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Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits

My name is Olivia Spencer. I am 48 years old and what I am about to tell you will change the way you see and treat your skin forever!

Like any other woman about to enter the fifth decade of her life, I was facing the whole array of skin aging signs and was not too happy about it. After all, I was using skincare products since I was in my early twenties.

My goal was simple; I did not want my skin, particularly the skin on my face, to age at the same rate as my body. Of course, I was under no fallacy that the tight, taut skin of my twenties would stay intact forever.

But I wanted to delay the more obvious signs of aging as long as I could and that is what started a hopeless cycle of trying and discarding almost all popular creams and serums in the market. And, after spending thousands of dollars on skincare products, this is what I learnt.

My Lessons Learnt On Skincare Products

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits

Those 20’s are truly terrific:

Between 20 and 25 years old, your skin looks amazing no matter what you do or don’t do. So, you could pick any product randomly, apply it a few times and your skin glows with health. But here is the devastating reality: The product is not doing anything for you! It is your skin’s natural mechanism, which is running at peak power.

The hard hitting truth is that the dewy, young skin, which has got nothing to do with the cream or lotion you are using, lulls you into thinking that you have indeed found the fountain of youth. However, under the surface and unbeknownst to you, your skin continues to get damaged!

The tail end of the 20’s signals the start of trouble:

After my 28th birthday, I could see that my trusty moisturizer had betrayed me. The fine lines, a few dark spots at the corner of my eyes and dull, flaky patches were all testaments of how I had been deceived. The fine smile lines I could see were no more than an inch in length and certainly not very deep, but they were enough to send me into panic mode.

I reacted the way any thirty year old would and picked up the most expensive creams and cleansers in the market. And, what did they do? Some made my skin so dry that the flaking was clearly visible, while others made my face so oily that I would wake up to a pimple or two every other day.

I was stumped about the effect of these expensive products. After all, reputable manufacturers were claiming miraculous results, but I could see none of the promised benefits on my skin.

As somebody who was used to flaunting a blemish free complexion, dealing with the pimples and the scars they left was of utmost importance. In fact, I was so spooked that I even consulted a dermatologist and got some prescription stuff that would prevent the breakouts.

Oh those terrible 30’s:

By my 32nd birthday, the acne had calmed down, but my skin was incredibly dry, which meant that the fine lines just seemed deeper. But, I continued using the most non-oily skincare products that I could find. Was I happy with their performance? Hell, NO! But something was better than nothing! At least it made me feel good that I was trying.

The frightening 40’s:

But, after a decade of going through the ‘so called’ best selling creams and serums, I could not bring myself to look at my aging skin in the mirror. All those fine lines had now turned into wrinkles. I had them around my jaw, on my forehead and around my eyes.

The hyper pigmentation, the sagging skin, the under eye bags and shadows, the enlarged pores and the black and white heads were all there. The products that I had been using in my thirties had stopped offering even the dismal results that I had come to expect from them. It was like my skin was calling out for help and I could do NOTHING about it.

My Moment Of Truth – Skincare Products Do Not Suit My Skin Type

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits

I had my “wake up and smell the coffee” moment when I accompanied my mother to an event and one of her new found friends commented, “Wow, Mary I am so happy you got your sister along”. My mom sheepishly replied, “err…that is my daughter”. I got to give it to her friend, she did make an attempt to wiggle out of the situation.

She held my hand kindly and said, “Don’t mind me dear, it is just that Mary looks so young for her age” and all I could do was nod and smile tightly. But, what lingered in my head was what she did not say was “you look as old as your mother and she only has about 20 years over you!”

That night, I wished I had kept all the money I spent on skincare products in a bank account. I bet I could go to the best plastic surgeon in town with those savings. I was disappointed and depressed. I had absolutely nothing to show for two decades of diligently using the best skincare products.

And, yes for the record, I did see a cosmetic surgeon who explained a number of super expensive options to me. Botox and the non-surgical facelift were right there on top and I came dangerously close to succumbing to their lure.

What stopped me was a simple realization that freezing the muscles in my face is not going to cure me of skin aging and botox would not help me with my dull complexion, hyper pigmentation or large pores, so what was the point?

