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TaoTronics 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review

TaoTronics 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser


Coverage Area


Lighting Effects


Low Noise Level






Auto-Shut Off





  • Large capacity enough to run the diffuser continuously for 8 hours. This comes with auto shut off when low water level is detected.
  • A smart timer that allows you to run the diffuser for 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.
  • One of the best designs in the market. The diffuser feels really relaxing both in function and aesthetics.
  • Comes apart easily for cleaning.


  • No intermittent mist mode. This is quite disappointing considering that it is a basic feature found in most diffusers.
  • Another small issue the engineers missed – the mood light does not go off during auto shut off. The entire unit, including the light, should shut down.

At 300ml, the TaoTronics Essential Oil Diffuser is well above the standard capacity of 100-150ml that most diffusers boast of. This gives you 8 full hours of continues heavenly aroma in whatever space you desire be it your bedroom, the living room, office, yoga studio, waiting area or gym. The diffuser is pretty easy to use, so you do not have to keep fiddling with it. Read on for the best features of the TaoTronics diffuser and any issues you should take note of.

Main Features

TaoTronics 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

The diffuser looks like something that belongs to a Buddhist sanctuary. The wood grain base feels really homely and relaxing. The gently curved cone shape is beautiful and modern, making the diffuser a décor piece to add to your office desk or bedroom nightstand.

The unit is actually two parts; a base with four resting pads and a cloudy plastic top that emits the light. You can take the two apart when you want to do some cleaning and then snap them together again. The plug goes on the side, a good placement compared to diffusers that have the plug at the bottom. You can even remove the top plastic bit and clean it out without having to unplug the base.

1. How To Use

When filling in the water, check the maximum water line indicated on the inside of the reservoir. Add a few drops of your favorite essential, put the cap back on and make sure the cord is plugged in. There are two buttons at the base to change settings. One button is for mist control while the other changes the light settings.

2. The Lighting

The TaoTronics essential oil diffuser comes with 7 different mood lights. Press the light-control button to bring the lights on and get them to start rotating among different colors. If the party show is not for you, press the button when you see a color that you like and the light will stick there. Available colors include purple, icy blue, yellow and green. To turn off the lights, but leave the diffuser on, long press the light-control button. Remembering what to press and when can be a bit tricky initially but you will get a handle on it in a short space of time.

3. Mist Modes

A lot of newer essential oil diffusers now come with two mist modes; continuous and intermittent The TaoTronics diffuser has two modes too but a bit different from those of other diffusers. You can either set the continuous mode where the diffuser runs until the reservoir is empty (around 8 hours) or the timed mode where you set the diffuser to run for one, three or six hours.

There were a lot of user complaints about the lack of the intermittent mode, which comes in handy when you want a milder aroma especially if you are sensitive to essential oils. This is a basic feature that the company should have included.

4. Ultrasonic Diffuser Plus Humidifier

The diffuser, like most others today, relies on ultrasonic technology to deliver a smooth and quiet experience. A small disc vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies breaks up the water and oil into a fine mist that easily spreads around a space.

The essential oil particles create a nice aroma around the room while the water mist helps to humidify the environment. The essential oil has many benefits for the mind and body while the moisture helps with dry skin.

The Final Verdict

The TaoTronics essential oil diffuser is in the same price range as other lower-capacity diffusers. So price is not an issue for most people. It also comes with a variety of great features that make for a stress-free user experience.

TaoTronics 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

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