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Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L’orpur Has To Offer (5×100% Pure Essential Oil Blends)

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Did you know that the secret to great health is to apply sweet scents to the brain! Discover the subtle scents of these 5 blends and they will be one of your greatest enjoyments, bringing back memories of past experiences and creating a feeling of security, grounding and well-being!

Regardless of where you are, what you do and how old you are, I am sure you have been through days when you felt you were not in control of your own emotions, when too many small problems and annoyances managed to pull down your spirit!

Wouldn’t It Be Great If There Were A Simple Way To Deal With These Small Naggings Of Life?


My name is Olivia Spencer and today I am about to reveal the super simple yet seldom used secret to unwinding and relaxing yourself. Bear with me for a bit because what I am going to discuss here will change your life as it changed mine, and I promise it will change it for the better!

But first, let me ask you this – what is the one thing about life that makes it great and terrible at the same time; the one aspect of human existence that nobody can escape?


Don’t get me wrong here; emotions are great! I mean without them, we would cease to be living beings. Yet, these emotions can turn into the proverbial Pandora’s Box if not handled properly. Keep them bottled up and they create trouble. Give vent to them at the wrong place and the wrong time and again you have trouble on your hands.

The worst part is that positive emotions like joy, excitement and contentment fleet through life like feathers, hardly leaving an impact.

But, those damn negative emotions like grief, disappointment and anger stick to you like chewing gum to clothes. Try as you may, you cannot shake them off nor can you ignore them! The worst part is that just like the yucky chewing gum, you often don’t even realize when and where you picked up these sticky emotions, meaning you are clueless about what is causing them.

With intense emotional reactions like the sense of loss and sadness felt after losing a loved one or an issue with anger, the trouble is evident and people quickly seek professional help, as they should.  However, when it comes to the tiny, prickly emotions, they are typically swept under the carpet.

Make no mistake folks, these little emotions can quickly grow into an avalanche that can bulldoze your life. I know because I learnt this the hard way.

Discover My 5 Essential Oil Blends

For those interested to read the whole background to the 5 Blends Kit including why and how it was developed, read on. Otherwise, the chart below summarizes the features and benefits of the 5 Blends Kit.

In this kit, you get the very 5 blends that I perfected after months of research, blending and testing!

Each blend has a unique scent and aromatherapeutic properties for positive energy, happiness, focus, strength, motivation, passion, initiative, and much more!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

These blends are for you if you are battling:

• Depression
• Lack of focus
• Unexplained fatigue
• Lack of confidence
• Anger
• Irritability
• Brain fog
• Lack of drive
• Concentration issues
• Lack of energy
• Diminished sexual drive
• Sleep issues
• Stress related aches and pains
• Anxiety
• Confusion
• Fear

For a limited period you can get all these 5 blends with special offer extras for just $69 $39.95! Click the Add To Cart Button below and get the L’orpur Essential Oils Kit delivered to your home NOW!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Limited Time Offer!

Life Was Getting To Me!!!

My story read like that of many people out there who are victims of stress. Now, you are probably going to ask, who is not stressed out today? After all, stress seems to be the only constant of 21st century living. I mean most of us have too much on our plates at any given time.

So, I found myself balancing a job, kids and my home. Nothing unusual about it since just about everybody around me was going through the same grind.

In fact, I had it better because I loved what I did for a living, my kids were quite well behaved and above all I had a very supportive partner, who also happened to be my best friend. Sure, there were a few aspects that needed improvement, but that is normal.

So, even from my own viewpoint, I had all the ingredients of happiness. Yet, something was amiss! I was feeling tired, more mentally than physically. This in turn was impacting my performance at work and at home, which led to a growing sense of disappointment and irritation.

At first, I thought it was probably a deficiency or ailment. But, I could very well become a spokesperson for healthy living, so that was improbable. A trip to the doctor and several tests down the line, I had a confirmation that I was in top shape.

Then it dawned on me – if it was nothing physical, it had to be psychological! I toyed with the idea of seeing a shrink for a while but I did not think my emotional issues merited such a response. But that was a mistake because things steadily deteriorated, more so on the home front than at work. Damn, How Could I Let Things Get So Bad?

Then, I stumbled on some information about essential oils and their use to treat emotional issues.

Could It Really Be That Certain Smells Actually Control The Way You Felt?

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

I spent several days looking for information on essential oils, how they worked and which ones were best suited for dealing with negative emotions. The more I read, the more I was convinced that these oils could be the solution to my problems.

There was anecdotal evidence as well as clinical studies that confirmed the effectiveness of these essential oils in treating emotional and psychological issues. I reckoned I had nothing to lose except for a few bucks. So, I ordered a few essential oils online and mixed my first blend. My most pressing concern was the overwhelming stress, which in turn was giving rise to the gloominess, depression and disappointment that had almost engulfed me.

I got my first blend ready by mixing a few oils that would apparently put the bounce right back in my steps. I will be the first to admit that I was more than skeptical. I also did not have the paraphernalia needed for a full blown aromatherapy session, and unless I saw some results I was really not too keen on investing more in this expedition.

So, armed with a bath tub full of warm water and my home made blend, I set out to give aromatherapy a try! After about half an hour, I felt a distinct sense of calmness like a weight had just been lifted off of my shoulders.

A skeptic to the bone, I pinned it on a placebo effect but my first experience did give me the motivation to give the oils a second try. My next tryst with aromatherapy yielded even more profound results. This time, I woke up early and tried my aromatherapy dip. That day everybody noticed my chirpy mood, including hubby dearest. In fact, he commented on it! I just felt lighter and more prepared to take on the challenges of the day.

That’s it, I was sold on the idea of buying a diffuser. I purchased the most pocket friendly product I could find and spent the next afternoon getting my chores done while the diffuser and my “no stress” blend went to work on my head. After about 5 days of this, I had a session with my shrink and even he could not believe the difference.

There was this unmistakable sense of clarity and calmness.

I not only felt more centred but also looked more at peace with myself and my life in general. This gave us enough reason to put the prescription for antidepressants away for a while. About a month into my experiment, I had my “Eureka” moment and knew what had caused this hailstorm of negative emotions. I attribute it to my newfound clarity and sense of calm. To put it in a single sentence:

It felt like I was suddenly surrounded by the warmth of positivity.

Around the same time, I noticed a friend struggling with her inner turmoil. Our causes were different but in the end it all boiled down to negativity borne out of stress and a feeling of disappointment. I thought why not put my blend to test one more time. Honestly, I wanted to help her out just as much as I wanted to know if my blend worked as marvelously on others as it did on me.

Once again, the essential oils got the job done just as expected. So, when another friend complained about how the embers of passion had all but burnt out from her married life, I went right back to work in my essential oils lab. I whipped up a special blend just for her and the next time I saw her, she was a changed woman. In her own words, her partner was just as much a changed man.

Her experience made me want to use the blend to spice things up in my own marriage. I will admit that there had been quite a few “not today darling, I just don’t feel like it” instances between my husband and me, as I waded through my own emotional troubles.