The only take away from my dermatologist visit was the accurate diagnosis about my skin type. I always thought I had oily skin and why not, I was using all those creams and lotions. But, apparently I had combination skin and for a few months of the year dry skin as well.

I checked every product and there was nothing out there for combination skin, which meant I would either have to give up and live with the escalating skin damage or resort to one invasive procedure after another.  I was fed up of trying and tossing product after product and botox was not an option I was going to take.

My Moment Of Nirvana – Essential Oils: The Natural Remedy for Skincare

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits

With all these thoughts running through my head, I sure was not getting a lot of sleep.  One night, I was casually flipping through old pictures and I found that my dear departed grandmother and even her sister had spectacular skin right into their mid-sixties. My mom, of course, looked amazing for her 68 years. This made me question my genetic makeup? Had I missed the good skin gene?

Then, another thought occurred to me, what was my grandmother doing differently from the women of today? After all, I was only one among a growing breed of 40 year olds besieged by skin woes. And that is when it dawned on me!

Protect your skin all you want from sunlight, eat as healthy as you can and down as many vitamin pills as you want, but your skin is still being ravaged by pollutants from the inside and outside. The inside part I had covered when I went organic with my food. But externally I was doing little to combat chemical damage.

And, there was another “aha” moment! I had actually added to my skin damage with all those commercial products. Sure those creams and lotions had some nutrients and emollients but they also had a chock full of unwanted and dangerous chemicals.

This realization spurred me on to look for a natural solution to my skin problems. I started by studying the ingredients of as many popular skincare products as I could find and there were some commonalities.

They all had one or more essential oils and carrier oils. Plus, all those lofty marketing claims could be traced back to a fixed set of vitamins. Most notably among them were vitamin C, A, E and B. So, I set out to find essential oils that contained these vitamins and other vital minerals.

I spent several hours studying one book after another on dermatology, the structure of the skin and skin aging as well as skincare products that were used by ancient cultures. This led to a list of several essential and carrier oils. I studied the chemical composition of each of these oils and how the specific plant chemicals in them could help my skin.

Finally, I had a master list of carrier oils and essential oils. It was time for the acid test! I started with 5 essential oils and 2 carrier oils. I mixed them together to make my very first night time moisturizer. After my disappointment with commercial products, I was prepared to be disillusioned once again. But, that is not what happened!

Just ten days down the line, my skin looked super smooth and tight. I mean gone were the enlarged pores and the sagging. But the real shocker was that despite using oil on my skin I had no pimples. My face had this amazing and uniform glow and hydrated look.

Compliments from my friends and family gave me all the motivation I needed to whip up more skincare products. After eight months of research and playing the guinea pig for my potions, I had a perfect skincare regimen in hand. I spent another ten months trying it out, tweaking each recipe along the way and at the end of the year the results were there for everybody to see.

My First Essential Oils Skincare Recipes eBook

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits

I received so many compliments and so many requests for advice that I thought it would be unfair to keep this information all to myself and that is how

The Miracle ‘All-In-One’ eBook To Reduce Wrinkles & Rejuvenate Skin Using Essential Oils! For Oily & Combination Skin

was born.

This guide has every bit of information that I collected after eight months of back breaking research, almost a year of trial on my own skin and another year of having other women use the recipes given in the eBook. Although my skin looks utterly amazing, I know for a fact that the results would have been even more pronounced had I started using essential oil blends on my skin earlier.

This was the sole reason I decided to put all my learning and experience into this eBook. I firmly believe that no other woman should have to spend thousands of dollars like I did and yet watch her skin take a turn for the worse!

The Key Features Of My eBook

  • Pertinent information on the specific problems of oily and combination skin types.
  • Simple tests to find out if you have oily or combination skin.
  • A listing of all the age-related issues faced by women with combination and oily skin.
  • In-depth explanation of how essential oils and carrier oils can be used in skincare.
  • Explanation of the specific benefits of numerous essential oils and carrier oils.
  • The botanical names of plants that are used in the extraction of essential oils, which will prevent confusion when buying.
  • Tips on buying the best essential and carrier oils.
  • Information on storing the oils for maximum shelf life.
  • Advice on safely mixing essential oils for skincare.
  • Recipes for cleansing, exfoliating, toning and anti-aging.
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Precise quantities of all ingredients are listed to prevent over-usage.
  • Tricks to get more out of essential oil blends.
  • And much more on skincare!

