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InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review

InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser


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With a beautiful wood grain exterior, 7 vibrant LED lights to match different moods and a friendly price, it is no wonder the InnoGear 200ml essential oil diffuser is so popular with more than 1000 reviews on Amazon. It is easy to use, allows the user to play around with various settings to get the perfect experience and provides a slightly larger capacity of 200ml.

Before we look at some of the top features of the InnoGear essential oil diffuser, you may be wondering where you can use it.

Where Can I Use it?

Just about anywhere. The diffuser is compact, easily portable and totally safe. You can use it in your kid’s bedroom, in your living room and even in the bathroom. Away from home, you can also spread the aroma in the office, yoga studio, dorm room, hotel room and a myriad other places.

Top Features

InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

1. 200ml Capacity

If you have used the InnoGear 100ml diffuser, then you know it lasts for just around three hours on a single refill. The 200ml version comes with the advantage of a longer duration, going well over six hours. This is adequate to last through most of the night or day.

When you open the cap to add water, check that you do not fill beyond the indicated point as this can cause a weak mist. After adding water, 3-4 drops of your desired essential oil should be adequate to create an aroma around the room.

2. High & Low Mist Settings

If you want even more time out of the diffuser, the mist button gives you the option to do exactly that. By changing from the default high mist setting to a low mist one, you get more time from a single refill.

3. Smart Timer / Auto Shutoff

A smart timer feature allows you to set exactly how long you want the diffuser to run. This comes in handy when you are going to sleep or do not want to keep switching off the diffuser manually. Use the mist button near the base of the unit to set the timer to 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours. When the set time runs out, the unit will shut down. You can also set the diffuser in a continuous mode where it runs until the water level gets down to a certain point after which it shuts off.

4. LED lights

Most diffusers come with a plastic casing to showcase their rainbow of LED lights. The InnoGear 200ml diffuser is a bit different. The colorful light comes out of a slit at the top. This creates quite a unique, yet relaxing look.

There are seven different mood lights and using the indicated light button, you can opt to have them keep changing or settle on a single color to match your mood. Since the light and mist mechanisms operate separately, you can switch off the lights and leave the mist on or turn off the mist but leave the lights on.

5. Ultrasonic technology

The unit runs on ultrasonic technology, a type of mechanism that uses ultrasonic vibrations to break up water into a fine mist. Ultrasonic technology comes with two main advantages. One, it enables a whisper silent operation, perfect for when you need to relax without distractions. Two, it maintains the integrity and quality of the essential oil unlike diffusers that rely on heat.

6. Humidifying effect

In addition to being an ultrasonic diffuser, it also acts as a humidifier. The water emitted in mist form helps improve air quality within a space. This moisturizing effect is especially helpful in hot climates or rooms with air conditioning where air tends to get a bit dry.

The Final Verdict

The only thing I wish they had done with the diffuser is make it spill proof. Because it is small and light, it is fairly easy to knock the unit over by accident, spilling all the water inside. This might be a problem if you are planning to use it where your kids can easily reach it.

Other than that, the diffuser is easy to set up, easy to use and a pure joy to have around. Whether you just want to relax, focus better on your work or beat a particularly bad flu, try the InnoGear essential oil diffuser.

InnoGear 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser Review Essential Oil Benefits

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