And, boy did those oils work! Let me put it this way, it felt like we were back into the first year of our relationship. Now, that was an unmistakeable change!

Word got around quick in my circle of friends that I had become quite the potion maker! And, my friends quickly made a beeline for more of my blends. I was only too happy to oblige. Also, it got me thinking that I could do more with these oils.

A Box Of Positive Emotions!

I needed a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve with my oils. So, the next day, I made up a list of all the negative emotions that I wanted out of my life and the positive ones that I needed more of, and this is what I came up with:

  1. The number one spot went to dealing with stress because once stress takes hold of you, everything else goes for a toss.
  1. The next in line was the feeling of disappointment, inconfidence and inadequacy. I wanted to shut down the little voice in my head; the one which screamed that I may not have what it takes to deal with my situation and to get to my goals.
  1. The third on the list was mental clutter; this was the chaos in my own head that drowned out all reason and arguments of sanity.
  1. Fourth was the feeling of being drained out. I wanted to be able to deal with my fatigue and habit of procrastinating.
  1. Finally, I wanted to be able to appreciate and desire love for me from myself and from others.

With all these goals in mind, it was back to research for me. I spent another few months looking for just the right essential oils. I finally came up with 5 blends, each meant to address a specific emotional problem. I tried the oils in varying quantities and tested the results not just on myself but others as well.

I sourced oils from various manufacturers in the USA, zeroing in on those who offered the purest products. I worked with these ingredients till I finally had blends that delivered the results they were meant to offer.

Why Should You Choose These Blends Over Any Other?

  • Purity: I source the purest essential oils from all over the world, buying only from reputable manufacturers who stand by the quality of their products. The plant material used for the extraction of the essential oils is harvested organically and through sustainable means. Moreover, the extraction process is also organic, so you get essential oils that are 100% natural with no chemical contamination.
  • Blend quality: I ensure that all the raw materials and the blending process is subjected to strict quality control measures. So, the blend quality remains top notch and unchanged, whether you buy the first time or the nth time.
  • Made in USA: While most of the essential oils are sourced from the US, all blends are mixed and bottled in facilities within the country. This helps me to exercise strict control on the ratio of the raw materials used and the final quality of the blend. In fact, the quality of my products is enough to prove that this is a high grade, 100% US manufactured product.
  • Need very little so they last for a long time: Because of the 100% purity of the essential oils used, you get the strongest blends that money can buy. So, a little goes a long way regardless of how you use these blends. Actually, you will seldom need more than a couple of drops of these oils, which means that a 5 ml bottle will easily see you through a few months of use. Let us also not forget that superior blend quality also equates to stronger and more lasting aromas. So, you are certainly getting more bang for every drop of these blends.
  • Can be used with any other form of treatment: These essential oil blends are 100% safe and can be used in conjunction with any type of psychological therapy or drugs that you have been prescribed. In fact, some of essential oils used in these blends are generally beneficial for health as they control hypertension and have antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • Covers all bases: Whether you are dealing with a strictly mental issue or a mix of physical and psychological problems, these blends will help you to get through the trying phases of your life. It can be a passing emotion like the sense of disappointment felt after losing a client or a project or something as serious as the bereavement felt after the death of a loved one that just does not let you move on, these blends will help you to put your emotions and your situation in perspective.

For a limited period you can get all these 5 blends with special offer extras for just $69 $39.95! Click the Add To Cart Button below and get the L’orpur Essential Oils Kit delivered to your home NOW!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

And much more!

The 5 Blend Approach To Emotional Mastery!

Drive away negative emotions from your life and seize control of your mind with this 5 blend essential oil kit that includes:

Blend 1: Amour

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits


A unique mix that combines floral and citrus fragrances, the Amour blend puts you in the right mind set and creates the perfect environment for you to channel your inner Aphrodite. As this heady blend hits the emotional center of your brain, you will not just feel more at peace but will also experience a greater sense of love and admiration for yourself. This is an all-important trait of this blend because at the end of the day, it is not possible to seek love from others unless you love yourself.

So, don’t let the name of this blend underplay the impact of this alluring mix on the hidden positive side of your personality. Sure, it will spice things up in your love life but above all, it will make you appreciate yourself and bring the charm and passion right back into your day to day living. To create this effect, I have used the essential oils of:

Bois de rose: No, this oil is not extracted from rose blooms, but from the bark of rosewood trees. The resulting product has an alluring woody, floral and invigorating aroma that creates an almost immediate hormonal and psychological impact. The comforting fragrance can chase away chronic fatigue and stress related exhaustion and open up your natural energy channels.

A rich source of linalool, rosewood oil is extensively used in the perfume industry for its therapeutic benefits. This is one fragrance that can put you in a positive state of a mind in a matter of minutes. It successfully battles stress and stress related disorders, depression, nervous tension, sadness and frigidity. Rosewood oil is a mainstay in aphrodisiac and anti-depressant blends because it promotes self-acceptance and patience while stimulating your libido.

Lavender: In use for the last 2500 years and lauded for its delicate and relaxing fragrance, lavender oil is hailed as the “Mother Of All Essential Oils” in aromatherapy. Steam distilled from clumps of violet flowers, lavender oils with its floral, herbaceous aroma is a well-known antidepressant. It works exceptionally well against burnouts, irritability, exhaustion and mood swings.

A stress buster with an unparalleled ability to deal with depression, lavender oil heals the mind and body in numerous ways. It balances the energies within and creates a greater sense of awareness. If your mind is beleaguered by feelings of jealousy, bitterness, anger and suspicion, this oil can impart the much needed sense of compassion, love and peace.

Litsea: Also known as May Chang, this oil extracted from the tiny fruits of the Litsea tree has a distinctive citrusy aroma without the pungency, which is typical of other citrus oils. The fragrance is sweeter than that of lemon and orange oil, yet just as invigorating, which is why it works well against mental fatigue.

Called the oil of tranquillity, Litsea essential oil is often used to treat depression, anxiety and lethargy. It offers mental clarity, a distinct sense of calm and strength along with physical relaxation. In fact, its abilities to put the mind at ease and balance emotions were so coveted that it was used as a pre-meditation massage oil. Today, litsea oil is often used as a base for citrus fragrances owing to its lasting nature.

Mandarin: In terms of fragrance, you will have to put all the citrus fruits together to get to the refreshing and energizing fragrance of mandarin, whether red or green. The aroma is tart and sweet all at once and offers a taste of tanginess to your olfactory sensors. Mandarin oil is held in high esteem for its ability to put you in touch with your inner self, or better yet the child within you.

This uplifting aroma proves to be simultaneously uplifting and calming, offering both effects in the gentlest ways possible. An oil that is bound to bring back happy memories and a vibrant smile on your face, mandarin also works wonders on insomnia and sleep disturbances.

Roman Chamomile: A soothing fragrance that can help you to let go of the stresses and worries of the day, Roman Chamomile essential oil is held in high regard for its calming and mildly sedative effect. The soothing fragrance helps to quell fear, anxiety, panic and worry. It also aids in subduing hyperactive states. Roman chamomile oil literally heals the mind and drowns mental clutter and chaos in a warm feeling of harmony and peace.