The Benefits Of My eBook

  • You will finally be able to make your own skincare products, without the use of harmful chemicals, fragrances and preservatives.
  • Recipes can be changed to combat the more pressing issues that you have.
  • With the clear instructions and ingredients list, it takes no more than a few minutes to mix a fresh batch of skincare products.
  • The recipes can be used to create a complete skincare routine for daytime and night time.
  • Also included are blends for occasional skin troubles like hormonal breakouts.
  • All the recipes are specifically formulated to offer the maximum antioxidant benefits while keeping the face hydrated.
  • The four-step skincare plan covers all your dermal needs.
  • Quick results, usually seen within a matter of days or weeks.
  • The best value-for-money as you will only be using a few drops of the serums you make.
  • The essential oils in the night time blends promote better sleep.
  • The essential oils in daytime blends lead to greater mental focus and alertness.
  • The recipes supply essential nutrients to the skin while lowering the amount of stress hormone cortisol in the system.

The blends mentioned in the eBook will bring about a noticeable change in the look and feel of your skin. And, do not underestimate these recipes just because they are all natural: Essential oils and carrier oils contain the best of what nature has to offer.

Plus, each step of the skincare routines is meant to prep your face for the following treatment. So, you get more from every ingredient used as your skin readily absorbs the blends.

Get ready to get loads of compliments because your skin is going to look better than it has in years. In fact, your skin will belie your age. Use these blends diligently for a few weeks / months and people will flatly refuse to believe you when you tell them how old you are. So, here is wishing you all years of glowing, youthful, dewy skin!

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to make your friends jealous! Special price of $17!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits
Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits
The Miracle ‘All-In-One’ eBook To Reduce Wrinkles & Rejuvenate Skin Using Essential Oils! For Oily & Combination Skin!


Why Should You Buy This eBook?

An in-depth handbook that delves deep into the problems of people with oily and combination skin, this eBook will answer every question and doubt that you have ever had about using essential oils. In the eBook, you will find all the information you need to keep your oily or combination skin healthy and glowing in an all-natural way.

If you are unsure whether this eBook is suitable for you, then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on anti-aging products that don’t work?
  • Worried about those fine lines turning into deep, unsightly wrinkles?
  • Are you disappointed by the ho-hum results given by your anti-aging cream?
  • Do you buy a new product every few months in the hopes of erasing fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Does your face get too oily or too dry after using commercial skincare products?
  • Do you avoid skincare creams because you are concerned about the greasiness?
  • Do you end up battling intermittent bouts of acne?

If you answered even one of those questions with a “YES”, continue reading to learn about the secret that pharmaceutical companies want to keep hidden away from you.

Why Can’t I Find The Right Skincare Products?

Anti-aging products is a multi-billion dollar industry, and why not? After all, we have been on a quest to find the fountain of youth since time immemorial. And, most skincare product makers are going out of their way to capitalize on this need.

The solution to your skin problems does not lie in spending more on commercial anti-aging products. Despite those brilliant infomercials and the millions spent on getting models and top celebrities to endorse these products, the fact is that these anti-aging preparations seldom offer real and visible results.

The toxic chemicals in them, including the notorious parabens, fragrance, colors and preservatives all do more harm than good. The worst part is that continuous exposure to these dangerous compounds causes them to build up in your system.

Have you fallen prey to those infomercials already?

Switch on your TV and every hour you will be bombarded with at least a few advertisements for products that promise to erase all signs of aging from your face. Twenty something year old models and air-brushed celebrities convince you in these infomercials that their gorgeousness and youthful charm is attributed to these miracle creams!
But here is the shocking reality that you probably already know but choose to ignore: The celebrity endorsers of these products walk away with their fat checks, while the manufacturers laugh all the way to the bank as more men and women fall for their dubious claims.

