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VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier And Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Review


Coverage Area


Lighting Effects


Low Noise Level






Auto-Shut Off





  • Relatively large capacity with longer runtime than most other diffusers.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. The lid opens easily without requiring any unscrewing.
  • Amazing natural design.


  • There is no way to prevent a spill if the diffuser is knocked over. The top simply lies on top, without locking or screwing into place making it easy for playful kids or a cat to cause a mess.

The first thing that will hit you when you unbox the VicTsing 300ml essential oil diffuser is the beautiful natural exterior. The coated wood grain surface helps you relax before you even start using the diffuser. Once you get to using it, the powerful refreshing mist will no doubt impress you. A 7 color array of LED mood lights creates just the perfect environment for whatever mood you are in, whether it is work, play or relaxing. Below, we take a look at some of the features you are going to love.

VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier And Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

1. Design & Setting Up

This unit instantly becomes the centerpiece wherever it is placed. The wood grain coating gives it a natural and laidback yet eye-catching style. The unit resembles a gourd with a narrow mouth at the top being where the aromatic mist makes its way out and across the room. At the widest point of the diffuser, a line of translucent plastic wraps around the unit. Here is where the vibrant LED colors play out. Near the bottom, a set of buttons allow you to control the light and mist.

2. Capacity & Runtime

The VicTsing has a medium-large capacity of 300ml. Most diffusers in the market come with a 100ml or 120ml reservoir, which is enough for just 6 hours of runtime. This diffuser with its 300ml capacity can run continuously for 10 hours on the low mist level setting. Of course there are other much larger diffusers around, some with a 500ml capacity and other giant ones measuring as big as 1.5 liters. But 300ml feels just perfect. It is large enough to run through the night or day but still small enough to carry around when you are travelling.

3. Mist Settings

The first step is to plug in the power adaptor (it goes to the bottom of the unit), fill up the reservoir with water, put in your oil (5-6 drops or more depending on your preferences), close the lid and switch on the unit. There is a manual included to help you set all this up.

One thing you will notice is how strong the mist output is. Users report that it can easily cover two or three rooms. If you do not need the aroma to be that strong, you can always turn the mist output setting to low. This lowers output strength and reduces coverage.

One of the best features is the ability to set how long you want the unit to run. There are four options; one hour, three hours, six hours or continuously. The continuous mode will let the unit run until the water runs out. A safety feature shuts it down when the water level gets too low.

4. Light Settings

As we mentioned, the unit comes with an array of mood colors, visible on the strip at the center of the diffuser. Using the light button, you can choose to have the lights rotate among themselves or settle on a single color. You can also switch off the lights without affecting the diffuser or switch off the diffuser without touching the lights.

5. Humidifier

You can take advantage of the powerful mist output to moisturize the air your home or office. When it is hot or the AC causes dry air, the VicTsing comes in handy as a humidifier, helping create a cleaner, safer and more refreshing breathing space.

6. Quick Specs

  • 300ml capacity with 10 hour run time.
  • High and low mist settings.
  • 7 LED colors with bright and dim options.
  • Product dimensions are 6.6×6.6×5.7 inches and weighs 0.9 pounds.

The Final Verdict

VicTsing is a well-respected brand when it comes to essential oil diffusers. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality is obvious in this diffuser. The design is simply amazing and the unit works just perfectly. With its powerful mist output, you can use it in a wide variety of areas including your home, spa, office, gym, hotel room and many other places.

VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier And Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

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