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Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser Review: A Superb Diffuser With A Magic Light Show

Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser


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If you use an $8 spray bottle to spread out the fragrance of an essential oil in your home, stop. There is something better, classier and worth your money. The Zen Breeze essential oil diffuser is what you should be spending your money on. For less than $50, you get an elegant wood grain essential oil diffuser that turns any space into a spa.

Relaxing Elegance

It is amazing how something this small – it measures just 5 inches high and a little under 7 inches in width – can have such a big impact. But once you see the luxury wood grain on the outside, the soft curved shape and the relaxing LED lighting you will understand why.

As with most essential oil diffusers, you can place it wherever you desire whether at home, in the office, in a waiting area or even an RV. Take your pick and enjoy the aroma.

Features You Will Love

Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser Review: A Superb Diffuser With A Magic Light Show Essential Oil Benefits

1. Ultrasonic Technology

There are various types of diffusers, each relying on a different methodology to deliver the desired aroma to a room. One of the best types is the ultrasonic diffuser, of which the Zen Breeze is a great example.

A tiny disk below the water in the reservoir vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies. This is vigorous enough to separate the water into misty droplets. The cool mist rises out of the diffuser and spreads across the room.

Ultrasonic technology is quite efficient, ensuring that you get more hours from your solution of water and essential oil. It also runs very quietly, making it perfect for relaxing. Since it does not rely on heat, the Zen Breeze diffuser does not produce any hot steam which could cause injury or leave your walls sweaty. This means that you can even use it around your kids.

2. Light Settings

The lighting is one of the best and most fascinating features of the Zen Breeze diffuser. While many diffusers come with LED lighting, the Zen Breeze ups the game by including 14 different mood lights. There is a button to switch on the light. You can then lock onto one of the 14 colors or set the diffuser to cycle through all of them.

You can even change the brightness level of each light color. This makes the diffuser ideal for use as a night light. If you want the aroma without the light, just turn it off with the touch of a button.

3. High Capacity – More Hours

Most diffusers will run, at best, for 5 or 6 hours. This one can keep going for a full 10 hours before the water runs out. The secret to its longer duration is the reservoir capacity, which is 300ml. Once the water runs, the diffuser will switch itself off along with the lights. This makes it perfect as a relaxing night light to put you to sleep. Alternatively, set a 1, 3 or 6 hour timer and it will switch off automatically when the clock runs down.

4. Easy To Use And Clean

The diffuser is ready to use out of the box. Once you open it up, you will find a handy measuring cup you can use to measure exact amounts of water. You then need to add 3 to 5 drops of your desired essential oil and hook up the extra-long power cable to an electrical outlet.

Cleaning is just as simple. The unit is easy to disassemble and a cotton ball soaked in mild detergent is good enough to clean out the inside.

5. Can Be Used For Therapeutic As Well As Humidifying Purposes

The diffuser not only releases an aroma, it also sends a cool mist of water around the room. The water vapor has a nice humidifying effect. This keeps your space feeling comfortable and is also good for your skin. The essential oil particles on the other hand are breathed into the lungs and benefit both the mind and body.

A Few Things To Note

Remember this is a small unit, so its effect will be limited to a relatively small area. Though the manufacturer has not specified the ideal room size, it should work well in a small to medium sized room. In much larger spaces, it loses its power to spread the aroma to every corner.

Additionally, the plug is set underneath the unit. Some users found it a bit difficult to insert the plug especially when the unit is filled with water.

The Final Verdict

The Zen Breeze diffuser is still a great deal. For less than $50, you get a product that fills your home or working space with amazing aromas without putting your health in danger. As a bonus, its elegant design adds to a room’s style.

Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser Review: A Superb Diffuser With A Magic Light Show Essential Oil Benefits

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