In the midst of this profit making rat race, nobody gives a damn about your well-being or your hard earned money that goes towards filling the coffers of these companies! And, that is how known carcinogenic substances and chemical compounds, which have been flagged down by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), find their way into your skincare and anti-aging creams.

The truth is that most of these products DO NOT deliver on the lofty marketing claims made by their manufacturers!

Actually, many mainstream beauty product manufacturers have already been pulled up for lying in their product advertisements.

Now, even if you were to accept the risks associated with the use of these preparations and their dismal results, you would still have one problem on your hands.

None of these commercial offerings are designed for specific skin types!

The makers of these products simply take the one-size-fits-all approach.

So, on one hand there are preparations that will dry your skin to the point of flaking, speeding the skin-aging process and on the other, you will find creams and lotions that are too greasy for oily and combination skins which will lead to acne. Talk about being trapped between a rock and a hard place!

And NO! You don’t need any of these products to make your skin look better and more youthful. In fact, Mother Nature offers everything you need to keep your skin looking young. But, pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about this.

  • What if you could make your own skincare products?
  • What if they are more effective than any commercial offering out there?
  • What if they are 100% safe and can be customized to suit your skin type?

Impossible you say! Think again!

What Are Essential Oils And Why Can It Be Used for Skincare?

Essential oils have been used to make skin care and anti-aging blends for centuries by the Europeans, Egyptians, Indians and the Chinese. Essential oils are aromatic compounds which are extracted from various parts of plants, including the flowers, stems and branches, the leaves and the fruits. They carry the cumulative goodness of the plant in a highly concentrated form, so they have to be diluted before use.

Because these aromatic compounds cannot be mixed with water, carrier oils are used to dilute them. These carrier oils have their own phytocompounds and lipids that work synergistically with the essential oils, offering wholesome and complete skincare solutions.

Usually, oily skin and acne are treated with acidic compounds that dry out the skin. Most toners and astringents are alcohol based which only serve to dehydrate the skin further. The end result is that your body just goes ahead and produces more sebum to counter the dryness and you end up with more oil on your face and a greater risk of acne.

In contrast, essential oils draw out the dirt from within the pores and they make the skin tighter, reducing the size of the pores. Additionally, these essential oils are also strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that fight off the microorganisms that cause acne. And, while they accomplish all of this, your skin cells remain plump and hydrated. So, they actually normalize the sebum production.

For people with oily skin, this translates into less slickness and for those with combination skin, it means that they will no longer have to battle dry patches on their cheeks and an oily T-zone as the moisture gets spread uniformly across the surface of the skin. You will learn more about how essential oils and carrier oils are extracted, why they should be used and how to use them safely and effectively in Chapters 8 and 9 of the eBook.

But only the right oils in the right quantities mixed with the right carrier oils will give you the right results!

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to start your anti-aging program right now for the special price of $17!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits
Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits
The Miracle ‘All-In-One’ eBook To Reduce Wrinkles & Rejuvenate Skin Using Essential Oils! For Oily & Combination Skin!


Still Not Convinced This eBook Is The Right Choice For You?

The guide is geared towards handling the specific problems of people with oily and combination skin.

People with these skin types are often wary of using oily products, whether natural or commercially made and with good reason. Just slapping on an emollient will indeed do more harm than good and that is the reason you need a book that tackles age-related skin damage while dealing with the concerns and problems of your skin type.

Because each of the essential oils discussed in this eBook combats specific age-related skin problem.

The guide is not simply a listing of recipes that are meant to generally counter skin-aging. Each essential oil and carrier oil has been hand-picked for its specific qualities. In fact, the ingredients have been chosen in such a way that they complement each other.

So, when combined together, they provide the nutrients needed to keep your skin healthy, antioxidants that actively fight free radical and sun damage, emollients that keep the skin supple and vitamins that boost collagen production and cellular regeneration.

Because the blends in this eBook eliminate existing skin problems without creating new ones.

The carrier oils used in the recipes are chosen considering the needs and the problems of oily and combination skin. So, the blends regulate the production of sebum and hydrate the skin without clogging the pores and without leaving behind a greasy residue.

Because the eBook helps you create a skincare routine that will be just right for you.

