils have strong antibacterial properties, you never have to worry about acne when using essential oil blends.

Prevent oxidative damage: Last but not the least is the fact that you won’t find the antioxidant value offered by essential and carrier oils in any man-made ingredient. Because the recipes in this eBook use several different essential and carrier oils, you get 360 degree antioxidant cover that battles sun damage and free radicals.

If you have always wanted to use essential oils to heal and pamper your skin, this book will prove to be the ideal product for you. It is informative and has an intuitive layout that answers all the questions and doubts that you will have along the way as you mix your first few blends.

Let me reveal all these secrets to you, so that you look young again and beautiful for years to come. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to buy the 90-page eBook for the special price of US$19!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

This ebook is an in-depth guide on skin care for dry and sensitive skin, which will be perfect for you if:

  • You want all natural solutions to treat and cure dermal dryness.
  • You want to battle prevailing signs of skin damage such as wrinkles and dull complexion.
  • You are dealing with dry skin acne and scars left behind by bouts of zits.
  • You want a long term solution for your skin dryness.
  • You want conspicuous improvement in the texture of your skin.
  • You want to keep wrinkles and fine lines away.
  • You have sensitive skin and want natural skin care products that do not cause allergic reactions.
  • You want a potent mix of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that will prevent skin damage under all circumstances.
  • You want to reduce your dependence on commercial skin care products.
  • You want an affordable solution for your skin issues.

Most people who start using essential oil blends never go back to commercial formulations simply because these natural preparations are so effective. Do not for a moment think that because the ingredients in these blends are all natural, you will have to wait for months to see the results.

Yes, essential oil blends are a long term treatment that not only cure current skin concerns but also prevent the onset of dermal issues that come into the picture as you age. But, the impact of using these oils on your skin can be seen within days.

What Can You Expect From The Recipes In This eBook?

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

Short term results: The most striking benefit of using the essential oil blends from this eBook is almost immediate relief from skin flaking, redness and dryness. Within a few days of using these formulations, your skin will start looking healthier and well moisturized.

Midterm results: Your complexion will get clearer and scars will fade away. Also, essentials oils are remarkably effective against skin sagging and wrinkles. It takes about 3-6 months of use to see visible results against all signs of skin ageing.

Long term results: The biggest benefit of using essential oil recipes is that the results are sustained and long term. With continuous use, you can actually delay skin ageing by as much as a decade or even more.

Imagine looking better than you did at 40 when you just a few months away from your 60th birthday!

No exaggeration here; that is really how effective essential oils are. After all, you should never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Nobody and nothing can heal and soothe the way she can!

Looking For More Reasons To Buy This eBook?

Great Savings: Depending on the creams and lotions you buy for dry and sensitive skin, you can easily spend $300 or more every two months just on skincare products. For that much money, you can get enough essential oils and carrier oils to last you for one to two years to deal with your dry / sensitive skin issues. At $300 every 3 months, we are talking about savings of $2,100 over a 24-month period!

Results like never before: Even when they offer free samples, most commercial skincare product makers ask you to try their products for at least four weeks to see results. But, these essential oils blends are so potent that you will see your skin improving day after day. In fact, by the first week, you will see noticeable improvement in your dry skin and all signs of ageing.

Products that can be used for as long as you like: Despite the use of chemical preservatives, once opened, commercial anti-ageing preparations begin to degrade fast. Manufacturers often use artificial colors and fragrances to mask this degradation.

But, with natural essential oil blends, you can make fresh batches as and when needed. So, the ingredients retain their potency and create the precise effect that you are going for. This means that you can whip up a batch every 3-6 months and get peak potency from your blends at a truly affordable price.

Recipes optimized to suit your skin type:  Skincare products in the market come with two tags: normal to oily and sensitive to dry. Most of these products either dry your skin or leave it too slick, opening up a whole new “can of worms”. However, the essential oil recipes in this book are especially meant to handle the problems of people with dry and sensitive skin.

This means that within 10 days of using the skincare recipes, you will have a brighter, well-moisturized, healthy and smooth complexion on your face. No more dryness!

Increase the amount of certain oils to battle specific skin issues: If a certain skin issue is more intense than the other, you can simply increase the quantity of the oils that are used to handle that specific skin problem while removing or reducing the quantity of another essential oil if need be or increasing the amount of carrier oil used. Not only will you find recipes for dry and sensitive skin as well as anti-ageing blends in this guide, but also you will learn the precise science of mixing essential and carrier oils for maximum efficiency. 