It is exceptionally effective against insomnia linked to tension and stress. In this blend, roman chamomile oil plays the vital role of helping you switch off energy draining emotions and concentrate on love and happiness.

When (and Why) Should You Be Using The Amour Blend?

  1. When you cannot concentrate on yourself and your loved ones because of mental clutter.
  2. If you find yourself lacking the desire for intimacy.
  3. When you desperately want to let go off all negative thoughts but cannot.
  4. To help with jetlag and hangovers.
  5. When you cannot control depression and grief.
  6. If you want to go back to the honeymoon phase of your relationship.
  7. When you want to feel more compassion, patience and acceptance for yourself and those around you.
  8. To melt away energy blockages at the mental and spiritual level.
  9. When you want to balance your physical desires and goals with your mental and soul goals and desires.
  10. If you are gripped by irritability and have trouble falling asleep.
  11. For battling post and prenatal depression.
  12. If you are feeling burnt out and want to control your mood swings.
  13. To stabilize your emotions.
  14. When you want to get rid of jealousy, suspicion and bitterness.
  15. To remove stagnating thoughts and emotions.
  16. To embrace change and live in the moment.

A Myriad Of Ways In Which To Use Amour!

Apart from using it in your diffuser, the Amour blend can also be used in numerous other ways to tap into its healing benefits. These include:

  • Give a touch of reality to fake flowers: Put those fabric and paper flowers to good use by spraying some water mixed with 3-4 drops of the Amour blend on them.
  • Carry the scent with you: For more staying power, use 2 drops of the blend in EO diffuser necklaces. All it takes is a drop or two of the blend to keep you feeling sexy all through the day.
  • Perfume your hair: Add a drop of the blend to your leave-in conditioner or 2 drops to ½ tsp of fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil. After shampooing, while your locks are still damp, apply to your hair and leave in.
  • Your very own signature perfume: Add 4-5 drops to 50 ml of water and put the mixture in a spritz bottle. Spray on your body at the end of your toilette. You can substitute rose/jasmine water for regular water if you need an added touch of sweetness.
  • Perfect addition to your favourite skin cream: The essential oils in the Amour blend not only work wonders on your mind but also on your skin. So, go ahead and mix a single drop of the blend to your skin care cream and feel fantastic by the time you have your makeup on.
  • Special bath bombs and soap: Use 3-4 drops to make bath bomb or soap recipe.
  • As a massage oil: Mix 2-3 drops in a tablespoon of your favourite lotion or massage oil and use at bed time or as a skin moisturizer right before an important event or even a date. You can also use it to give your partner a sensuous backrub.
  • A romantic bath: Add 6-10 drops to a teaspoon of milk and mix with the water in the bathtub and enjoy an uber romantic soak with your partner. For special effect, throw in a few rose petals.
  • Candles: Make your very own “romance” night candles by adding 3-4 drops of the Amour blend to the wax mix. You can also add a drop of the blend to the molten wax that collects around the wick of a regular candle, just make sure that the oil does not get in direct contact with the flame.
  • Wear your confidence: Use 3-4 drops of the oil added to your favourite carrier oil and apply to your pulse points to create an enthralling aura around you.
  • A special bedroom potpourri: Give a new lease of life to old potpourri by adding 3-4 drops of the Amour blend to it. Place in two glass bowl on both the bedside tables for best effect.
  • Steam inhalation for better skin and better mood: If you want to quickly give yourself a shot of positivity and want to feel comfortable and even proud in your skin, try steam inhalation with the Amour blend. Add 2-3 drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale keeping your face a good 12-15 inches from the surface of the water. Cover the bowl and your head with a towel for best results.
  • Perfume those sheets and pillow covers: Pour a few drops on a piece of cotton wool and place this in the dryer when drying the sheets and the pillow cases. The effect will be an all-enveloping and alluring scent in the bedroom.
  • Get more from your salt lamps: The Amour blend is also the perfect fragrance to create an enchanting effect with your salt lamps. Place a drop or two on the salt surface that will get heated and let the room be filled with positivity.

Blend 2: Paisible

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

The name itself says it all! Paisible translates to peace and it will shoo away the dark shadows of sadness, depression, angst and negativity from your mind. A blend created by using floral and citrus fragrances, this calming mix will start working on your inner turmoil as soon as you inhale its tranquilizing vapors.

In fact, so potent are its effects to steel you against depression, stress and grief that a few hours of this fragrance will help you to get rid of sleeplessness and nightmares. The peace-inducing effect of this blend covers both the mind and the body. You will feel your mind letting go of all the pent up negativity and your muscles relaxing into a more limber state as the Paisible blend exerts its effect.

Although this blend will not directly impact your energy levels, it will create a healing environment for your mind, so it is ready to face all the trials that await you in the future. It also has a clarifying effect, which will help you to see things the way they actually are by tearing through the veil of assumptions. To create this impact, I have used the essential oils of:

Bergamot: A popular member of the citrus family, bergamot oil has retained its spot in the “top 10 must have” essential oils list, and with good reason.  The cheerful, tangy, happy fragrance can bust right through stress and sadness and lead to calm happiness. Often used as a top note in the perfume industry, bergamot essential oil can chase away fatigue, anxiety and tensions and strengthen the immune system while it battles negative emotions.

The fruity, floral fragrance with just a hint of pungency helps to balance the mind and creates an overall sense of wellbeing. It sharpens both the physical senses and mental awareness, so you can expect a lot of “ah-ha” moments when using this blend that contains bergamot oil. This is one of the aromatic compounds that can prove to be uplifting enough to cure lethargy and at the same time relaxing enough to treat insomnia.

Juniper Berry: Derived from berries that turn almost black as they mature, this oil has been proven to help with depression, stress and mental stagnation. It not only helps to relax the ripples of negative emotions but also increases self-worth and confidence. An invaluable fragrance for anybody who is struggling with fractured will power, juniper berry oil is effective against all stress related issues.

Use it in any space, and the invigoratingly fresh fragrance with a light balsamic tone will clear the area of contaminated thoughts and energies, creating a pathway towards inner wisdom and clarity. The breezy fragrance has the ability to remove all antagonistic energy drainers and do away with fears of failure. If you are haunted by your past which is proving to be a hurdle that you simply can’t cross over, juniper berry oil will give you the inner strength and fortify your mind against the influences of your negative experiences.

Lavender: After several clinical studies, it was found that lavender oil can induce a relaxed state of mind unparalleled in its calmness. It is no wonder then that this oil is often used as a sleep aid. The best part is that it is non-addictive and you will not be left feeling groggy like people do after using sedatives. Yet, it can ease you into a dreamless and healing state within a few hours, which is what makes it a worthy addition to this blend.

Patchouli: The musky and herbaceous aroma can induce a state of deep relaxation and even help in achieving the calm centering needed for meditation. Patchouli essential oil helps promotes creativity and grounding, while protecting the mind from unbalanced emotions and overactive thoughts.

