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PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Review

PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


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Pure Enrichment, the company behind this beautiful aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, already has another slightly cheaper PureSpa diffuser. This one, which they have named PureSpa Deluxe, comes with slightly more capacity and a different design.

As with their other diffuser, the PureSpa Deluxe can be used just about anywhere you can think of. Whether you want your bedroom smelling like lavender, your living room like roses or your office like peppermint, feel free to use the PureSpa essential oil diffuser. You can even use it in your kid’s bedroom without any having any safety worries.

Main Features

PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

1. Capacity and Run Time

One of the most important features to consider when buying an essential oil diffuser is its capacity. The more water a diffuser can hold the longer it can run. You do not want something that runs for 2 hours and uses up all the water.

Ideally, the minimum acceptable capacity for office or home use is 100ml. The PureSpa Deluxe provides a capacity of 120ml. This is enough to keep the diffuser running for up to 10 hours. You can leave it on all night, set it up to fill your living room with heavenly fragrance all day or let it sit on your office desk as you work. You do not have to keep refilling the reservoir every now and then.

2. Area Coverage

The area the diffuser can cover varies based on a number of factors including size of diffuser, room shape and presence of things like fans. On average however, the PureSpa Deluxe should comfortably cover 250 square feet, easily spreading the aroma around a standard size bedroom, living room, yoga studio or office.

You can certainly use the diffuser in a larger space but the aroma will be much milder. If the space is too big, consider using more than one diffuser.

3. Color-Changing LED Lighting

One of the best features of the PureSpa Deluxe is the color-changing LED lighting. Once you turn on the diffuser, the lights will automatically cycle through various mood colors. This enhances the relaxing effect of the aroma and makes for a stylish look. If the lights bother you or you just want them off, use the touch button to switch off the lights but leave the diffuser on.

The only issue I have with the diffuser in this area is the fact that you cannot choose a single mood light to enjoy. Most diffusers with color-changing lights allow you to set the diffuser either on a single color or to revolve through different colors. There is no such option with the PureSpa Deluxe. You either enjoy the color changes or you switch off the lights completely. This is a relatively simple area they could work on.

4. Auto Shut-Off

While there is a touch on/off button, you do not always have to get up to use it when you want to turn the diffuser off. When the reservoir runs out of water, it automatically turns off until you add more water and turn it on. This is a convenient feature that also protects the diffuser from damage caused by running dry.

There is also another bone to pick here: it would be nice to have a timer which can turn the unit off as per your settings before the water even runs out. Again, this is a fairly simple feature that is relatively easy to integrate. After all, many other diffusers have it.

5. Ultrasonic Technology

The function of the PureSpa Deluxe is based on ultrasonic technology. This removes the need to use a heat-based mechanism to evaporate the water, something that would damage the essential oils and cause a safety risk. It also enables a whisper-quiet operation. Unless you are really keen, you do not even notice the super quiet hiss as the aromatic mist is emitted.

6. Ionizer

The PureSpa Deluxe is not just a diffuser, it is also an ionizer. It releases negative ions into the room. These ions are associated with various health and therapeutic benefits including stress relief and glowing skin. In the same breath, the diffuser also acts as a moisturizer, releasing a mist of water to counter any dryness in the air.

The Final Verdict

The PureSpa Deluxe is a standard essential oil diffuser with great features. It functions well and the design is nice.

PureSpa Deluxe Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

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