The eBook offers a structured plan for skincare and provides explanation on what each step is meant to accomplish.  So, there is no guess work involved. All you have to do is simply follow the daytime and night-time skincare regimens as listed. The routines have been designed in such a way that you won’t have to spend more than 15-20 minutes on them and that is all it will take to keep your skin soft and youthful.

Because the eBook educates you on how to deal with every skin problem that you will ever have.

While the daytime and night time skincare routines are enough to tackle all age related issues such as skin sagging, liver spots, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of tone and hyper pigmentation, the eBook also has several emergency recipes.

For instance, if you want to look your best for a weekend party or wedding, you will find a complete home facial plan or if your hectic schedule has given you under eye dark circles, you will also find blends that will chase away those unsightly shadows and many more such recipes.

Let me reveal all these secrets to you, so that you look young and beautiful for years to come. Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to buy the eBook for the special price of $17!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits
Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits

The Miracle ‘All-In-One’ eBook To Reduce Wrinkles & Rejuvenate Skin Using Essential Oils! For Oily & Combination Skin!


Looking For More Reasons To Buy This eBook?

Great Savings: Depending on the products you buy, you can easily spend $250 or more every two months just on skincare. For that much money, you can get enough essential oils and carrier oils to last you for one to two years. At $250 every 3 months, we are talking about savings of $1,750 over a 24-month period. You better start thinking about what you are going to do with all that money!

Results like never before: Even when they offer free samples, most commercial skincare product makers ask you to try their products for at least a month or more to see results. But, these essential oils blends are so potent that you will see your skin improving day after day. In fact, by the first week, you will see noticeable improvement in all signs of aging.

Products that can be used for as long as you like: Despite the use of chemical preservatives, once opened, commercial anti-aging preparations begin to degrade fast. Manufacturers often use artificial colors and fragrances to mask this degradation.

But, with natural essential oil blends, you can make fresh batches as and when needed. So, the ingredients retain their potency and create the precise effect that you are going for. Typically, you get 6-12 months from carrier oils and 24-36 months from essential oils, which means you can whip up a batch every 3-6 months and get peak potency from your blends at a truly affordable price.

Recipes optimized to suit your skin type:  Skincare products in the market come with two tags: normal to oily and sensitive to dry. Most of these products either dry your skin or leave it too slick, opening up a whole new “can of worms”. However, the essential oil recipes in this book are especially meant to handle the problems of people with oily and combination skin.

This means that within 10 days of using the skincare recipes, you will have cleaner skin, a brighter complexion and less oiliness on your face. But despite the remarkable reduction in sebum production, your skin will still look moisturized, healthy and smooth.

Increase the amount of certain oils to battle specific skin issues: If large pores are bothering you, patchouli and frankincense oils will easily combat the problem while lemon and lime essential oils will effectively handle hyper pigmentation and cypress oil will deal with skin thinning and under eye dark circles.

Now, if a certain skin issue is more intense than the other, you can simply increase the quantity of the oils that are used to handle that specific skin problem while removing or reducing the quantity of another essential oil if need be or increasing the amount of carrier oil used. Not only will you find recipes for anti-aging blends in this guide, but also you will learn the precise science of mixing essential and carrier oils for maximum efficiency. 

Treat the skin from the inside out and the outside in: Use the most expensive commercial products, including those that contain the most talked about anti-aging compounds such as Retinol and Hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C and you are still only dealing with age-related issues on the surface.

But, with essential oils such as Echinacea and Gotu Kola, you will fortify the deeper dermal layers and tone the muscles that support the collagen fibers and the skin. What’s more, the antioxidant effect of the phytochemicals in the essential oils is carried deep into the skin cells, which means you get greater and stronger protection from free radical damage.

Your skin doctor at home: It’s not just pimples, wrinkles and age spots that these essential oil preparations battle but also other skin concerns. From rosacea to eczema and from dermatitis to acne scars, these essential oils can handle them all and more. The biggest advantage of using all natural blends is that you can use them safely and effectively with skincare gadgets such as light therapy devices, micro-needling rollers and vibrating massagers.