Used in the right amount, this essential oil can serve as a mild sedative and help in getting a restful night’s sleep. One of its most coveted effects is to clear the mind of anxiety, stress and worries. The oil with the earthy fragrance shoots down issues linked to general stress and helps a person to develop an appreciation for life.

Ylang Ylang: The aroma is spicy, sweet and floral all at once. In fact, the contrasting notes can engage the olfactory senses to such an extent that they end up pushing stress, anger and tensions right out from your mind. Derived from the deep yellow ylang ylang blooms, the alluring fragrance of this oil tackles sleep issues as well as sharp emotions that cause angst.

The oil is frequently used to deal with mood swings, panic, hysteria and anger. In fact, the sweet and enticing aroma helps to get rid of inner apathy and is also known to help against low self-esteem. Overall, ylang ylang essential oil calms a shocked mind and body while promoting peace and love.

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

When (and Why) Should You Use The Paisible blend?

17. When you are so wrapped up in an emotional storm that you fail to register the love and positivity around you.

18. If you are growing increasingly apathetic towards your own situation and your loved ones.

19. If you are wracked by insomnia and sleep disturbances.

20. When anxiety, fear and panic are clouding your thoughts.

21. When you want to achieve a trance like meditative state.

22. If you find yourself in the clutches of stress and sadness.

23. When your negativity is impacting your decision-making ability.

24. If you are having a hard time putting your wayward thoughts in line.

25. When you want to create a clean and uplifting environment in your home/room.

26. To cleanse a space of negative energies.

27. When you need mental clarity to get through an emotionally taxing phase.

28. If your confidence level is dwindling.

29. To treat jet lag and to fight off other energy sapping physical and mental afflictions.

30. For developing the strength to handle mental and physical pain and anguish.

The Numerous Ways In Which You Can Bring Peace Into Your Life With Paisible!

  • Get in control of a stressful situation: If you know that a confrontation or stressful is imminent, create a calming environment for yourself and others involved by adding 7-8 drops of the blend to 50 ml of warm water. Pour the mixture in a spritz bottle and use as you would any room freshener.
  • Envelope yourself in this peace-inducing fragrance: Put 2-3 drops of the blend on your pillow case in such a way that your skin does not come in direct contact with the oil. Alternatively, put a few drops of the blend on some cotton wool and place next to your pillow.
  • Use as a meditation aid: Use in a diffuser or soak unscented incense sticks in the blend and let the soothing aroma permeate the environment around you.
  • For peaceful sleep: Use with a nebulizer or go for steam inhalations by adding 2-3 drops of the Paisible blend to the hot water. Enjoy the inhalation right before bed time.
  • Calm your mind on the double: Before you wind down for the day, take a relaxing soak by adding a cup of sea salt or Himalayan pink salt to your bath tub along with 6-8 drops of the blend. Enjoy the relaxing fragrance and the soak for 20-30 minutes for best result.
  • For a gentle sleep inducer: Place 3-4 drops in a bowl of potpourri kept next to your bed.
  • To create your own me space: Put 5-6 drops of the blend in a terracotta diffuser placed outdoors, preferably on the porch, patio or backyard or any area that you use to unwind. If the area also has some greenery around, it would help all the more.
  • For mind and body relaxation: Mix 3 drops of the blend with a body lotion and massage all over, particularly areas of the body that are prone to stress related tightness like the neck and in between the shoulder blades.
  • Infuse the air around you with tranquillity: Tie a string around a lava stone and put 2-3 drops of the Paisible blend on the stone. Hang the oil infused stone close to the air vents.
  • Keep your head cool: Mix 3 drops with a teaspoon of warm sweet almond or olive oil and massage your scalp with the mixture.

Blend 3: Ange

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

What is the one thing about angels that strikes you when you see them depicted in media? Did you say wings? WRONG! Try happiness instead. The most noticeable thing about angels is that they seem to be in a perpetual state of bliss and this blend called Ange will help you to get to the same state of mind.

A combination of nearly all the appealing fragrances that you can think of, this blend combines earthy and warm woody tones with zestful citrus notes and flirty floral aromas. Finally, a small measure of spiciness is added to enthrall the sense. The resultant mixture immediately puts you in a “happy” mood the moment those notes reach the emotional center of your brain through your nose.

The Ange blend will make you feel that everything around you “OK” and what is not can be dealt with. Such is the power of this blend that you will find yourself smiling for no reason at all as the fragrance works on your mind. This mixture of essential oils is designed to fortify your mind and heart against negativity. It opens up channels of positive energy in your system, which give you the strength to deal with people and situations that cause worry. To achieve this effect, I have used the essential oils of:

Cypress: The evergreen and woody fragrance of this oil is reminiscent of festivities and togetherness. The nutty, sweet and dry notes with just a hint of balsamic come together to create a powerful aroma that helps a person to get over grief and to come to terms with loss.

By creating a distinct sense of clarity, this essential oil helps to clean mental cobwebs that block the path to happiness and peace. Cypress essential oil is particularly used for its ability to align the physical, mental and spiritual sides of an individual’s personality. It calms a tired mind, making it more accepting of new chapters and ideas.

Geranium: The aroma of this oil is unmistakably bold and sweet; it is all out floral and all enveloping, which is what gives it the ability to impact the senses and the mind as profoundly as it does. The perfect fragrance to battle away stress, anxiety and nervous tension, this beautifully aromatic oil quickly dispels fear and panic and induces a sense of happiness and contentment.

The oil extracted from bright pink blooms is an effective and wonderful treatment for soul wrenching sadness and grief. Confusion, depression and stress are no match to this balancing aroma that will infuse your entire being with a sense of vibrant energy. Whether it is post or prenatal depression, mania or chronic fatigue, geranium essential oil has the power to get you through all of these troubling phases.

Grapefruit: The buoyant, uplifting and energizing fragrance will immediately put a smile on your face and squeeze out the sense of worry and sadness from your mind. The tangy and sweet aroma is an open invitation for positive energies, which tap into happy memories that will overpower current sadness.

The citrus scent is effective when dealing with compromised self-esteem and with degrading self-doubt. It also works surprisingly well when used against stress related eating disorders such as anorexia and binge eating. Grapefruit essential oil aids a person in getting through misplaced feelings of guilt and self-loathing. When dullness and boredom weigh down heavily, this sprightly fragrance cajoles a person to get up and get moving.

Juniper Berry: The spicy, woody and warm odor of this essential oil improves self-confidence and draws positive energy into the system while pushing out negative influences and emotions.  The peppery aroma is known to induce feelings of happiness and gratitude.

Lemon: Another oil from the top ten list of essential oils, this one smells just like fresh shavings of lemon rind, as it should. The aroma is sharp, mentally arousing and zestful. In fact, no other citrus fragrance can infuse a rush of energy in the mind and body like lemon oil can. In fact, a mere whiff of this oil is bound to bring back the visual memory of bright colors, sunlight and summery afternoons spent sipping delicious lemonade.

