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VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review

VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser


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The 300ml VicTsing essential oil diffuser checks all the right boxes. It has a large capacity reservoir capable of 10 hours of continuous mist, 7 mood lighting color selections, a smart timer and a great natural design. No wonder it has become a best seller on Amazon.

This unit is a great choice for anyone looking for a diffuser that looks great and works for more hours without requiring constant refills. You can safely use it just about anywhere including your office, spa, home or gym.

Main Features

VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

1. Large Water Reservoir

One of the best features of the diffuser is the large capacity reservoir. At 300ml it is quite above the standard capacity of 100ml-150ml of most diffusers. This means more time spent enjoying the aroma instead of refilling the diffuser. It can run throughout the night or throughout the day on a single water fill.

2. LED Lighting

When you switch it on, the vibrant LED colors come on and start rotating from one to another. There are 7 mood lights in total. The light button near the base of the unit allows you to do several things with the lights. You can leave them to cycle softly through the 7 different colors or press the button to hold it steady at a single color. You can also opt to have the lights bright, ideal during daytime, or dim, best when you want to relax in the evening. The dim option also turns the diffuser into a nightlight, perfect for kids’ bedrooms. With another press of the button, you can switch off the lights and just enjoy the mist.

3. Runtime

Normally, the diffuser will run continuously until the water runs out at which point a safety auto shut off feature kicks into action. This should take around 10 hours. If you do not want the diffuser to run for this long, you have the option of setting the built-in timer to 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours. These shorter run periods are especially beneficial for users who tend to get too overwhelmed by the essential oil mist.

4. Ultrasonic Technology

The diffuser runs on ultrasonic technology, which results in a very silent operation. You might never even hear it work unless you listen very carefully. Ultrasonic technology, which relies on ultrasonic vibrations to produce a mist, also protects the oil from damage that would be caused by using heat to create vapor.

5. User Friendliness

One of the things you will soon notice about the VicTsing essential oil diffuser is the ease at which the top comes off. There is no unscrewing or trying to pry the top off with all your might as is the case with some diffusers. The cap easily comes off allowing you to add water to the reservoir or clean the inside.

6. Settings

As for the settings, they can be a bit confusing at the beginning but you will soon be handling them blindly. There are two buttons at the bottom, one controlling the mist and timer while the other controls the light color and brightness. The buttons are well labeled so there is no guesswork involved. In fact, you should be well acquainted with the unit in a few minutes after opening it.

7. Coverage Area

This diffuser seems to cover a wider range than most diffusers. While the standard range for such diffusers is 250 square feet, users have reported their VicTsing diffuser working just as well in much larger spaces. But if you need to cover a sizable area, perhaps 500 square feet and above, I would highly recommend getting two or more diffusers. Position them in strategic positions where the aroma can easily spread out.

As you would expect, the effectiveness of the diffuser is limited to the indoors. Outside, there is too much open space and moving air for the mist to stay concentrated in one area.

What It Lacks

One feature I would have liked to see is an intermittent mode. This is where the diffuser gives off a burst of mist every 30 seconds or so. This would be good for those who desire a mild aroma, especially those who are sensitive to essential oils.

The Final Verdict

This is one of the best essential oil diffusers you can spend your money on. The beautiful design, large capacity and powerful wide-range mist emission are worth the money.

VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

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