Treat the skin from the inside out and the outside in: Use the most expensive commercial products, including those that contain the most talked about anti-ageing compounds such as Retinol and Hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C and you are still only dealing with age-related issues on the surface.

But, with essential oils, you will fortify the deeper dermal layers and tone the muscles that support the collagen fibers and the skin. What’s more, the antioxidant effect of the phytochemicals in the essential oils is carried deep into the skin cells, which means you get greater and stronger protection from free radical damage.

Your skin doctor at home: It’s not just pimples, wrinkles and age spots that these essential oil preparations battle but also other skin concerns. From rosacea to eczema and from dermatitis to acne, these essential oils can handle them all and more. The biggest advantage of using all natural blends is that you can use them safely and effectively with skincare gadgets such as light therapy devices, micro-needling rollers and vibrating massagers.

Lower your dependence on makeup: Who needs makeup when you have flawless skin? Within a few weeks of using the essential oil recipes in this guide, you will be able to combat the dryness of your skin and tone down your use of concealer, foundation and even your blush.

If  you’re ready to fight back against the effects of ageing and look young and vital as you feel deep down inside, click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to buy the 90-page eBook for the special price of US$19!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Dry And Sensitive Skin Essential Oil Benefits

So, what are you waiting for!

Simply head to our secure checkout page, where you are going to fill in your information to claim your copy of the eBook. Once you check out, you’ll see the instant access download page.

The eBook will be emailed in a PDF version, so you can read it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or print it out and read it anywhere.

Rating: 5


Monday 24th of April 2017

So many things to learn. I'll buy this book soon.


Tuesday 25th of April 2017

Hi Roxana,

Indeed, the journey of essential oils is a steep learning curve, just take your time and go through material at your own pace.

Thanks in advance for your trust, I am sure you'll fall in love with the ebook, it has over 90 pages of beautiful content.

Regards, Olivia


Saturday 4th of March 2017

Question from CK:

Hello Olivia,

I have made all of the wonderful recipes for morning and night (mature skin) in your "Dry/senstitve Skin Book" had a little trouble at first getting everything made and proper containers etc, now I am into a routine and I am not feeling overwhelmed anymore, I am loving the results even though it has been only about a week with consistent using morning and night. I love the eye cream.

I will add a comment on your website after I have been using for about 4-6 weeks!

I am writing today hoping that you have a recipe or suggestion for hair loss for my husband and thinning for myself. I would prefer something that I can make at home rather than buying a finished product.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful recipes and I LOVE my book (dry/sensitive skin).

Olivia's Response: You are very welcome. Thanks a lot for your positive feedback and updates. I am really looking forward to your comment as well.

Can you please check the article below and let me know if you are happy with one of the recipes. If not, let me know what exactly you are after and I will provide another one.




Monday 23rd of January 2017

I absolutley love this ebook, the details in this how carrier oil should be used are very clear, simple and extremley helpful. I highly recommend getting this ebook.


Tuesday 24th of January 2017

Hi Nicky,

Thank you, appreciate your feedback.

Regards, Olivia


Monday 23rd of January 2017

Question from JC:

Now that I have received my first batch of oils please tell me how to care for them. I know that they should be kept in dark bottles in a cool place but are there any that benefit by being kept in the fridge. How long will the benefits of pomegranate and carrot seed oil last once the bottle has been opened. Somewhere I think I read that rosehip oil goes rancid? Please help me out and advise me. May thanks. Oh by the way, I was impressed with your efficiency once I'd placed my order and the promptness of delivery. Great. Thanks.

Olivia's Response:

You are on the right track: The essential oils should already be in dark glass bottles. You should keep them in a cool place, i.e. not exposed to extreme heat. Pomegranate and carrot seed have a shelf life of around 1 year, whereas rosehip seed about 6 months. You can keep them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life.


Sunday 22nd of January 2017

Question from CK:

I have begun making recipes from your book and I am having difficulty locating Enchinacea Essential Oil - where would you suggest finding this product or an equal substitute for it please? I am also having difficulty with Grapefruit Seed Extract - is there a substitution for that one? Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply.

Olivia's Response:

Sure. You can get Echinacea extract and grapefruit seed extract from the links below:

Echinacea extract Link 1

Echinacea extract Link 2