The best part is that psychological effects of this oil are almost instantaneous. So, it is one of the most potent stress busting oils available in nature. The vibrant aroma of the oil helps to address a host of negative emotions including anger, anxiety, sadness and confusion. The stimulating effects of this oil are so strong that it is often used as an aid to improve concentration and memory.

Sweet Fennel: The aroma of this oil is sweet and spicy and bears a close resemblance to liquorice. In fact, it is this tartness that adds to its therapeutic value. A stress buster of significant merit, sweet fennel essential oil helps to dissolve worries and kicks negativity to the curb. It not only provides a feeling of happiness but also offers strength and courage.

The robust aroma of the tiny green seeds helps to shoot down feelings of self-pity and victimization, while offering the mental strength to deal with criticism and rejection. In fact, the Roman and the Greeks depended heavily on this oil to bolster their courage and it still creates this effect enabling a person to handle people and emotions that cause stress. The essential oil of sweet fennel also has the unique ability to open up the path for self-acceptance.

When (and Why) Should You Use Ange?

31. When depression and angst are marring the quality of your life.

32. For cultivating the mental strength needed to deal with painful experiences.

33. To dissolve grief and hurt.

34. For developing the mental ability needed to face stressful situations.

35. To handle criticism with positivity.

36. When you want to enhance optimism.

37. To restore the desire and zest for life and the pleasures that it has to offer.

38. When you need mental stimulation.

39. To deal with disturbing dreams and other sleep related problems.

40. To eliminate gloominess and dullness.

41. When you want to beat lethargy caused by stress and chronic fatigue.

42. To wade through confusion and come out a winner.

43. When you need to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

A Lot Of Ways To Feel Happy With Ange!

  • Towel your way to happiness: Place a drop of the blend on the corners of all hand towels in your home. This way you can enjoy the happy fragrance as you go about your chores.
  • Make meal times extra special: Turn a regular meal into a happy experience by pouring 2 drops of the blend on some cotton wool and rubbing it on the table runner.
  • Combine music and Ange for happiness: Make candles using the Ange blend. Light these and play some soft music to go with it.
  • Create a happy environment: Add 4-5 drops to about 50 ml of warm water and spray on the upholstery and cushions.
  • A double shot of happiness: Add 3 drops of the blend to steaming hot water and inhale deeply to send the energizing aromatic compounds directly into your blood steam.
  • A constant dose of happiness: Put a drop or two of the blend on your handkerchief or a paper towel and enjoy the invigorating fragrance through the day.
  • Start your day with positivity: Add the blend to your shower gel; you will only need three drops to go with the dollop of gel that you put on your loofah. Give yourself a thorough scrub down to allow the aromas enough time to work on your both your body and your mind.
  • An all day long motivating force: Use 2 drops of the Ange blend with an essential oil diffuser necklace.
  • Go for the feet happy route: Add 3-4 drops of the oil to ½ tsp of honey and disperse in hot water (should not be boiling hot). Soak your feet in the bath till the water cools.

Blend 4: Doux

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

When you are battling emotions, situations and people that drain out your energy, you are bound to lose focus. With your emotions, mind and intellect scattered all over, even simple issues turn into serious problems. Lack of focus and failure quickly turn into a cycle but the Doux blend stops this vicious cycle in its tracks and restores emotional footing.

The minty and citrusy aroma opens up the pathway for energy and focus. The unique mix of essential oils helps to enhance concentration and clarity. It boosts both creativity and confidence, which in turn aid in decision making and problem solving efforts. It is particularly well suited for dealing with chronic fatigue that results from physical ailments as well as mental stress.

In fact, Doux can prove to be an indispensable tool to dispel accumulated negative emotions and energy. To get this rejuvenating and healing effect, I have used:

Grapefruit: With its tart, tangy and fruity aroma, grapefruit essential oil can dissolve even stubborn mental blockages and induce a state of unwavering concentration. This along with its energizing effect not only builds heightened focus but also creates a desire to get things done.

Lemongrass: The oil derived from the grassy foliage has a distinctive citrus note but it is sweeter than any of the true citrus oils. Yet, lemongrass oil does a grand job when it is used to clean mental clutter and ease away irritability, fatigue and depression, just like the citrus oils. As a bonus, the sweet note in its aroma leads to a feeling of exuberance.

A natural and potent air purifier, lemongrass oil not only helps to eliminate the pathogens in the environment around you but also heals the ravaged mind and promotes laser sharp focus. It seals the energy draining vortexes in a person’s aural field and makes the mind more amenable. So, it is frequently used to help people get through feelings of shame, regret and guilt and to encourage the “forgive and forget” approach to life.

Rosemary: The aroma of this oil is herbaceous, sharp and clean and its effect is strikingly invigorating. Rosemary essential oil is very close to camphor and eucalyptus in terms of its aromatic notes. Like these two oils, it is a powerful mental stimulant, so much so that students who inhaled the fragrance of rosemary were found to perform better on memory tests.

The augmented performance can squarely be attributed to the ability of rosemary oil to enhance focus. It creates an immersive environment by helping to fade out negative memories and emotions from the mind, leaving the brain with all the bandwidth needed to concentrate on the task at hand. The oil is a potent treatment for exhaustion and lethargy and even works well when used against procrastination. It enhances thinking, visual, verbal and listening skills.

Spearmint: Save for its role as a flavouring agent in mouth washes and chewing gum, spearmint seldom gets the mileage that its famous cousin peppermint commands. Yet, in terms of aromatherapy, spearmint oil is just as good as peppermint oil, even better in fact because it is a non-sensitizing oil. The minty fragrance is not as strong as that of peppermint owing to its relatively lower content of menthol, but its effect on the mind is no less invigorating.

Spearmint oil refreshes the mind and can melt away fatigue, depression and tension. It also helps a person to cultivate a childlike lightness, while enhancing the desire to take responsibility for his/her own actions and decisions.

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

When (and Why) Should You Use Doux?

44. When you are wrought by obstinate tensions and worries that refuse to ebb away.

45. If your thoughts and sense of judgement are being clouded by negative emotions.

46. For easing away stress and tension related headache.

47. To stimulate the mind and improve the ability to make clear and rapid decisions.

48. When you have a hard time keeping yourself glued to the task at hand.

49. To prevent self-sabotaging actions and reactions.

50. For treating symptoms of jet lag, intense fatigue and the after effects of health issues.

51. When your personal and professional lives have taken a hit due to indecisiveness.

52. When you are sad and feel stuck in a hopeless situation but lack the focus to get out of it.

53. To stop the feeling of detachment and to ground yourself.

54. For promoting joy and objectivity.

55. When you are besieged by the feeling of being run down.

56. To stop anxiety and tensions from taking a toll on your sleep quality.

57. When you want to give your personal or professional life 100% of what you got.

Several Ways To Use Doux To Rev Up Your Focus!