A natural and safe approach to anti-aging skin treatments: Therapeutic grade essential oils are 100% natural, which means that you will actually be helping your skin heal from all the damage it has suffered due to chemical exposure. Essential oils have natural compounds that draw out the toxins from your skin cells and promote rapid cellular regeneration. Plus, along with the skin benefits, these natural fragrances will leave you in an upbeat mood in the morning and will relax you at bedtime. How’s that for twice the bang for your buck?

Lower your dependence on makeup: Who needs makeup when you have flawless skin? Within a few weeks of using the essential oil recipes in this guide, you will be able to tone down your use of concealer, foundation and even your blush. Additionally, the use of nutrient rich carrier oils will also increase the thickness and the growth rate of your eyebrows.

Free eyebrow tweezing guide: So, I have also included an eyebrow tweezing guide that can be used to get salon-like results right at home. This is a special bonus to all our valued customers that can be used to keep your eyebrows well-groomed all the time without spending time or money on salon tweezing or waxing sessions.


So, what are you waiting for! Simply head to our secure checkout page, where you are going to fill in your information to claim your copy of the eBook. Once you check out, you’ll see the instant access download page.

If you’re ready to fight back against the effects of aging and look as young and vital as you feel deep down inside, click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below to buy the eBook for the special price of $17!

Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits
Essential Oils Skincare eBook For Oily And Combination Skin Essential Oil Benefits
The Miracle ‘All-In-One’ eBook To Reduce Wrinkles & Rejuvenate Skin Using Essential Oils! For Oily & Combination Skin!

The eBook will be emailed in a PDF version, so you can read it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, or print it out and read it anywhere.

Rating: 5


Monday 2nd of July 2018

Hi Olivia,

I am Surya. I have combination skin. For me, it's little tough to handle my skin. I want the whole skin care recipes for combination skin. Is that the e-book have enough information. Also pls tell, is the skin recipes suitable for all country weather condition.


Tuesday 3rd of July 2018

Hi Surya,

The eBook has 50 pages of content including recipes. The recipes can be used in any weather condition.

Regards, Olivia


Thursday 7th of September 2017

Hi, I am interested in purchasing your eBook but am wondering if there is a way to know what skin type I have?

Many thanks,



Friday 8th of September 2017

Hi Oliver,

Please check your Inbox...I have emailed you the details and the test you can do to understand whether you have oily/combination or dry/sensitive skin.

Regards, Olivia


Monday 10th of July 2017

Hi Olivia,

I am interested in buying your ebook but I am not sure which book would be best for my skin. I am 46, I have been told I have normal skin but it does get dry at times and I do have occasional breakouts. What is your recommendation?

Thank you,



Monday 10th of July 2017

Hi Marci,

Hi Marci,

Based on what you have mentioned, I would think you’d need the dry skin eBook. It is a very comprehensive eBook with 90 pages of jam-packed info.

By breakouts, do you mean acne / pimples breakouts or your T-Zone area becomes oily?




Monday 23rd of January 2017

I'm in my mid 20's i was actually afraid that the products im using might damage my skin. Thank you for the tips. This was a great read.


Tuesday 24th of January 2017

Hi Nicky,

You are welcome. Enjoy!

Regards, Olivia


Wednesday 30th of November 2016

Question from CV:

Hi Olivia I have been looking around the internet for more info on clove essential oil because from what i’ve read it is a mighty antioxidant but i cant seem to learn weather it is a good oil for slowing the aging process or reversing it . I have read all the things it can do for other issues but is there another reason i may not have found if it is safe for aging skin or for anti aging skin care like is there a danger such as eye safety ?

Olivia’s Response:

Hope you are well. Indeed, Clove oil has strong antioxidant and rejuvenating properties and is perfectly fine for skincare; avoid if you have sensitive skin and avoid around the eye area as it is extremely potent. It can be added to carrier oils such as rosehip, pomegranate or grapeseed oils for an enhanced stimulating effect. It is used in many commercial skincare products, aimed at reducing the effects of ageing, wrinkles and also for sagging skin. The reason Clove oil is able to do so is because it revs up the blood circulation to the skin, in turn making it glow and look healthy. It is also highly effective against acne.

I think I also have it mentioned once or twice in the dry skin and oily skin eBooks.