  • Start the day with a focused mind: Use 3 drops of the Doux blend for steam inhalations for immediate upliftment of mood and energy levels.
  • Inhale your way to better concentration: Soak the wick found inside a refillable inhaler with Doux blend and insert it back into the inhaler. Use the inhaler frequently when at work or in places where using a diffuser is not an option.
  • Wear your focus: Use jewellery with space to accommodate essential oil diffuser pads to carry the invigorating fragrance along with you wherever you go. You can get rings, bracelets, pendants and even earrings with filigree work and room inside to hold the diffuser pad.
  • A small dose that offers a big boost: It may not be possible to use a diffuser at work unless you have your own office. Although the aroma of this blend is very pleasant and exciting, it may not sit well with people who are allergic to botanical fragrances in general. In this case, make a small diffuser for yourself by filling a cup with hot water and putting just two drops of the blend in it. Place the mug on your desk and let the energizing fragrances surround you.
  • Drink to greater focus: Another way to keep the invigorating fragrance to yourself and reap all of its benefits without disturbing others is to use a Q tip to apply just a drop of the blend to the rough or non-coated portion of your tea/ coffee cup, which is usually at the base of the cup. If you are using a plastic or steel cup, you will have to shift to a porcelain container. This method works best when you are sipping on an herbal infusion. The warmth of the liquid the cup holds and the porous nature of the clay create the perfect diffusing medium. So, every time you sip on the warming fluid, you also inhale the energizing blend.
  • Bathe in positivity: This is a classic approach of course and puts you in a focused frame of mind from the word go. Use 2 drops of blend along with your shower gel or if you have the time, soak yourself in bath water that has been enriched by adding to it a mixture of 1 tsp milk and 6-8 drops of the Doux blend.
  • Up your focus and concentration with your hand wash: Another way to get your increase your focus and concentration as you go about your daily life is to make a hand wash soap or a gel with the blend. For a gel, mix 2 drops of the blend with a teaspoon of aloe vera gel (not the green goo but the natural stuff). Use just a drop or two of this to sanitize your hands and your mind.
  • Let the warmth of the fire curb the mental wandering: If you work from home and have a fireplace in your office, put a drop or two (don’t go over 2-3 drops) of the blend on each of the firewood logs. As the fire burns through the lumber, it will fill the air around you with the focus enhancing vapors of the Doux blend.

Blend 5: Merveille

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

In French, the word “Merveille” means treasure and true to its name, this blend is a treasure trove of spicy scents that mingle beautifully with faint floral, herbal and citrus notes. The Eastern belief is that spices introduce energy and vigor in your body, while pushing away laziness and indecisiveness and this spicy mix of essential oils proves the Easterners right. The distinctly pungent nature of this blend induces a sense of urgency, which makes it hard to sit around and do nothing.

Often goals and plans get tossed aside because people lack the energy to see them through. But the Merveille blend is an instant motivating factor that will compel you to move yourself feverishly towards the finish line. The mixture of spices and herbs and a lone floral oil will prove to be invaluable in taming stubborn lethargy and chronic procrastination.

Its direct influence on energy, confidence and creativity levels, makes even seemingly difficult tasks easy and gives a person the drive and determination needed to tackle anything and everything that life throws his way. To create this impact, I have used the essential oils of:

Cedarwood: With a sweet, earthy and bodacious aroma that is thoroughly enjoyable, cedarwood oil is frequently used in aromatherapy blends that are mixed to clear negative energy both on the inside and the outside. The oil is also used for meditative purposes and to offer the clarity needed to tackle things which are not entirely in a person’s control.

The clean scent will help to draw your attention to things that actually matter while blurring out the emotions and experiences that are an impediment to clear thinking and quick action. The essential oil of cedarwood helps to release anger, anxiety and panic by transforming the negative energies into positive drive and motivation. It is exceptionally potent when used to build confidence and to eliminate mental chaos.

Cinnamon: The sweet yet pungent aroma of this essential oil creates a distinct sense of inner buoyancy, as it elevates creativity and motivation. Cinnamon essential oil removes mental clutter, clearing the space for productive thoughts and decisions. It is very useful in eliminating low vitality and replacing it with the overbearing desire to get the job done on the double.

It also stirs creativity and purposeful thinking, which aid in faster execution of tasks and decisions. The mental clarity and boost in memory that the spicy aroma offers help a person to make rapid and pertinent decisions. This is one of the most effective aromatic compounds for dealing with mental and physical fatigue as well as lack of drive and concentration.

Clove Bud: You have probably heard of this oil being used to treat tooth ache. But did you know that it is just as effective against mental angst that stems from the inability to take tasks to their planned and logical conclusion? The soul sustaining and nourishing pungency of this oil helps to immediately brighten even the dullest moments and days.

It is an excellent tool for achieving mental clarity and enhance quick thinking. It helps a person to develop logical and analytical thinking. Clove bud oil sends blood circulation soaring throughout the body, this includes circulation to your brain. As the oxygen rich blood feeds the neurons, it drives out fatigue, laziness and dark moods. The essential oil works exceptionally well, when combined with other spice oils, to stimulate the mind and the body and to help an individual cultivate the desire to pursue the path that he/she has planned

Eucalyptus: The aroma of this herb is cooling yet pungent and incredibly fresh. It cuts right through mental fatigue and stimulates the decision making and actionable centers of the brain. In aromatherapy, eucalyptus essential oil is specifically used to combat irritation, physical exhaustion and energy blocks.

The cooling, spicy aroma of the oil helps to augment confidence levels and creates an outward path for the anger and sadness that accumulate when a person is suffocated by incomplete tasks and responsibilities. The aroma of this oil reaches far beyond just the physical level. In fact, it has the power to draw out deep seated feelings of grief, anxiety and inadequacy from the physical, mental and emotional planes. It disbands negative emotions such as melancholy and regret, thus restoring positive energies.

Lavender: The only floral fragrance in the Merveille blend, lavender essential oil has been included for its ability to calm and clean the mind. It helps to unburden your brain, which in turn creates the perfect environment for focusing on a planned task and achieving the desired outcome.

Lemon: The sharpest of all citrus oils, the urgent pungency of this oil makes people sit up and take notice of everything they have been missing out on in life. Lemon essential oil creates a strong desire to finish incomplete tasks and gives a person the drive to take on new challenges. It leads to an almost overwhelming sense of determination to achieve planned goals.

Rosemary: The herbal, clean and fresh aroma of rosemary essential oil perfectly complements the spicy odors in this blend.  It helps to kick out sluggishness and aids in developing the habit of getting things done “now”.

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

When (and Why) Should You Reach For This Treasure Chest Of Aromas That Is Merveille?

58. When you find yourself struggling to complete a task.

59. If you want to meet a deadline and need an extra boost of energy to put in the work it calls for.

60. For getting through the low energy hours of the day.

61. To motivate yourself to workout harder and longer.

62.To get the determination to complete long abandoned projects.

63. When you want mental clarity to choose between tasks/goals.

64. If you cannot keep procrastination out of your life.

65. When you find yourself lacking on the personal or professional front because you don’t have the energy to meet the demands of your home and workplace.

66. For combating mental stagnation and the desire to leave things for tomorrow.

67. To treat chronic fatigue syndrome and other energy draining mental and physical ailments.

68. When pain and physical exhaustion are bogging you down.

Different ways to use Merveille to get back your drive and determination

  • Brighten up your home with festive oil lamps: Fill small mason jars half way through with water and submerge fresh flowers or colorful fruit slices in the water. Make sure that you have about 2 inches of empty space on top of the surface of the water. Take enough oil to fill this space and add 8 drops of the blend to it. Pour the oil mixture slowly on top of the water. The oil will float on top as expected. Now, add a floating wick and light it up to create a unique ambience.
  • Keep yourself energized even after a taxing workout: Go for a relaxing soak after your workout session by adding 8-10 drops of the blend to a teaspoon of honey and adding this mixture to the hot water in the bath tub.
  • Take your motivation to the gym: Buy yourself a wrist band, the kind used by tennis players and some adhesive tape. Cut a small square of the adhesive tape and stick it to the outer surface of the wrist band. Put two drops of the blend on the adhesive tape square and put the band on. Enjoy the uplifting and energizing fragrance as you sweat it out.
  • Make a gel freshener for your desk: Mix 15-20 drops of the blend with a cup of warm water. Put a teaspoon of water absorbing crystals in the cup (you get these for indoor plant potting) and let them soak up the treated water. Shift the turgid gel particles into a glass jar. Open the jar when you need to feel revitalized.
  • Freshen up your car and get motivated in the process: Use some old absorbent fabric to make your very own hanging car deodorizer. Put 3-4 drops of the blend on it and let the sanitizing fragrance clear bad odors and bad moods.
  • Energy when and where you need it: Fill a small glass jar half way through with baking soda or sea salt. Add about 10 drops of the blend to the salt or baking soda and close the lid of the jar. Simply open the jar and take a deep whiff when you need to feel raw energy coursing through your body.
  • A dose of drive and determination just for you: You may not be able to use this blend in a diffuser at work given its spicy fragrance. So, confine the energizing aroma to your desk by putting 3-4 drops of the blend on a small pine cone and placing it on your desk.
  • Reed your way to determination: Fill a mason jar with 30 ml of your favourite carrier oil. Add 15-20 drops of the Merveille blend to the oil and mix well. Punch holes in the lid and fit it back on the jar. Insert reed diffuser sticks through the holes and place the jar on your desk.
  • Get rid of fatigue and pain: Mix 2-3 drops of the blend with 1 teaspoon of your favourite carrier oil. Because of the inclusion of the spice and eucalyptus oils, this blends is just as effective against physical pain as it is against mental anguish. Use the oil to prevent muscle soreness or as an after workout lotion to treat or minimize discomfort.
  • Sanitize your work area: Mix 8-10 drops of the blend with 20 ml of pure grain alcohol and 20 ml of hot water. Store the mixture in a spritz bottle and spray to clean and sanitize your work area before starting your day.
  • The old school approach to using essential oil blends: Mix 3 drops of the blend with a teaspoon of unscented lotion or plant butter and use it as a hand cream. Alternatively, you can mix ½ teaspoon of carrier oil with ½ teaspoon of the blend and store it in a small roll on bottle. Apply on tissue or your handkerchief to enjoy the aroma without bothering others.

For a limited period you can get all these 5 blends with special offer extras for just $69 $39.95! Click the Add To Cart Button below and get the L’orpur Essential Oils Kit delivered to your home Now!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

These 5 Blends Are For Every Reason And Season!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

The best part of owning this 5 blend kit is that they work every time and each time, regardless of when and where they are used. Think about any season or occasion and you can put these blends to work and keep your emotions and mental and physical reactions firmly in your control. Here are a few examples of the versatility with which these blends can be used:

For spring and summer: In spring when hay fever is knocking on your doors, use the Merveille blend to battle respiratory issues and the fatigue and lethargy that those seasonal case of sniffles bring along. You can also make your very own anti-allergy inhaler with this spicy blend.

For summer, use Paisible or Ange to keep you cool and happy as the mercury rises and you are faced with the task of planning a vacation and more. If you are travelling with your partner, this would be a good time to put Amour to use and enjoy a second honeymoon.

For fall and winter: In fall as the temperatures start taking a dip, you are bound to lose some of your summer energy, this is the time you will gain renewed appreciation for Doux and Merveille. Winter is the time when seasonal affective disorder rears its ugly head, shoot down the feelings of gloom and doom with Amour, Doux and Ange blends. Also, push the festive ambience of your home up a few notches with the spicy aromas of Merveille.

For prevention: These blends can be used to prevent the rise of negative emotions and reactions when a confrontation or stressful situation seems imminent. For example, if you are forced to mingle with toxic co-workers, minimise the impact of their behaviour on your mood with Ange and Doux.

For treating: If you could not catch a stressful situation before it occurs, no worries. These blends are just as effective in treating negative issues and disruptive mind sets. Use any one of the 5 blends to address your most pressing concerns.

For preparing: Amour, Ange and Paisible do a fine job of shielding you against negative energies. So, if you know that a particular situation will call for a heightened degree of mental strength and resilience, use these blends to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for taxing experiences.

Still Not Convinced About The 5 Blend Emotional Mastery Kit?

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you want greater peace of mind?
  • Do you want to feel more energized?
  • Do you want to free yourself from stress?
  • Do you want to defeat insomnia and other sleep issues?
  • Do you want to develop greater resilience against negativity?

Then you want these 5 blends to help you achieve those goals.

For a limited period you can get all these 5 blends with special offer extras for just $69 $39.95! Click the Add To Cart Button below and get the L’orpur Essential Oils Kit delivered to your home NOW!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

So, What Happens If You Ignore Your Need For These Blends?

I wonder if you have heard these words of wisdom:

“A person who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind can take possession of anything else in the world!”

(Wise old saying)

Pass up this opportunity to control your emotions and your mind in the most non-invasive way possible and you will inevitably continue to:

  • Allow troublesome experiences to wear you down.
  • Let people to walk all over you.
  • Miss the pleasures of intimacy and togetherness.
  • Stagnate at work and in your personal life.
  • Let your competitors march right past you.

Do You Really Want That?

Was that a resounding and resolute No? If so, allow these essential oils to fight alongside you to take back the control of your life and your emotions, because sometimes the tide is too strong to swim against it all on your own. Besides, some extra help never really hurt anybody.

With these blends you will have the emotional stability and the mental wisdom needed to leave your past behind and live in the present, while looking forward to the future. You will be able to think clearly, logically and quickly without letting your emotions and the memory of past painful experiences turn into a hindrance.

The reality is that you are not going to get anywhere by being disillusioned and disappointed. In fact, these emotional reactions will only breed contempt, self-loathing, jealousy and sadness. What you need is a positive step in the right directions and these blends will give you the will and the clarity to leap and run when and where it is needed.

Order Now And Get More Than Just The 5 Blend Kit!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Hey, we got more! I want you to have more reasons to be merry, so, along with these blends, you also get these special festive offers and a few reasons to try out this product.

These make great gifts

If you can’t decide on the perfect gift for a special someone, try the 5 blend kit. It is a gift that will be appreciated and used long after the festive season or special day. The recipient can be a man or a woman, young or old, your gift will be appreciated for months to come.

Plus, the special festive price tag makes it a bargain buy. In fact, if you are expecting a big event in the coming year, which will involve party favors, buy the 5 blend kits in advance to avail this special seasonal discount.

Total L’orpur Value

Dropper with bottle

All the bottles comes with a tamper evident Euro dropper cap. This is another mark of quality control measures. I want to make sure that you get the highest quality product that has not been fooled with in any way. Of course, the dropper top also makes it easy to use the blends and limits their exposure to air and moisture.

You get a branded carry pouch for free, yes absolutely free!

The actual value of the 5 blend kit comes is incredible considering you’ll get a branded carry pouch worth $10 absolutely free. The chic, monogrammed pouch has an individual slot for each bottle. So, you can carry your blends along on your travels without worrying about shattered vials.

Moreover, you get to store all the blends in one place, which makes them quickly accessible when they are needed the most. The black fabric pouch also serves another purpose. It offers an extra measure of protection to the fragile essential oils against light and temperature changes. So, why wait any longer – make your purchase today!

Free shipping in the USA

And there is more! Buy your 5 blend kit right away and I will even throw in free shipping as long as you are in the USA. This is an extra $7 worth of added value.

Let me put all of the above in context. You are only paying a mere $8 for each high quality blend as well as a boatload of positivity! AND, you are getting over $17 worth of extra value absolutely free! Bet you won’t get a better deal elsewhere!

This Isn’t Magic! This Is Mother Nature’s Very Own Gift!

Am I over promising? No! Because I am not telling you that these blends will magically bestow good fortune on you; that overnight all of your problems will simply vanish into thin air.

What I am telling you here is that these oils can make a big splash where it is needed the most – in your mind and on your emotions.

From my own experiences I can emphatically state that no matter what skills and abilities you have, unless you can align yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to achieving your goals, you won’t get anywhere!

And, these are not just my words. Take a look at any fitness program, academic course or success story and the one thing that stands out is the amount of emotional resilience and mental balance needed to make things happen.

Sure we all want to win the race but just because you want something does not mean it will get served to you on a silver platter. At least that is not what happens with regular folks like us who don’t come from money!

The fact of the matter is that if you want to achieve something you need your head firmly on your shoulders and these oils won’t change the reality of your situation but they will make your intellect, your emotions and your mind work with you and not against you!

So, Go Ahead GET POSITIVE And GET HAPPY With This 5 Blend Kit!

Hey, one last thing. We only have so many kits to offer at the moment and they are flying off the shelves faster than Santa’s sleigh! Get your kit today because everybody deserves to be merry all year round!

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Want To Feel Great Again? Experience The Best That L'orpur Has To Offer (5x100% Pure Essential Oil Blends) Essential Oil Benefits

Rating: 5


Wednesday 13th of September 2017

EO blends as well!? Now I am going to have to get some Lor Pur! I seen some reviews online by a few people as well as my friend saying how great this oil is but I had no idea there were pre-blended oils I can get. I like only a handle of oils not blended and the rest I end up blending myself because I don't like them alone. Do any of this blends work well for skin issues like KP?


Thursday 31st of August 2017

I'm very intrigued by your new line of blends and the resounding response by users, but I have a question about quality control. Early on, when I was first learning about essential oils, I kept coming across warnings about the proliferation of 3rd-world companies selling adulterated oils, oils containing toxic metals and contaminants, even oils blended with synthetic fragrances!

What measures do you take to ensure the oils you use are pure?

Thank you.


Friday 1st of September 2017

Hi Jojuan,

Sure, you can read more about quality control here of L'orpur products here:

Regards, Olivia


Saturday 8th of July 2017

Actually, I have heard so much about essential oils and how useful they could be. But I was still waiting to be convinced more before I go for it. But reading through your works here, I think I’m convinced more than enough already. I will go get it. Thanks


Sunday 9th of July 2017

Hi Mitchell,

Sure and welcome. Thanks for reading through, there are some posts with more than 10,000 words. Do let me know if you have questions along the way.

Regards, Olivia

Pamela Caldwell

Monday 26th of June 2017

Olivia you are incredible! Your research has paid off by creating what I think are superior products. Your desire to help others with all your research and low prices is extraordinary. The kit to control emotions is wonderful and I can't brag enough on the armour blend. It has a remarkable effect on PTSD (from the military) and grief symptoms, and I highly recommend it for any family that has a member with PTSD or suffering with sadness, grief, crying spells, spurts of panic, etc. My partner's life has changed dramatically since he started using it, ergo so has mine! He uses it by putting 1or 2 drops on a tiny craft size pom pom that he pins to his shirt and smells it EVERY DAY, ALL day long. (I have not tried diffusing it yet as he keeps a good dose with the pom pom). He has much better control over his emotions and is in a much happier and motivated state than he had been for the last 2 years with medication. (He still takes meds but less of them). After discovering he has heart problems, 5 months ago he started vaping in an attempt to quit smoking and cut back on alcohol. He says the armour helps him with that also. I was so thrilled with the results of his kit that I ordered your pain relief blend and must admit it has helped my back and restless legs and his back. It works better than the rollon I get from chiropractor. I am so thrilled that I found your site and tried your products. I will continue to order more as I run out or you add to your product line. I commend you for your kind and generous spirit. I will post this review on your other pages as this appears to be an older holiday site. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!


Monday 26th of June 2017

Hi Pamela,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an amazing review. Indeed, I am able to offer lower pricing as I am not an MLM company (like YL, Doterra, etc.), just a small business trying to help people out.

I am very pleased and happy that some of the blends have had such a profound effect on your husband and he's been able to cut down on meds.

The L'orpur pain relief is a best-seller and extremely effective, so again, I am pleased that you like it a lot and it is working as it should. And I am really thrilled that I am of some help. God bless and take care.

Regards, Olivia

Michelle Crary

Friday 12th of May 2017

Hi!!! I was wondering how to use these best to battle with the following mental illnesses I have?

1. Schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia --auditory and visual hallucinations, paranoia and delusions; and bipolar--mania, depression, and mixed mania--anger, irritability etc.) 2. OCD 3. ADHD 4. Anxiety--social, panic attacks, anxiety attacks

I also suffer with feeling overwhelmed, racing thoughts, out of control,and suicidal thoughts due to these diseases.

Even if there is a limited amount of help, the help with stress, negativity, haunting of my past etc, would definitely help!!!

Also, could you please email the info from the website like you kindly have to others?

Thank you so much!!!!


Friday 12th of May 2017

Hi Michelle,

There are a few articles that you can start off with. For ADHD: Essential Oils for ADHD For anxiety and depression: Essential Oils for Anxiety and Depression Can you please clarify which website information you were after. I would also strongly suggest that you seek professional medical assistance as well.

Regards, Olivia